Product: TNC_BioSure_EOS7190P

BioSure Active Space Sterilizer EOS7190-P [Original Licensed]


  • Using advanced patented electrolysis technology, pure water is converted into high-purity ozone gas
  • It is safely atomized and mixed into the environment through SSS + ozone gas
  • for air and surface sterilization
  • Sterilizes quickly and removes odors
  • No harmful chemical residues

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Warranty period: 12 month(s)


Deliver within 2 to 3 working day(s)

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product description

The BioSure Active Space Sterilizer (SSS+) uses advanced patented electrolysis technology to convert pure water into high-purity ozone gas. It is safely atomized and mixed into the environment through SSS + ozone gas for air and surface sterilization. Ozone is a powerful bactericide in nature, which can quickly sterilize and remove odors, and is immediately reduced to oxygen after the action, without any harmful chemical residues.

SSS+ provides safe low-concentration ozone of 0.05 to 0.1 ppm, complies with US OSHA occupational safety regulations, and is equipped with a safety automatic shutdown system, which is very suitable for operation in occupied spaces, such as: mass transit, office space, medical institutions, schools, Cram schools, restaurants, restaurants, elevators, etc., crowded public places or confined spaces. In addition to this, SSS+ increases ambient humidity to reduce the risk of airborne infection.

Both the US FDA and USDA have approved ozone Ozone and ozone water as surface bactericides for food contact/connected objects.

The sterilization effect of space is more than 99.9% safe ozone concentration. Someone can also use it to protect your family, employees and customers, and a more secure home/work/business environment

Space sterilization report shows
1 hour can sterilize up to 99.94%
99.97% sterilization in 2 hours

Formaldehyde removal measured by SGS
8 hours > 99%

*1 It is possible to operate the device in the presence of humans or animals, and operate at a safe low concentration for sterilization.
*2 Powerful sterilization and deodorization of indoor personnel clearance. Industry-leading electrolytic ozone water mist removes indoor odors, bacteria and viruses with safe water

- Space sterilization
- Eliminate odors
- Surface sterilization
- remove formaldehyde
- air filtration

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