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Casa Green Anti House Dust Mite Spray



  • Proven efficacious in eliminating house dust mites
  • Composed of natural essential oils
  • No insecticide added, safe and reliable
  • Suitable for eczema and sensitive skin
  • Suitable for babies and pets


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Product Information
Dust mites are prevalent causative allergens which can related with allergic reactions and serious health problems
HDM are tiny arachnid arthropods possessing eight feet and are too small to see without a microscope.

Dust mites favor hot and humid climate. They feed on the skin flakes that are shed by people and pets. A densely populated place with optimum conditions like Hong Kong is an ideal habitat for Dust mites to thrive better. They can be found in area where skin flakes accumulated such as beddings, pillows and mattresses. Their bodies and wastes are the major allergens that may trigger different levels of allergic reactions, such as runny nose, cough, sneezing, itchiness, stuffy nose. A local university research has shown that dust mites are the commonest allergens that can cause nasal and skin allergies.

Vita Green is devoted to bring good health to the general public. In addition to producing excellent and reliable nutritional supplements, we have also developed a new product line focusing on household care, namely “Casa GreenTM”. We strive to cater for the various needs of the public with the mission to improve the quality of life of people.

Anti House Dust Mite Spray is a special formulation composed of different natural essential oils such as Tea Tree Oil, Clove Oil and Cedar Oil, It is a natural anti-dust mite solution without adding synthetic insecticide. This formulation is mild and suitable to use in family with babies and pet. Hence you can use it at ease.


Natural ingredients in Anti House Dust Mite Spray demonstrate potency in eliminating dust mites
Although there is numerous products available in the market allegedly useful in repelling dust mites, many of them contain synthetic/potent-pesticides or insecticides nevertheless which may be harmful to babies, pets and the human body after long term application.


Research Evidence
after using Anti House Dust Spray for 24 hours, it can eliminate 100% of dust mites, which imply the strong efficacy of spray*.
Source:International Journal of Food Sciences and Nutrition Volume 55, Number 1(February 2004 75-83)

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