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Crystal Pro AG2 FILTER SET Household Water Filter (One Machine, One Core) [Original Product]



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  • Efficient filtration and isolation of cysts and cryptosporidium in water up to 99.9%
  • Special filter: Crystal Pro AG2 REPLACEMENT CART household water filter replacement filter
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Warranty period: 12 month(s)


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  • The material complies with the US National Sanitation Foundation NSF/ANSI 42, 53 certification
  • Obtained the American International Pipeline and Machinery Product Certification (IAPMO Certification)
  • ISO9001 standard certification
  • All drinking water is filtered with activated carbon:
    • Block sand and stone impurities and suspended solids in water
    • Effectively remove heavy metals such as lead, pesticide residues, odor and chlorine
    • Separation of residual particles down to 0.5 microns to optimize water quality
  • Can be connected to different types of water dispensers, coffee machines and can be installed on the bottom of the kitchen sink
  • Small size, simple and convenient installation, suitable for general family use
  • Handles higher flow rates than other water filters for longer filter life


【Door-to-door installation】

  1. The on-site installation service of the water filtration system must be quoted separately. Basically, the door installation service includes installing a diverter on the water outlet.
  2. The master will evaluate the water pressure of the installation unit. If there are special needs, additional parts will be quoted separately.
  3. Customers can provide actual photos for the master to evaluate and arrange parts in advance.
  4. The master will confirm the installation of the next day by phone the day before the installation.
  5. If there is any change in the installation date, please inform the master as soon as possible.

【usage notice】

  1. The water filtration system needs to be installed and placed vertically in order to function properly.
  2. Applicable water temperature: 2°C – 38°C
  3. After the installation is complete, the water filtration system needs to be continuously flushed for about 15 minutes until it is clear before using filtered water.
  4. When the water filtration system is idle for 8 hours or more, it is recommended to flush the water for 30 seconds before use.
  5. The water filtration system is only suitable for filtering normal temperature water. Do not filter hot water, which will damage the filter element.
  6. Do not use this product if you suspect contaminated or undisinfected water.
  7. The water filtration system and the surface of the water pipes can only be cleaned with a damp cloth with water. It is not recommended to disassemble the pipes for cleaning by yourself.
  8. Replace the filter element when the water flow slows down. It is recommended to replace the filter element every 6 to 12 months, but it depends on the water consumption and water quality. The maximum service life of the filter element is 12 months.
  9. If the water tank is being cleaned in the building, please suspend the use of the water filtration system and drain the water remaining in the water pipe after cleaning the water tank. The water treated by the water filtration system can only be used after the water becomes clear. Otherwise, the life of the filter element will be affected and the replacement of the filter element will be accelerated.
  10. The water filtration system should not be placed next to a fire or stove.
  11. Before installation and use, please read the installation and operation instructions to avoid any property damage caused by water leakage.
  12. Watsons distilled water and health.ESDlife are not responsible for any product failures caused by improper installation or maintenance.


【Maintenance Rules】

  1. The product is guaranteed for one year from the date of purchase, and the customer needs to keep the original receipt and invoice as a voucher.
  2. If the water filtration system is caused by product quality problems, not man-made damage or improper use, you can enjoy a replacement guarantee within 7 days.
  3. Maintenance includes accessories such as filter heads and diverters; any self-added accessories and damage to original accessories are not included in the scope of maintenance.
  4. During the warranty period, free repair or replacement of defective parts is available, and this service is only applicable to users who send problematic parts to Hong Kong Commercial Water Company or Hong Kong Commercial Water authorized distributors for processing, and please present the original receipt and invoice. After inspection and verification by technicians, the components will be replaced with old ones. After replacement, the product will continue to be maintained based on the date of purchase until the warranty period expires.
  5. Under normal environment use, the material quality of maintenance products must meet the quality specifications at the time of delivery.


[not included in the scope of maintenance]

  1. The product is subject to natural wear and tear under normal use.
  2. The filter element has been filled with water and used.
  3. Check the water filtration system regularly or replace the filter element.
  4. Any improper installation or maintenance, man-made damage.
  5. Product packaging and shipping costs.

[Range that causes maintenance failure]

  1. Lost original receipt invoice.
  2. Placing the product in an inappropriate environment (example: next to a stove...).
  3. Exceeds the limited capability of this product or the acceptable operating environment.
  4. During installation and use, man-made damage or improper use caused by failure to follow the instructions in the instructions for use.



Product volume:

  • Length: 8cm
  • Width: 8cm
  • Height: 27cm


**With faucet adapter: 8cm(L)x8cm(W)x32cm(H)


Product Specifications:

  • Processing flow per minute: about 5.68 liters
  • Total treatment flow: about 17,979 liters
  • Filter life: It is recommended to replace it every 6-12 months
    *The filter element should be replaced when the water flow slows down, but it also depends on the water consumption and water quality. The recommended maximum service life of the filter element is 12 months.
  • Membrane precision: up to 0.5 microns
  • Operating temperature: 4.4℃ - 37.7℃
  • Operating Pressure: 30 - 125psi
  • Origin of filter element: United States


Included with the product:

  • Crystal Pro AG2 Household Water Filter: 1 Set
    • Crystal Pro AG2 Filter: 1 pc
    • Rubber hose with diverter: 1 set
    • Ports: 2 groups
    • Filter head: 1


Avontene X Watsons Water X Health Online Shopping Promotion

Anyone who purchases Watsons Water water machine plus electronic water coupon products can enjoy a discounted price starting at HK$599 + purchase a set of Avontine® Anti-virus Four Seasons Duvet (retail price up to HK$2,850)


Additional purchase terms:

For those who have ordered Avontene® Antiviral Four Seasons Duvet, please refer to the following redemption dates and collect it at the Avontene Pioneering Center store:

order date January 3rd - January 15th January 16 - January 31
Redemption Email Sent Date January 16 February 1
redemption date January 30 - February 5 February 12 - February 18

Aventine Pioneer Center Store <br />Address: Shop 329, Level 3, Pioneer Center, 750 Nathan Road, Kowloon Opening Hours: 11:00AM - 8:00PM
Tel: 2368 3968



Four Seasons

"Anti-virus four-season quilt" can be used independently or in combination with summer quilt and seasonal quilt. Users do not need to purchase additional winter quilts, which greatly reduces the storage space of the shop.

Summer quilt + autumn quilt = super warm winter quilt


product description:

  • Aventine anti-virus four-season quilt adopts "1+1 quilt design". There are snap buttons on the four sides of the quilt. Just click the snap buttons of the summer quilt and autumn quilt to become a super warm winter quilt, which is suitable for all seasons .
  • The new-generation Four Seasons cover has added self-cleaning function. The cover of the cover is treated with Australian HealthGuard® antibacterial and antiviral technology, which can effectively inhibit bacteria and eliminate new coronaviruses and other viruses. Tests by the CMA Testing Center have confirmed that after people infected with the new coronavirus have used the four-season quilt for four consecutive days, no virus, including the new coronavirus, has been found on the quilt. Aventine also applied the same type of technology to the filter element of the mask, and conducted a smell test on it. The experiment confirmed that the antibacterial and antiviral filter element that has been used continuously for 4 months has the same smell as the unused filter element and does not contain peculiar smell.
  • The autumn quilt of the anti-virus four-season quilt uses a new heat storage fiber technology, which can quickly wrap the heat around the human body and make the quilt warm up quickly. The cloth surface is lightly brushed to increase the warmth and softness. Combined with the high bulkiness and air permeability of the comfort cotton, it can effectively retain the heat emitted by the human body, improve the warmth retention of the autumn quilt, and keep warm and comfortable without being overheated. The summer quilt is combined with the autumn quilt to become a super warm winter quilt, and the "sandwich quilt method" is applied. The experiment proves that it is warmer than a 90% down quilt.


Product Specifications:

Fabric: 100% cotton

Number of stitches: 1200 (±5%)/ 15cm

*Number of pins according to international industry standard: 200(±5%) per inch²

Fill: 100% polyester

Filling material thickness: 100g/m² (summer quilt)

220 g/m² (autumn quilt)

Antibacterial and antiviral treatment: Australian HEALTH GUARD® anti-mite and antibacterial treatment



Washing instructions:

The highest washing temperature is 40°C for slow washing

Do not bleach

The maximum temperature of the bottom plate of the iron is 110°C

Do not dry clean

Low temperature drying (up to 60°C)

Do not soak, dry immediately after washing

Avoid using laundry sanitizers that chemically react with fabrics

Dark and light colored products cannot be mixed for washing

AC6230 floral style

AC6232 diamond style


Water voucher validity period:

  • The e-Water Coupon must be used within the validity period of the Water Coupon (3 years) and cannot be refunded, transferred or exchanged for cash or other goods, and is not applicable to any temporary change of delivery address.


Shipping Arrangement:

  • The goods are arranged to be delivered by Watsons distilled water within seven to ten working days from the date of confirmation of the order, according to the delivery time of the region.
  • The delivery service is limited to local, and the delivery scope includes Hong Kong Island, Kowloon and general areas in the New Territories.
  • Delivery service is not applicable to remote areas (for example: restricted areas), outlying islands, Discovery Bay, Lau Fau Shan, Ma Wan (except Tung Chung Town) and other areas and some remote areas or places that are difficult to reach by Watsons distilled water vehicles.


Shipping fee:

  • Bottled Distilled Water: Customers must order at least two boxes of 8L / 12L / 18L distilled water to enjoy free shipping.
  • Water Machine: Free Shipping

    ***Free delivery service is applicable to Hong Kong Island, Kowloon and New Territories that can be directly reached by trucks and floors with lifts that can be directly reached or walk up to 20 steps of stairs.
    For floors without elevator facilities or corresponding delivery routes, a surcharge of HK$5 per item will be charged from stairs 21 to 40

Ordering information

  • The e-shop will only accept orders from designated billing addresses in Hong Kong.
  • When you order a product from us, you agree to make a purchase request with us in accordance with these terms and conditions. After receiving your order, we will notify you and confirm receipt of the order. This reply does not mean that we have accepted your order. We reserve the right to refuse to accept an order if we fail to deliver any ordered product or service, or due to payment problems with the credit card you are using or for any other reason. If we are unable to provide any product or service on your order, we will notify you by phone or email.
  • Once your order request has been accepted by us, we will confirm with you the acceptance of the order and notify you of the time and date of delivery.

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Water bottle deposit:

  • Orders of 12-liter or 18-liter bottled distilled water are required to pay a water bottle deposit. The deposit will be paid at the first delivery, and each bottle will be charged HK$20. The deposit will be refunded when the water bottle is returned.


  • 1 year warranty on water machine
  • HC99L-UFD, HC90L-UFD upper cold water heater and Wats-Touch provide 12 months free maintenance service.
    Wats-MiniS, B-22 and Wats-Touch Mini water machines provide 12 months free bring-your-own maintenance service.

  • The warranty period is valid within 12 months from the date of receipt; after the warranty period, replacement parts will be charged additionally, and it is recommended to keep the proof of purchase.

  • For maintenance services, please call the customer service hotline 2660 6688 to make an appointment. Please refer to for the office hours of the Customer Service Hotline.



  • The free shipping offer is not applicable to remote areas (for example: restricted areas), outlying islands, Discovery Bay, Lau Fau Shan, Ma Wan (except Tung Chung Town) and other areas and some remote areas or places that are difficult to reach by Watsons distilled water vehicles, please Contact Watsons Distilled Water (2660-6688) for inquiries before ordering.
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  • Any offers are subject to availability on a first-come, first-served basis, while stocks last. Any changes will be subject to the offer details at the time of purchase.
  • All gifts, discounts, cash coupons or rewards (= "Offers") are non-exchangeable for cash, non-transferable, and cannot be used in conjunction with other promotions.
  • health.ESDlife and Watsons Distilled Water reserve all rights to product and service offerings, price adjustments and amendments to these terms and conditions without prior notice.
  • In case of any disputes, the decision of health.ESDlife and Watsons distilled water shall be final.