Picture of Doulton Dalton BioTect Ultra BTU 2504 10-inch diatom ceramic filter (2 unit price)
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Doulton Dalton BioTect Ultra BTU 2504 Diatom Porcelain Filter Cartridge (2 unit price)


  • BTU 2504 filter power: 0.2 microns. Nano antibacterial technology
  • Filter life: up to 9-12 months / 2300 liters
  • BTU 2504 can filter out heavy metals (lead, cadmium, mercury)
  • BTU 2504 is suitable for Doulton M12 series
  • Meets NSF 42 and 53 requirements
  • Made in uk

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Comparison of 3 main filter elements

  • UCC (Basic Performance) : It is the basic version of the filter element, which is only suitable for BSP series water filters. The simplest filtering function is required, such as the isolation of lead water, UCC is sufficient
  • HPU (medium efficiency) : suitable for a series of water filters, including the M15 series . The HPU filter element adopts the "high-density channel technology" technology to make the micropores evenly distributed and give full play to the function of each filtering micropore to achieve the best filtered water quality standard.
  • BTU (High Performance): Only applicable to the BTU filter element of M12 series water filter, BioTect "nano antibacterial technology" is added to improve the product performance and efficacy, make its structure more orderly, and the pore size becomes smaller, thereby greatly improving Antibacterial function of filter element

BTU 2504 Diatom Porcelain Filter Cartridge

Filter element technology

The brand-new BioTect™ nano antibacterial technology greatly enhances the antibacterial function of the filter element.


Diatom Porcelain
Using 100% natural diatoms, the particles of diatom porcelain are very fine, and the gaps between the particles are even narrower. After solidification, a huge "microporous network" is formed inside, so it can effectively prevent particles with larger pores from passing through , Absolutely remove pathogenic bacteria and harmful substances.


Silver ion
The outer bladder of the diatom porcelain filter element is equipped with silver elements to prevent the growth of bacteria. The solid structure of the ceramic absolutely prevents the silver elements from falling off and dissolving into water. The filtered water is pure and ready to drink without boiling.


Activated carbon
Dalton uses the most advanced extruded activated carbon, which can effectively remove harmful chemicals in the water, such as chlorine, pesticides and pesticides, organic substances, and filter out carcinogens such as peculiar smell, color and trihalomethane.

Ion exchange material
Using ATS ion exchange resin, it can effectively remove heavy metal lead ion.

Can filter contaminants



International Certification

  • National Sanitation Foundation NSF #42, #53 (Sept., 93) CLASS 1 standard
  • British Standard BS5750 Part II ISO 9001:2008
  • British WRAS certification
  • American Water Quality Association Certification
  • The Ministry of Health of the People's Republic of China Imports Hygiene License for Products Involving Hygiene and Safety of Drinking Water Wei Shui Jin Zi (2003) No. 0008 and (2008) No. 0014 and No. 055


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Q: When should I change my Doulton Water Filter?

A: For a family of four, we recommend changing your filter every 6 months.

If you notice your water flow (the speed the water comes out of your tap) dropping before 6 months, remove your filter and clean it with a stiff brush. You can clean your filter as often as needed without damaging the performance. Find out how.


Q: Are all ceramic water filters the same?

A: Absolutely not. Doulton Water Filters are the original ceramic filter manufacturers and a globally trusted brand. We have been updating our groundbreaking filter design since 1826. We are a UK ISO accredited company offering independently and regularly tested water filters. Certifications held with NSF, WRAS, Lucideon and many more.


Q: What causes hardness in water?

A: Hardness is caused by Calcium Carbonate or metal salts in your water. Hard water is perfectly safe to drink, but doesn't allow soaps to foam as freely as softer water (water with less Calcium Carbonate).


Q: Why do Total Dissolved Solids increase when I use a Doulton Water Filter?

A: With a Doulton Water Filter, the healthy mineral content in your water will increase, leading to a slight increase in your water's Total Dissolved Solids.


Q: Why does the PH of my drinking water increase when I use my ceramic filter?

A: With a Doulton Water Filter, the healthy mineral content in your water will increase, leading to a slight increase in your water's PH level.


Q: How do I know when to change my filter?

A: On average a family of four uses approximately 8 litres of water per day for cooking and drinking. Therefore, based on 10 litres/day for four people the life of your filter can be estimated in time rather than capacity.


Q: Is all Doulton plastic BPA free?

A: Yes, all Doulton and British Berkefeld plastic is BPA free, food-grade polypropylene.

We also offer Stainless Steel systems for anyone avoiding plastic use.


Q: When I change my EcoFast® filter element, do I need to change the plastic housing and pipework too? 

A: No, you won't need to change the filter housing - all you need to change is the ceramic filter inside the plastic housing. Find out how here.


Q: When I replace my water filter and pre-filter cartridge in my HCP DUO Countertop or DUO Undercounter system, can I choose a different pre-filter from the one I had before?

A: Absolutely! When you change your HCP DUO Countertop or DUO Undercounter system filters you can also change the pre-filter you use. Choose between filters that target Limescale, Chlorine, Fluoride, Sediment and Nitrate pollution.


Q: Will my filter element remove Arsenic?

A: Filtration does not remove Arsenic from water.


Q: How effective is my filter element against Legionella bacteria?

A: The ceramic in our filters forms a physical barrier to bacteria, blocking its path while allowing clear, fresh water through. Our water filters are trusted worldwide to remove bacteria from drinking water by thousands of people. However, Legionella is capable of slow regrowth downstream of the filter so it's important to disinfect downstream of the filter where Legionella is suspected.


Q: Does my filter element work against Nitrates?

A: Yes, our ON countertop and IN undercounter DUAL systems come with the option of a Nitrate specific pre-filter that filters Nitrates.


Q: Does my filter element work against Oestrogen and Synthetic Oestrogen?

A: Yes, the activated carbon in our candles reduces Oestrogen and synthetic Oestrogen in drinking water.


Q: Which minerals will my Doulton filter leave in my filtered water?

A: Your water's mineral content will depend on where you live. Doulton and British Berkefeld water filters will leave healthy minerals in your filtered water while filtering bacteria and pathogens. The best way to find out your individual water mineral content is to check with your local water provider. Your local water provider will be able to let you know.


Q: Will my filter element remove Manganese?

A: Manganese will not be removed by a filter element.


Q: Will my filter element remove Fluoride?

A:Yes, our ON countertop and IN undercounter DUAL systems come with the option of a Fluoride specific pre-filter that filters Fluoride. Find out more here.

Our GO gravity-fed systems can be used with our Ultra Fluoride ceramic candle that filters Fluoride. Find out more here.


Q: Does my filter element remove Chloramine?

A: Our ceramic filters take out chlorine and monochloramine, improving the taste and odour of drinking water.


Q: Does my filter element remove Aluminium?

A: Our ceramic filters remove aluminium in particulate form. >99.99% will be removed at 0.9 micron or >99.99% at 0.5 to 0.8 micron. Filtration is not suitable for dissolved aluminium.


Q: Does my filter element work with hardness?

A: Yes, our ON countertop and IN undercounter DUAL systems come with the option of a Limescale specific pre-filter that filters Limescale. Find out more here.


Q: How do I clean a ceramic filter candle?

A: We recommend a gentle, evenly applied buffing with a scouring pad until the whiteness of the ceramic returns.

Rubber gloves are recommended to be used during cleaning and NEVER use soap or detergents.

Ensure that the end of the plastic mount does not come into contact with unfiltered water.


Q: How do I know when my ceramic filter element needs cleaning?

A: When your water flow (the speed water comes out of your tap) lessens, it might be time to clean your water filter.


Q: Why is my ceramic filter element discoloured?

A: This is great news - your filter element is working! All that discolouration has been trapped on the filter's surface and is safely removed from your drinking water.


Q: My ceramic filter seems to block up regularly; is it working correctly?

A: Absolutely, this means that your ceramic filter is trapping dirt and bacteria that would otherwise be in your drinking water. If you find your filter blocking too often, look at using our DUAL systems with a Sediment pre-filter that will help stop the blockages. 


Q: Do I need to sterilise the candle after cleaning?

A: No, there is no need to sterilise the ceramic candle. All our filters have bacteria inhibiting features built in.


Q: How do I keep the inside of my filter housing clean?

A: The filter housing is best cleaned by unscrewing the body from the head and wiping the surface and the inside of the body with a soft cloth dampened with warm water. Do this when you change your water filter.


Q: What happens if I leave the filter unused for a period of time?

A: If normal use of the filter is interrupted by holidays or vacations, you may notice a ‘flat’ or ‘stale’ taste. To clear this, simply run the filter tap for five minutes.


Q: Why has my water flow lowered?

A: Your filter may need a clean between changes. Find out how to clean your filter here.


Q: Can I recycle my old ceramic filter?

A:You can recycle the plastic mount and compost the old filter element or use it to help with drainage in the bottom of your plant pots.

We suggest safely removing the mount using light pressure with a hammer to break it from the filter element. Next, cover the ceramic with an old rag and gently break it into small pieces, again using light pressure with a hammer.