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German Pool - Far Infrared Ankle Wrap

Brands:German Pool
Therapeutic equipment


Relieving ankle pain Easing ankle sprain Reducing foot fatigue Improving flexibility of joints. Suitable for: Sports players (e.g. soccer and dance), people suffering from ankle sprain, those who often walk or stand for long hours due to job nature, etc.

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Why Choose German Pool Far Infrared Ankle Wrap?

Relieving ankle pain Easing ankle sprain Reducing foot fatigue Improving flexibility of joints. 

- Relieving ankle pain
- Reducing pain associated with tendonitis
- Easing ankle sprain
- Reducing foot fatigue

Benefits of German Pool’s Far Infrared Health Care Series

German Pool’s newly launched Far Infrared Health Care Series gives you a variety of health benefits. With the advanced FIR Energy Spots, the products employ BIO-ACT technology to turn far-infrared (FIR) energy into nano structure, emitting healthy FIR rays (4-14μm) that penetrate human skin to bring about resonance in the body. Such resonance promotes cell activation and proliferation, helping to foster blood circulation, boost metabolism, relieve pains and muscle stiffness.

Relieving muscle stiffness and pains (e.g. waist or lower back aches, periarthritis of shoulder) Enhancing supporting capacity of the backbone Relieving menstrual pain Heat & Cold Packs for better pain relief and warm-keeping effects.

--- Fostering blood circulation
--- Boosting metabolism
--- Relieving pains e.g. waist/lower back aches, periarthritis of shoulder
--- Relieving joint pain and muscle stiffness 
--- Relieving menstrual pain
--- Improving flexibility of joints
--- Preventing injuries induced by sports or work

Certified by HKFIRA

This far infrared product employs the exclusive Bio-act technology. It has successfully passed the certification standard of Hong Kong Far Infrared Rays Association (HKFIRA), with the results below:


1. It can emit highly effective FIR rays suitable for human absorption (4-14μm) with infrared spectral emissivity rate up to 93.2%, as tested at certified FIR Testing Laboratory in Japan*.
2. It gives out less than 0.1 Bq/g radiation, as tested by radiological test report**.
* Japan Dyer’s Inspection Institute Foundation - Infrared Ray Test Report No. DTK10-02822 result: infrared spectral emissivity rate up to 93.2% (8μm at 40°C) with an average of 87.2% (4–20 μm) (note: HKFIRA standard requires an average of 77%)
** The Chinese University of Hong Kong - Radiological (Ionizing Radiation) Test Report No. 3554 result: radiation less than 0.1 Bq/g (note: HKFIRA standard requires radiation of not more than 1 Bq/g)

<Packaging Details>

1 x FIR-G2


<Product Specifications>

Dimensions: (Thickness) 1.5mm (W) 90mm (L) 175mm

Packing Dimensions: (H) 180 (W) 110 (D) 50 mm

Net Weight (kg): 70 g

Gross Weight With Packing (KG): 0.66 kg

Color: Black

Certification / Standard: RoHS

HKFIRA Test Report: #DTK09-01226

- Specifications are subject to change without prior notice. Please refer to the Instruction Manual for Warranty Information. (Product color may vary according to different monitor setting. The Product itself shall prevail.)

- Should any dispute arise, ESD Services Limited reserves The right of final decision.

- This Product is provided by German Pool (Hong Kong) Limited.



Product will be shipped via German Pool within 5 working days after order is confirmed. (Service email: repairs@germanpool.com)



Under normal operations, the product will receive a 1-year full warranty provided by German Pool (effective starting from the date of purchase). Customer who fails to present original purchase invoice will be disqualified for free warranty. Customer should always follow the operating instructions. German Pool will, in its discretion, repair or replace any defective part. It is provided by German Pool (Hong Kong) Limited. Should any dispute arise, German Pool (Hong Kong) Limited and ESD Services Limited reserve The right of final decision.

Important notice: The following products are not applicable in the terms of <Warranty>


Customers please check the products received within 2 working days. If any enquiries arise, please call ESDlife hotline immediately (3151 2288).

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