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récolte RHS-1(W) instant hot water dispenser [original licensed]


  • Use the MCH metal heating device commonly used in hair straighteners to produce hot water in 2 seconds
  • Equipped with three-stage temperature control (50°C 80°C and 95°C), which can be adjusted according to needs
  • Lightweight and suitable for office and bedroom use
  • It is convenient and easy to change the water. All kinds of bottled water below 1L can be used in the market.

Licensed Import

Warranty period: 12 month(s)


Deliver within 3 to 5 working day(s)
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Lightweight and does not take up space

It can be placed in less than an A5-sized place, and the weight is only 770g. Whether it is placed on the dining table or desk in the living room, or even moved to the room at night, there is no problem, and you can replenish your body's moisture at any time!

The PET bottle can be easily installed, and it supports a capacity of 1 liter. Those who don’t have time to fill water all the time can directly install the 1 liter PET bottle, and there will be hot water available all day.


Three-stage temperature setting to meet various brewing needs

Many people don’t have electric water heaters at home and use quick-cooking pots instead, but the biggest disadvantage of quick-cooking pots is that they cannot control the temperature of hot water. Recolte’s 2-second water heater provides three commonly used temperature settings, 50°C, 80°C, and 95°C. It can be set to 50°C when taking medicine or health food, 80°C when brewing Japanese tea, and 95°C for instant noodles or instant coffee. It is really convenient to choose according to various situations.

Easy to clean and always hygienic

Because it is drinking water into the body, regular cleaning is of course a must. When not in use, it only takes a few steps to clean the water heater. Remove the top bottle and switch to CLEAN mode to let the residual water from the water injection port flow out. After completion, switch to OFF, switch to CLEAN mode again to drain the residual water in the pipeline as shown in the figure, and finally wipe the machine with a clean cloth. and outlet holes.

It is recommended to do descaling cleaning once a month

Add 15g of citric acid into a 300ml bottle of citric acid, dissolve it completely and install it on the machine, set the temperature to 80°C, and then drain the water. After it is completely drained, replace it with 300ml of clean water and wash it at 80°C. Discharge, if there is still scale, you can do another clean water wash.

feature of product

  • Size: W11.5 × L17 × H23 cm
  • Weight 770g
  • Auxiliary contents: water heater body, upper cover, special bottle mouth 28mm*1, special bottle mouth 30mm*1