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Salus Floradix Gallexier Artichoke Food Supplement (250ml)

Health of Digestive System
Digestive System


We all love to eat, but what we dislike is that sluggish feeling and uncomfortable sense of fullness that often comes in the aftermath of a heavy or hearty meal.  A common tradition in Europe, bitters have been cherished for centuries to help make the eating experience more enjoyable.  Many of the gastrointestinal problems people experience today were very rare among our ancestors. 

It is actually the bitter taste in the mouth that triggers the optimal functioning of our digestive process.  The combination of stimulating herbs and bitter food extracts in Gallexier makes for a pleasant, mellow tasting digestive aid to accompany or to round off the main meal of the day.* It is also valuable in supporting the key functions of the liver.*

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- Gallexier Herbal Bitters is made with artichoke leaves, dandelion, tumeric root, gentian root, blessed thistle and other time-honored herbs to support digestion*
- Gallexier’s taste is tempered by aromatic herbs and fruit sugars, making this elixir ideal as an aperitif or an after-meal digestive*
- Safe to take on a regular basis, but particularly beneficial after fatty or rich foods
- A non-habit forming alcohol free bitter
- Thoughtfully bottled in environmentally-friendly recyclable glass
- Free of gluten, wheat, yeast, dairy, lactose, artificial additives and preservatives
- All vegetarian and vegan liquid formula Certified Kosher


- Traditionally used in Herbal Medicine as a digestive tonic to increase appetite and aid digestion*
- Helps reduce indigestion, gas pains and flatulence*
- Improves fat digestion and absorption of fat soluble nutrients*
- Helps the liver function optimally*
- The gentian and ginger found in Gallexier are traditionally used in Herbal Medicine to help relieve nausea*
- It is also helpful for those with sweet cravings, as the bitter taste helps to correct this imbalance*

We have 4 different types of taste buds on the surface of our tongues, to discern what is wholesome and what is not good for us. These papillae allow us to taste sour, sweet, salty, and bitter.

In our diet today, there exists almost no bitter taste, no bitter substances at all. In general, we have overloaded the sweet side and eliminated bitter foods from our diet. It is fairly obvious that a lack of bitter taste has had a dramatic effect on our metabolic system especially after a few generations.

Just what are the benefits of herbal bitters? Bitters stimulate the appetite and increase digestive juices from the pancreas and liver. They also stimulate the activity of the gallbladder and promote the necessary bile flow for the absorption of fats and fat-soluble vitamins. They prevent thickening of biliary liquid thus removing the chief cause of gallstones and gravel and give active support to the detoxifying activity of the liver and promote the digestion of fatty and heavy foods.

A bitter taste has a profound effect on your digestive system, especially the liver, the keeper of metabolic balance within the body. The liver's job is to produce fluids required for proper and complete digestion, as well as to rid your system of dangerous toxins. Even if you eat a good natural diet, artificial ingredients and chemical residues can find their way into your system. It's so important to cleanse your body of these unwanted substances as soon as possible. Our liver has several tremendous jobs to do and it needs the stimulation of bitter herbs in order to do its job properly. 

It stores usable glycogen, copper and iron to feed the cells.
It metabolises proteins, carbohydrates, and fats.
It removes poisonous substances from the blood safely.
It is the metabolic laboratory of the body.
It produces gall which is indispensable for the fractioning and digestion of fatty substances in our intestines as it is the most bitter liquid in our body.

Why Choose us


Gallexier Herbal Bitters consist of artichoke leaves, dandelion and ten other medicinal herbs known for centuries as beneficial. Two particularly strong and well-known bitters in this formula are taraxacin the active ingredient in dandelion root and cynarin, the active ingredient in artichoke.

This liquid formula contains no bile acids, additives or preservatives and offers a pleasant tasting, mellow herbal bitter preparation that is free from alcohol, which is of benefit to those whose liver and gall bladder systems are particularly sensitive to alcohol.

It is also free from chemical preservatives, artificial flavouring or harmful ingredients and does not contain raw sugar.

Gallexier helps prevent thickening of bile and it makes it possible to enjoy food even more through the virtues of proper digestion.

Manufactured for more than 50 years, all of the ingredients in Gallexier have been selected according to health food principles. Gallexier's taste is tempered by aromatic herbs and fruit sugars, making this elixir ideal as an aperitif, or an after-meal digestive. The body easily absorbs this liquid tonic. The qualities to note are listed below:

Free from alcohol of benefit to those whose liver and gall bladder system is particularly sensitive to alcohol.
Also free from chemical preservatives, artificial flavouring or harmful ingredients and does not contain raw sugar.
All ingredients of Gallexier are selected according to health food principles.
Gallexier makes food more enjoyable through proper digestion.
Can be taken by: pregnant women, individuals who are fasting, individuals sensitive to alcohol


Suggested Use

Adults: Take 1 measuring capful or 4 tsp. (20 ml) before meals as an appetizer or after meals to aid digestion.*

Children: 2 tsp. before meals as an appetizer or after meals as an aid to digestion.*

Shake bottle well before use. Refrigerate after opening. Keep the bottle tightly closed.

This formula contains no alcohol, so it can be safely used even when the liver and gall bladder system is particularly sensitive to alcohol. Gallexier Herbal Bitters is also free from pesticides, chemical preservatives, artificial flavoring, and does not contain raw sugar.


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