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Logo: Carrie Women 嘉怡女士健康中心

Carrie Women 嘉怡女士健康中心

Having a solid medical foundation, Carrie Women acquires its medical experience from its sister company - Men’s Health Solutions Center - which has been established since 2004. With an aim to improve women’s sexual health and quality of life, Carrie Women provides a wide range of health services that take care of every woman’s need in conscientious and professional manners.

Apart from providing general health check-up, vaccinations and gynecology services, Carrie Women offers a portfolio of genetic tests such as cardiovascular diseases DNA, breast and ovarian cancer DNA, thalassemia DNA and non-invasive pre-natal DNA tests, in order to evaluate the risk of disease early and facilitate disease prevention. In addition, Carrie Women delivers a wide range of STD DNA tests which are of higher sensitivity and accuracy compared to traditional antigen and antibody tests.


Service Scope

Women’s Health Check-Up Programs
Diagnoses and Treatments of Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STD)
Genetic Test
General Gynecology


Carrie Women’s laboratory partner provides proven tests that have obtained a number of international certifications including ISO 15189:2007, World Health Organization’s HPV Labnet, CE IVD and cFDA.





Carrie Women 嘉怡女士健康中心 - 訂購身體檢查及/或疫苗注射計劃之服務條款及細則:

- 客戶收到由健康網購health.ESDlife寄出之確認成功付款電郵後,Carrie Women嘉怡女士健康中心將於隨後2個工作天辦公時間內,致電客戶確認預約時間,並安排客戶於預約確認後的最快7個工作天後進行身體檢查及/或疫苗注射。客戶亦可在訂單確認後致電本中心預約(電話:2375 3338)。


* 健康網購health.ESDlife並沒有經營或提供有關服務。有關此身體檢查及/或疫苗注射計劃的錯漏或延誤,或因使用此身體檢查及/或疫苗注射計劃而引致的損失、損害、受傷或法律訴訟,健康網購health.ESDlife概不負責。一切有關的索償或查詢,須向Carrie Women 嘉怡女士健康中心提出。


- Carrie Women嘉怡女士健康中心提供以下時段給客戶進行身體檢查及/或疫苗注射︰



地址: 香港九龍尖沙咀廣東道海港城海洋中心1212室


星期一至五 : 9:00am – 1:00pm; 2:30 – 7:00pm

星期六: 9:00am – 2:00pm

星期日及公眾假期: 休息 

- 身體檢查及/或疫苗注射計劃適合任何人士訂購(18歲以下人士,如進行身體檢查及/或疫苗注射,須由家長陪同並簽署疫苗注射同意書)。 

- 本身體檢查及/或疫苗注射計劃有效期為六個月,客戶必須於六個月內(由確認付款日期起計)接受有關檢查,客戶需提前預約相關檢查,逾期作廢。 

- 訂購一經確認,不設退款。

- 此優惠不可兌換現金或與其他優惠、折扣劵及現金劵同時使用。 

- 所有身體檢查及/或疫苗注射並非作為醫務診斷或治療用途。

- 以下為適用於個別產品的條款及細則:


* 一般身體檢查及/或性病檢查計劃:

- Carrie Women嘉怡女士健康中心會於大約7至10個工作天內提供報告,其後客戶可透過電郵發送或預約前往檢驗中心提取報告。如有需要,客戶可約見醫生解釋報告(須另付醫生諮詢費,藥費另計)。


* 癌症檢查及女士身體檢查:

- Carrie Women嘉怡女士健康中心會於大約4至7個工作天內提供報告,其後客戶可透過電郵發送或預約前往檢驗中心提取報告。如有需要,客戶可約見醫生解釋報告(須另付醫生諮詢費,藥費另計)。


* 生蛇疫苗注射計劃:

- 生蛇疫苗注射計劃由註冊男醫生負責注射評估及注射程序。客戶須於接受疫苗注射前簽署同意書。如需額外諮詢醫生更多有關疫苗注射的詳情,須另付醫生諮詢費。


- 如有爭議,健康網購health.ESDlife及Carrie Women嘉怡女士健康中心保留最後決定權。



【新客優惠】首次訂體檢滿$2,000減$200  優惠碼: