Our customers’ health and safety are always our top priorities. To ensure you can conduct health check safely, we have enhanced the infection control measures in regards to coronavirus with our checkup merchants.
B. Density control
To avoid crowded environment and minimize tangible contacts, we have enforced density control in designated checkup centres. Checkup centres which have implemented this policy include:
C. Temperature checks
We reiterate to our checkup partners that temperature checksand health screenings must be conducted for visitors arriving at the centres. Visitors are also required to use alcohol hand rub and put on surgical masks upon arrival.
D. Bleach Cleaning
Our checkup partners must carry out daily cleaning of the checkup centre areas with 1:49 diluted bleach before open, and exercise even tighter hygiene standard, by performing regular cleaning every two hours of clinical areas such as the reception area, waiting area, doctor's consultation rooms and door handles with diluted bleach.
*Depending on the epidemic situation and checkup centres operation status, we will update related infection arrangements accordingly.
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