Terms and Conditions (Updated on 11 June 2024)

The 100% Service Quality Guarantee is eligible for all health check plans* providing by all medical centers under health.ESDlife, including 「A. Refund Guarantee」 and 「B. Best Price Guarantee」.
The 100% Service Quality Guarantee is applicable to customers who have purchased the packages within 3 month, and not yet attended the check-up session, or customers who have attended but not yet received the medical report.
If customer is feeling any dissatisfaction during the health check, please raise out the refund request on the next working day after the checkup is completed, contacting us through health.ESDlife email or hotline.
A. Refund Guarantee

1. Refund Request

When the customer requested a refund within 3 months after the order, please prepare the following documents for verification:
  • Transaction completed email and the reason why you would like to request for refund
  • Need to return the regarding office invoice, and the refund will be proceeded about health.ESDlife received all the documents
2. Refund Period

During verifying the refund request, medical center will stop and deliver all related body check reports. >Once the refund is being accepted, all purchased body check services and original invoice will be cancelled. And medical center will not issue the body check reports to customer, and all related premium given will also be forfeited.
3. Verification Notice

After verification, customer is required to pay the total value of the free or discounted premium or coupons they have received / redeemed. health.ESDlife will contact individual applicant and confirm about the amount to be credited, either in form of cheque or credit card (depends on the payment method on your previous transaction). For the refund amount, it's based on the total amount shown on the transaction confirmation email.
4. Cancellation for the Guarantee

If customer has already taken the body check report (including personal /mail collection, or explaining the report via phone call), refund request will not be accepted, and health.ESDlife do have right to reserve or cancel the Service Quality Guarantee.
B. Best Price Guarantee

Best Price Guarantee is only applicable to identical orders, that is, the same medical examination center, item content and the total number of items ordered in health.ESDlife. If you find a more favourable price at other medical check-up center on the market within 3 months after ordering (does not apply to packages that are not open for general public, such as internal promotion plans, company discount, group purchase discount or member price etc). You can contact health.ESDlife to refund the price difference and submit the following documents for verification:
  • health.ESDlife Order number
  • Website of the medical check-up center
  • A screenshot of the medical check-up plan, including the medical check-up center, the name of the medical check-up plan, the items included in the plan and the price.
health.ESDlife reserve the final right to change the terms and conditions at any time without prior notice.

*It is not applicable for UMP health check, vaccination, health care devices, supplements, water treatment and child development assessment.
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