Find the Right Health Checkup Plan for your Domestic Helper in Hong Kong


As a result of prioritizing work and the various responsibilities that go with it, many employers would hire a domestic helper to take care of the children, elderly and household in general. Although domestic helpers can make our lives slightly less worrisome and hectic, we still need to make sure they are healthy enough to take on the duties-- we cannot completely trust the medical reports produced by their agencies. More importantly, even though domestic helpers follow the Hong Kong Domestic Helper Regulation, a lot of medical reports produced prior to their arrival in Hong Kong were proven to be fake (some have lied about their pregnancy and have even hidden illnesses such as syphilis and sputum)! With that said, it is important for employers to double check so that both parties can be properly aware and healthy!


This is why we have compared Hong Kong’s top 6 reliable and reputable healthcare clinics. The information that we have shared is extremely convenient for employers who would like to arrange and purchase a body beck plan that they think is best for their domestic helper. You will feel a lot more settled once you have double-checked! 



Comparison table: The various domestic helper health assessment plans


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  Domestic Helper Health Check Domestic Helper Check Up Domestic Helper Check Up I I Domestic Helper Check-up Plan Domestic Helper Profile Domestic Helper Check-Up Package Domestic Helper Check Up
Body check centre Mobile Medical HKHC HKHC Medtimes Kinetics Quality HealthCare Human Health
Body check price $630 $1,120 $1,750 $640 $680 $1,150 $1,080
No. of check-up items 7 9 15 20 25 28 41
Location(s) Jordan, Causeway Bay, Tsuen Wan Jordan, Causeway Bay, Central, Yuen Long Jordan, Causeway Bay, Central, Yuen Long Tsim Sha Tsui, Causeway Bay, Sheung Shui Causeway Bay, Jordan, Tsuen Wan Mongkok, Tsim Sha Tsui and 14 other locations! Mongkok
Body check centre’s specialty  Lung X-ray, HIV tests etc. Lung X-ray, HIV tests etc. Hepatitis C antibody tests Lung X-ray, HIV tests etc. Pregnancy test, sexually transmitted disease tests Chest X-ray, HIV test etc. Chest X-ray, HIV test etc.
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1. Mobile Health Check & Medical Centre Limited (the price of the standard plan is slightly higher) 

This body check plan includes standard body check assessments. Mobile Health’s medical plan can detect all types of health-related issues, whether it be anemia, pregnancy, pneumonia, urinary, bladder problem or common-fluid-borne diseases such as hepatitis B. This healthcare centre’s body screenings are comprehensive, and its respective prices are reasonable.


Full body check-up selling points: Domestic Helper Health Check

  • 7 types of body check assessments: Chest X-ray, Hepatitis B, HIV-type and type II antibodies, syphilis test, urine, stool, hemoglobin
  • Price: $630
  • Locations: Causeway Bay, Jordan, Tsuen Wan


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2. Hong Kong Health Check & Medical Diagnostic Centre (includes Hepatitis C test)

HKHC has two domestic helper body check plans. The Plan I includes 9 types of assessments that focuses on infectious diseases such as HIV, lung, hepatitis B, etc. Compared to the first plan, Plan II offers 5 more blood and hepatitis C-related assessments.


Hepatitis C can be easily transmitted through blood and bodily fluids and may develop into other severe medical problems. Hepatitis is highly contagious and can be caught during day-to-day activities. Because it is easily transmitted through exposure to blood or bodily fluids, it aids the development of cirrhosis and other severe medical illnesses. However, most people are not able to identify the symptoms because they are relatively ordinary (e.g. loss of appetite and fatigue). So if you are worried, you may want to consider arranging a medical check-up!


Healthcare centre’s selling points: Domestic Helper Check Up


Full body screening centre’s selling points: Domestic Helper Check Up II

  • 9 types of healthcare check-up assessments: Lung X-ray, hepatitis B, HIV I and II, syphilis, urine, pregnancy, stool and blood tests, doctor's report


  • 15 types of body screening examinations: Lung X-ray, hepatitis B, HIV I and II, syphilis, urine, pregnancy, stool, blood tests, hemoglobin, platelets, blood count, white blood cells, red blood cells, hepatitis C test
  • Body check-up price: $1120


  • Body check-up price: $1750
  • Locations: Causeway Bay, Central, Jordan, Yuen Long


  • Locations: Causeway Bay, Central, Jordan, Yuen Long



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3. Medtimes Medical Group (an affordable and fast option) 

Among the many medical body checks out there, Medtimes’ package is definitely the most affordable. It provides the many mainstream health assessments found in the market! But it is important to note that this clinic’s deal does not offer syphilis and pregnancy tests yet. So if employers like you are worried that your domestic helper is hiding their pregnancy, you will have to pay an additional fee for the examination. Lastly, another benefit on this medical plan is that the health report can be produced in 4 days-- extremely suitable for employees who need the information urgently!


  Medical centre's selling points: Domestic Helper Health Check-up Plan

  • 20 types of health assessments: Blood pressure, pulse, chest X-ray, hepatitis B, HIV type I, type II and P24 antigen, 12 types of urine test, stool bacterial test)
  • Body check-up price: $640
  • Locations: Causeway Bay, Tsim Sha Tsui, Sheung Shui

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4. Kinetics Medical & Health Group Co., Ltd. (Professional microscopic analysis)

Many medical centres, including Kinetics, study urine tests under the microscope. With that said, it should not be a surprise that hematuria can be examined. Under the microscope, medical professionals can identify red blood cells or deformed red blood cells, and from that, find out the real cause of hematuria-- could it be as a result of sports-related activities, or could it be as a consequence of malignant tumor? Through these examinations, employers can find out if their domestic helper is concealing their severe illness(es).

Full body check centre’s selling points: Domestic Helper Profile

  • 25 types of medical check-up: Height and weight, BMI, blood pressure and pulse, lung X-ray, hepatitis B, HIV type I, type II and P24 antigen, syphilis, pregnancy and stool tests, microscopic analysis of urinary conditions, 12 urination tests, doctor report
  • Body check price: $680
  • Locations: Causeway Bay, Jordan, Tsuen Wan



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5. Quality HealthCare Physical Centres (scattered clinics, convenient for those outside Hong Kong island)

With no doubt, the most convenient and accessible healthcare centre is Quality HealthCare because they have a total of 16 clinics around Hong Kong! Their clinics are evenly scattered around the city and be found in ShaTin and even Tung Chung! In general, their medical body check-up plan is considered to be comprehensive. Although it does not provide pregnancy tests, Quality HealthCare has supplemented it with hepatitis A tests. With that said, hepatitis A tests are extremely important because the illness is present in feces of infected individuals and can be easily transmitted through the consumption of contaminated water. Especially since Hepatitis A can lead to extremely liver failure and consequently a high mortality rate, remember not take this medical issue lightly!

Medical plan’s selling points: Domestic Helper Check-Up Package

  • 28 types of health screenings: Medical history, height, weight, waist circumference, blood pressure, pulse, lung X-ray, hepatitis A, hepatitis B, HIV, syphilis, stool rests, 12 urination test, doctor’s report.
  • Body check price: $1150
  • Locations: North Point, Quarry Bay, Causeway Bay, Admiralty, Central (2 clinics), Sheung Wan, Tsim Sha Tsui (2 healthcare centres), Jordan, Mongkok, Kowloon Bay, Tseung Kwan O, Sha Tin, Tsing Yi, Tung Chung


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6. Human Health Associate Limited (the most body check assessments)

Compared to the healthcare clinics listed above, Human Health offers the most check-up items. Just examining blood and urine itself has 10+ different types of assessments. This is why we believe Human Health’s body check-up is the most specialized and detail-oriented. Employers do not have to worry about not understanding the medical reports because doctors will be there to discuss the results with you and to provide any medical advice, if needed.

Body check-up centre’s selling points: Domestic Helper Check Up

  • 41 types of body check examinations: Height, weight, BMI, blood, pulse, medical questionnaire, lung X-ray, hepatitis B, HIV type 1 and 2, syphilis, pregnancy, stool tests, 15 urine test, 13 Blood test, doctor report
  • Body check price: $1080
  • Location: Mongkok


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Do I need to complete all the body check assessments out there?

A lot of people have asked, “Are there assessments that I can opt-out when completing my annual body check in Hong Kong?”


Many employers like you are most likely going to pay for your domestic helper’s body check-up because you merely wanted to double-check and verify that they are perfectly healthy to manage the household. This is why with every additional check-up assessment comes with additional security. If you decide to “save” on some specific health screenings, you may miss out on critical medical information that may be extremely important to you. If you would like to arrange a more comprehensive screening, you can purchase add-ons (additional medical assessments that are not a part of the original body check package) such as cancer-related tests etc. 


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Body check price list

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Body Check Plan Price

Mobile Health - Domestic Helper Health Check

  • Includes hepatitis B and HIV tests

HKHC - Domestic Helper Check Up

  • Includes hepatitis B and HIV tests

HKHC - Domestic Helper Check Up II

  • Includes hepatitis C and hepatitis B tests

Medtimes - Domestic Helper Check-up Plan

  • Chest X-ray and HIV tests etc.

Kinetics - Domestic Helper Profile

  • Pregnancy and sexually transmitted disease tests

Quality HealthCare - Domestic Helper Check-Up Package

  • Chest X-ray, HIV tests etc.

Human Health - Domestic Helper Check Up

  • Chest X-ray, HIV tests etc.

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