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Product: JM_Blanc_Chic_Chic_H42

Blanc Chic Chic Narang pottery ceramic frying pan with lid 24cm H42 (free wooden handle silicone spatula) [Original Licensed]


- Using the latest natural non-stick German nano-ceramic coating, fine and smooth, not easy to stick to the bottom, easy to clean, more handy in the kitchen!!!


- German technology, added [Temperature Prompt]. When cooking, the kitchen utensils will change color with the temperature,

To prevent the loss of water and nutrients caused by overheating cooking.


- New Japanese pottery design, imitation wooden pot handle design, durable, fashionable design


- Suitable for any stove, different cooking methods have less oil fume, fast heat transfer and save energy


- Take [Eco-cooking] to another level. Continue to lead the new trend of healthy cooking.

Licensed Import

Warranty period: 12 month(s)


Deliver within 6 to 14 working day(s)

Shipping fee $50 applies

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Imitation wooden pot handle design, sturdy and durable;

Revolutionary white nano-ceramic pot surface, thin and smooth, not easy to stick to the bottom, easy to clean, more handy in the kitchen!!!


Suitable for different cooking methods

Multi-purpose frying pan, suitable for different cooking methods such as steaming, stewing, frying, etc., and has less oil fume, fast heat transfer, and can save energy


No Toxins (NO PFOA, NO PTFE, NO BPA, No Lead & Cadmium)

It does not contain the plastic PTFE used in general non-stick pans, does not contain the internationally recognized carcinogenic chemical PFOA, does not contain heavy metal pigments, copper, and lead in black paint, safe and reliable!


8H-9H high hardness and strong wear resistance are more durable, the coating hardness is stronger than ordinary non-stick pan (4H), not easy to peel off


Using nano-titanium technology, the effective antibacterial rate reaches 99.9%


Preserve food nutrition and enhance taste

Ceramic avoids the oxidation of metal and food due to contact, and the fire power is more uniform than the general traditional kitchen utensils


very little fumes

Patented nano-ceramic, with excellent density, can effectively reduce the loss of water and the generation of oil fume during the cooking process.

Reduce kitchen oil and reduce the risk of respiratory diseases caused by long-term inhalation of oil fumes in the lungs


save time

BLANC's ceramics can emit far infrared rays and penetrate directly into the food, effectively shortening the cooking time by one-third or more


Environmentally friendly low carbon products

Produced in a low-carbon environment, carbon emissions are twice as low as other kitchen utensils production, reducing waste of resources. After cooking, it is generally only necessary to rinse with water.

Reduces the use of cleaning agents. And excellent insulation effect, can reduce energy consumption.


Not easy to stick, easy to clean

The inside and outside of the kitchen utensils are made of nano-ceramic, the molecules are very fine and smooth, with good easy-to-clean performance, and food stains are not easy to stick.

So just use the right amount of cooking oil and it works great! Cleaning is also very easy and convenient!

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