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Product: Fachioo_Poseidon_L1_DoultonShowerFilter

Fachioo 法馳歐 Poseidon-L1 台下式直飲濾水器(連濾芯) 送 Doulton花灑連濾芯 [原廠行貨]



Fachioo Poseidon-L1 Under-counter direct drinking water filter (with filter)

  • Five-stage fine filter
  • 800G large flow
  • Efficient sterilization rate
  • Ready-to-drink safety for mothers and babies
  • zero energy consumption
  • long-term filter
  • Easy filter replacement
  • Lightweight

Licensed Import

Warranty period: 12 month(s)


Deliver within 6 to 7 working day(s)

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Fachioo Poseidon-L1 Under-counter direct drinking water filter (with filter)

  • Five-stage fine filtration, deep purification, good taste
  • 800G large flow, up to 2L/min flow, no need to wait
  • Efficient sterilization rate, the sterilization rate of polymer film is 99.99%
  • Ready-to-drink is safe for mothers and babies, and retains the minerals needed by the human body
  • Zero energy consumption, unplugged/no waste water/no noise
  • Long-term filter element, UF ultrafiltration filter element can be used for 2 years
  • The filter element is easy to replace and can be pulled out from the side for easy replacement
  • Lightweight size for a variety of under-sink areas



Doulton shower shower filter

  • Doulton shower head has ultra-fine spray holes for enhanced water jet
  • Durable stainless steel panel for Doulton showers
  • Doulton showers can switch to tap water at any time to extend filter life

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  • Post office box addresses are not accepted.

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Warranty terms:

  • All products are licensed in Hong Kong, and maintenance is provided by Fachioo (Hong Kong ) Limited products.
  • The customer must keep the product warranty certificate (if any) and the store invoice.
  • Product warranty is only applicable to Hong Kong.
  • Fachioo (Hong Kong ) Limited is not responsible for any direct or indirect losses incurred due to product damage.

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> This product is provided by Fachioo (Hong Kong ) Limited

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