Picture of Naptime Smart Deep Efficiency Sleep Mask with Headphones (Silver for Android) [Original Licensed]
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Naptime Smart Deep Efficiency Sleep Mask with Headphones (Silver for Android) [Original Licensed]


  • It only takes 20-30 minutes a day to fully charge you throughout the day
  • Monitor the electrical waves of the user's brain through the EGG sensor
  • Sensing the user's brainwaves and emotions

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The principle of Naptime hypnotic eye mask is to monitor the user's skin (zero radiation, non-inductive electrodes) through the EEG sensor, and detect the electric wave signal of the brain. The built-in sensor can sense the user's brainwaves and emotions. The sensor can detect brainwaves in real time. By collecting brainwave data, it can intelligently recommend the most suitable relaxation music, intelligently adjust the volume to create a good nap environment, etc., allowing users to pass 20 minutes of gold. Take a nap for a quick refresher. When the device detects that the user is asleep, it will automatically turn on pink noise and block external sounds. Using memory foam and a comfortable soft leather headband, it can cover the eyes 360 degrees. It also has built-in HI-FI earphones to push suitable music for you to adjust your sleep state.


  • Intelligently recommend the most suitable relaxation music and intelligently adjust the volume
  • Analyze and learn the user's brainwave activity
  • Helps users go to sleep quickly
  • Daily performance increased by 40%
  • Increased rest will enhance your well-being



  • Collect the wearer's brain waves and emotions during sleep, so as to know the current sleep state of the wearer
  • Can detect the wearer's current brain activity to determine which sleep cycle the current wearer is in
  • Adjust the light transmittance of the eye mask according to the current sleep condition. Block out the light during light sleep, or let the eye mask begin to let light through at the end of deep sleep to wake up naturally.
  • The smart sleep mask Naptime does not require power wiring when using it and can be used anytime, anywhere
  • The conductive leather sensor monitors the user's skin touch, detecting electrical signals from the brain, and this data is propagated from our patented EEG algorithm chip to the Naptime app.
  • The app learns from your data to choose the right music for you, wake you up at the best time, calculate your rest periods, and give you personal snooze tips.
  • Lined with high-quality protein leather, it has a baby-like feel.
  • The cat-eye hole design allows users to observe the surroundings "in the dark" and bid farewell to the anxiety caused by visual deprivation. 99% shading rate, leaving 1% is peace of mind.



Naptime app:

  • Play the right music in the smart music library to relax and put you to sleep;
  • When sleeping, start powder noise to create a better sleeping environment;
  • Wake up before deep sleep and wake up refreshed
  • Calculate your sleep score: sleep quality, relaxation quality;
  • Generate sleep curves showing relaxation duration and sleep duration;
  • Gives you personalized tips to improve the quality of your naps.



Included in the product:

  • Naptime Smart Deep Efficiency Sleep Mask with Headphones: 1




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