Picture of Oppo Enco X True Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones Black [Parallel Import]
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Oppo Enco X True Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones Black [Parallel Import]



  • Jointly created by OPPO x Danner
  • DBEE 3.0 sound system, bring Hi-Fi audio into your ears
  • Coaxial dual unit design, high, middle and low tri-band upgrade again

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Detailed introduction

Product function/features

Jointly created by OPPO x Danner

Born in 1977, Dynaudio, a Nordic-class Hi-Fi brand, has created a legendary voice together with modern technology OPPO. In order to achieve digitally accurate sound performance, we develop it at the Dynaudio R&D center in Skanderborg. 30 kinds of material exploration, 120 rounds of structural modification, 152 device selections, all demanding is only for sound.

DBEE 3.0 sound system, bring Hi-Fi audio into your ears

In 2007, OPPO developed DBEE dynamic sound effects. 13 years later, we created a brand new "DBEE 3.0 sound system" with new materials, new structures, and new technologies.


Coaxial dual unit design, high, middle and low tri-band upgrade again

The breakthrough performance of OPPO Enco X uses the coaxial dual unit design in high-end audio. The initial superconducting magnetic plane diaphragm unit, the rear three-layer composite moving coil unit, the dual speakers are located on the same stripe, the sound output directly hits the soul, just for you to hear with your own ears.


Superconducting magnetic plane diaphragm unit, the favorite singer reappears in front of you

OPPO’s flagship flat-diaphragm headset PM-1 has won many international awards. This time we use its core technology to develop a miniature superconducting magnetic flat-diaphragm, which suspends the middle of the dual-row parallel magnetic circuit voice coil to suppress the diaphragm. Dividing the vibration, the high frequency that is as translucent as a diamond is instantly engraved.


Let you hear every audio track clearly, LHDC™ wireless transmission

LHDC™ high bit rate transmission, according to the traditional SBC, AAC transmission, can retain more sound details for you, so that every sound track is clearly expressed, every note is full and thorough, and the rhythm can also be reached at your fingertips.
OPPO mobile phone users can follow the path below [Settings-Sound and Vibration-Dolby Atmos-Music-Balance] to enable Dolby sound to get the best music experience.


Dual wheat dual-core noise reduction, one-key mute in the world

Using a double-fed microphone with a higher signal-to-noise ratio and a new dual-core chip, the noise reduction range from indoor to multi-layer, from home to travel, almost can be covered


Transparent mode listens to songs and talks, and it is natural

Want to seamlessly switch between work and music? No need to pick up the earphones, long press to quickly switch the transparent mode, the surrounding environment sound is collected in the ears, and directly say "Hi" directly on the earphones.


Master Tanner tunes the sound and makes it hard to listen to it after a long test

Daniel Emonts, with 30 years of professional audio work experience, is the creator of Dynaudio's flagship audio series, and works with the OPPO acoustic team to tune the headphones.
As Daniel said, "Every detail is important", OPPO Enco X uses science to create a true natural sound from front and rear sound chambers, tuning materials, and dual-unit crossover design.


Lightweight and comfortable, give the ear a massage

The new headphone fit detection technology can effectively remind you to adjust the position to ensure the best sound quality and noise reduction.
Innovative ergonomic design, silicone double-hardness ear caps, each ear is ultra-lightweight of only 4.8 grams, listening while jumping, lying down, walking and listening, you can listen to whatever you want.


Design reunion spanning 15 years

15 years ago, OPPO launched the first MP3 X3. The classic star ring design reached a consensus on technology and aesthetics; 15 years later, we brought new inspiration to the classic design. The new design of the star ring metal frame fits the circle of the palm better. Arc design, you can't put it down when you get started.


Bluetooth 5.2 low-latency dual transmission, more stable restart and smoother

System-level ultra-low latency optimization, greatly reducing sound delay, significantly improving the use of mid-range audio and video synchronization, game freeze, interference and disconnection problems. When playing mobile games or audio-visual entertainment, the smooth sound is a matter of course.

  • Compatible with Android/iOS-Bluetooth low-latency dual transmission
  • 94 milliseconds-the lowest latency of fully interconnected transmission
  • 47 milliseconds-the lowest latency on the headphone end
  • Single/Binaural Use-Support


Three microphones, making calls easier

Equipped with a three-microphone call noise reduction algorithm, with the support of an adaptive filter and a wind noise detection mechanism, even in a noisy outdoor environment, the headset can make the headset whisper, and the other party can hear clearly.


Wireless charging, unlimited convenience

Just put it lightly, and immediately charge the earphone box wirelessly. With a small amount of cable entanglement, you can enjoy the freedom of listening to music from now on.


25 hours of battery life, there is really no power bank in the headset

Under music playback, up to 25 hours of long battery life, support for continuous playback of up to 400 songs, no need to bring a charger on business trips, and easily cure your "anxiety disorder".
  • 5.5 hours-single battery life of the headset in noise reduction mode
  • 20 hours-longest battery life in strong noise reduction mode
  • 25 hours-longest battery life in noise reduction mode


IP54 dustproof and waterproof, shielding you from wind and rain

Not afraid of splashes, not afraid of sweat, or your good sports partner! IP54 level excellent waterproof effect8, accompany you to sweat and accompany you in the wind and rain.


Louder, lower? Just slide the headset

There are more corrections, which can be customized in the APP. Interaction has never been so natural.

Double-click any headset, switch to the next song, answer/hang up the call;
Long press the headset for 1s to switch the noise reduction mode.

Slide the earphone handle up and down to increase/decrease the volume;


Open the cover and connect to the phone in one second

Open the cover, pop up the window, just click to pair, and the next time you use the automatic flash connection, the headset is already ready before you put it on.

Product specifications


Form: In-ear true wireless product model (headphone): ETI51
Product Color: Nocturne/Baige/Zhu Yun Product Model-Charging Case: ETI52


Sound quality

Sound unit: φ11mm moving coil unit + φ6mm plane diaphragm unit Speaker sensitivity: 104dB @ 1khz
Frequency response range: 20Hz~20kHz
Audio transmission format: audio transmission format LHDC / AAC / SBC


Noise reduction

Noise control mode: strong noise reduction mode/weak noise reduction mode/transparent mode/noise reduction off mode



Bluetooth low-latency dual transmission: support Bluetooth version: BT 5.2
Bluetooth effective distance: 10m



Battery type: rechargeable lithium-ion battery. Battery capacity: 44mAh (headphone) / 535mAh (charging box)
Music playback time (50% volume)*: Strong noise reduction mode: 4h (one charge) / 20h (with charging case), noise reduction off mode: 5.5h (one charge) / 25h (with charging case)



Wired charging time*: 80min (headphone)丨110min (charging box)
Charging port: USB Type-C
Wireless charging: support Qi wireless charging protocol


Weight and volume

Weight per ear: 4.8g (±0.2g)
Charging box weight: 42.5 (±0.5g)
Whole machine weight: 52.5 (±1g)
Charging box size (length * width * thickness): 66.3 * 49 * 21.7mm


water proof

Dustproof water level-earphone: IP54

1. LHDC™ supports searching for X2, searching for X2 Pro, Ren​​​​​​​​​​​ Follow-up OTA update and upgrade. The phone models that support OPPO Dolby Atmos include Find X2, Find X2 Pro, Ren​​​4, Reno 4 Pro, Ren​​​3, Reno 3 Pro, Ren​​​​3 Vitality Edition, Reno2, Reno2 Z, Reno , Ren​​o Z, Ace2, K7, K5, K3.
2. The noise reduction function is effective in the highest range, such as airplanes, trains, etc.; while the effect on higher frequencies is not obvious, such as nearby human voices.
3. Active noise reduction technology can pass OPPO laboratory. The actual effect is different due to the user's ear size, ear canal structure, replacement ear cap, position and posture, and sports equivalent conditions.
4. Bluetooth low-latency dual transmission is not restricted by the mobile phone chip platform.
5. Momentary data comes from OPPO laboratory environment, OPPO Enco X is used with OPPO Reno 4 test data. Among them, 94ms is the time from clicking the button on the phone screen to the earphone receiving sound, and 47ms is the only earphone delay under the same test conditions.
6. Use a wireless charger compatible with Qi wireless charging protocol to charge the charging box. When charging, replace the charging box with the front face up. At the same time, you can use a mobile phone that supports wireless reverse charging to charge the charging box.
7. Charging and endurance test data are measured using OPPO standard charger in OPPO laboratory at room temperature (25℃). The actual charging and endurance time will vary due to different usage environments and individual differences in chargers.
8. The body is suitable for IP54 dustproof and waterproof conditions. It is not recommended to use the earphones during exercise to prevent damage caused by perspiration.
9. OPPO ColorOS system users, click "OPPO Enco X>Headset Function" on the Bluetooth interface of the mobile phone to customize the headset (mobile phones supporting ColorOS 7.0 and above). After downloading and installing the "Law" App, you can customize the headset in the App (only supports Android 6.0 and above mobile phones). iOS users do not currently support it.
10. Quickly pair phones that support ColorOS 7.0 and higher, such as searching for X2, searching for X2 Pro, Ren​​​​​
11. The above product materials, product data and other references, some product specifications and descriptions may change due to supplier replacement and other reasons. Please refer to the actual product.

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