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health.ESDlife is an eCommerce marketplace which has been offering healthcare products and services for more than 10 years. We are passionate in promoting healthy lifestyles and encouraging the public to proactively monitor their own health. To serve the different needs in the society, we are constantly expanding partnerships with reputable health checkup centers and other health product brands. Our customers can now search for various products and services easily and conveniently that can assist themselves in the forecasting, monitoring, and protecting well-being. Over a decade, hundreds of thousands of customers have been benefited from accessing to premium health products and services as well as exceptional user experience. We promise to continue to raise health awareness and living quality of the public with the aid of MedTech.


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Health Check
Having annual regular checkup is of vital importance in monitoring our health. We address public health needs by providing over 600+ health check plans, including but not limited to comprehensive checkup, female checkup, male checkup, premarital checkup, pregnant checkup, STD checkup, elderly checkup and domestic helper checkup packages.

Aside from checkups, we also provide endoscopy services, cancer tests, allergy tests, DNA tests and child development assessments.


Healthcare Products
In response to the growing emphases on healthy lifestyle, living environment and food safety, we broaden our healthcare product mix in below 4 categories.


Home’s Healthcare: A wide range of water filters, air purifiers, kitchen appliances, sleep aids and pest control products to create your ideal home


Personal Healthcare: Surgical masks, personal healthcare products, health care devices, supplements & elderly products to help monitor health and prevent sickness


Healthy Food: One-stop online shop for organic food, healthy drinks and Japan fruits at your fingertips from purchase to delivery


Pet’s Healthcare: Various pets’ necessities including pet food, fresh meal, supplements and health care products for dedicated care.


To raise public awareness on health, we have a dedicated section of Health Feature offering valuable health and wellness information by experts on hot topics ranging from checkup tips and offers to health product information.



Our 3C Promises to Customers


health.ESDlife is the most popular online healthcare marketplace with comprehensive product choices. We perpetually affirm our business to 3C Promises, creating the best online shopping experience for the public.


Comprehensive – On health.ESDlife, we offers a wide range of body checkup packages and healthcare products to fully cater your health needs. 

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Convenience – On health.ESDlife, hassle-free searching, comparing and purchasing of the best-fit products are guaranteed. Professional customer service team would love to assist any related difficulties of yours.

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Confidence – On health.ESDlife, goodwill is our asset. health.ESDlife is one of the operating websites under CK Hutchison Holdings Limited. Any purchased body checkup products are listed on our 100% Service Quality Guarantee scheme, entitled to a full refund for unsatisfied service.

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