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Wats-Touch Mini H&A + 8L x 12 bottles

  • Instant heating system to provide hot water anytime.
  • Safety Mark / Recognition : IEC, EMF
  • Quiet in operation under thermoelectric system.
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Watsons Water Wats-MiniS Hot & Ambient Dispenser + 12L Junior Carboy x 6 bottles (e-Water Coupon)

Anti-leakage to reduce spills and splashes

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Doulton Dalton M12 series DCP101 + BTU 2501 countertop water filter

May Thank You Festival (17/5-31/5) at a discounted price of $698!!

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Promotion period: 17/5/2021-31/5/2021

  • Effectively prevent bacteria from multiplying, and can filter out heavy metals (lead, cadmium, mercury)
  • Absorb chlorine and volatile organic compounds
  • BTU 2501 filter element
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Daewoo SK1 no oily smoke large size Korean barbecue grill upgraded version

The smokeless electric oven uses far-infrared heating technology, and uses medium waves with a radiation temperature of below 2500, which can penetrate food; the reflector and the glass design with a light transmittance of more than 95%, the entire grill is heated without dead corners, and the heat is evenly heated

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Wats-Touch H&C (Bronze Gold) + 8L x 18 cases (36 bottles)

  • Unique touch screen, stylish design
  • Instant heating system, providing high temperature hot water at any time
  • Special negative ion air purification system helps to improve the air quality around the water machine


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