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Health Check
health.ESDlife is an online hassle-free platform which allows you to search and order body check packages, providing high quality and guaranteed health screening service. health.ESDlife is partnering with reputable body check center and health products companies. Our medical check packages included comprehensive, female, male, pre-marital, fertility, cancer, allergy, sexually transmitted disease etc. Comparison can be made among various body check packages, so that you can get a best fit medical examination plan for yourself.
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Vaccination produces antibodies against the pathogen or similar pathogens which help to resist for the virus and bacteria after injection. health.ESDlife is providing different types of vaccine service, like HPV, herpes, pneumococcal, encephalitis, Hepatitis A & B, rotavirus etc. Injecting appropriate vaccination can help to provide extra protection to your family and children.
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DNA genes are unique and highly correlated to one’s innate ability, health, and individual characteristics. DNA genetic test is using blood or saliva to derive the risk of having certain sickness and its development situation. health.ESDlife is providing various DNA genetic tests like cancer risk, weight management, cardiac genetic disease, pharmacogenomics, child development etc. A simple DNA test allows you to understand more on your own body health situation and your children’s talent.
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Health Supplements
Everybody have a recommended amount of food intake per day, in order to have sufficient nutrients absorbed. However, people are too busy to monitor their own nutrition level and failed to achieve the suggested daily intake. Health supplement helps to provide supply for the lack of nutrients in the body as to maintain good health. health.ESDlife is collaborating with well-known health supplement brands, providing categories like cardiovascular, vitamins, bones and joints, strengthening immunity, intestinal and digestion, men, women, children's development and so on. Establishing the habit of taking supplement can help to maintain the minimum nutrients required, and sustaining a good health.
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Health Care Devices
Some health devices have turned to be one of the daily necessities nowadays, it allows user to check and monitor their own health situation regularly. health.ESDlife is partnering with a wide range of local and worldwide well-known brand, providing the most situation devices for different kind of users and age range, aimed to sustain and improve your health. We have smart health care devices like, blood pressure monitor, smart fitness watch, sleep tracker, infrared back support and so on. A suitable health care device can help to get more protection for your own health.
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