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Allerpet® Cat Dander Remover 355ml


  • Specifically design to remove the Fel d1 protein allergens from cat’s skin
  • No additional fragrance, not affecting pets’ smelling
  • Moisturize the skin, will not cause dry skin and dander
  • Anti-allergic, dander removing, cleaning, moisturizing all-in-one
  • Made in USA


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Say no to allergens on pets Say Goodbye to allergies!



Pet lover would do whatever it takes to stay close to their pets, even suffering from allergic reactions. People clean up more often, take pills, or even stay close to their pets with a runny nose, red eyes, itchy feeling or even eczema. But with Allerpet®, you can stay with the pets whenever you want!

It is mainly the dander, secretions and protein left by the pets’ urine that causes allergy, rather than the hair. And it is the Fel d1 protein found on cat’s body which really causes allergy. Allerpet®’s plant-based extract formula specifically remove these allergens, moisturize pet’s skin and hair at the same time. It prevents dander from occurring as well, keeping the pet comfortable.

The product is food grade, which is safe for pets to ingest, and it is not a shampoo, which is suitable for pets who hate showering or bathing.

Product Features

  • Specifically design to remove the Fel d1 protein allergens from cat’s skin
  • No additional fragrance, not affecting pets’ smelling
  • Moisturize the skin, will not cause dry skin and dander
  • Anti-allergic, dander removing, cleaning, moisturizing all-in-one
  • Stay closer with your pets!
  • Made in USA

Suitable for: Cat owners who are allergic to cats/with allergies, cats who do not like bathing

Special recommendation: Cat suffering from obesity, joint pain, sickness, age

How to Use

Use 1-2 times per week according to needs, routine caring has better anti-allergic effectiveness


Product Specifications

  • Capacity: 355ml
  • Ingredients: Pure water, chamomile extract, tea leaf extract, rosemary extract, aloe leaf extract, allantoin, hydrolyzed protein, wheat protein
  • Origin: Made in USA

Allerpet® has the same ingredients for all removers but ratio has been moderated to suit cat/dog’s needs.

***This product is not an anti-allergic drug or an environmental drug. It is only used for gentle cleaning and care of pets. The effectiveness of the product may vary for individual physiques. If the pet/user has severe allergies, it is recommended to seek a veterinarian for allergen testing to find all possible causes, prevent and treat it actively in advance.

Frequently Asked Question

1. What is Allerpet®?

Since 1988, the Allerpet Company has been helping people with allergies live more comfortable, enjoyable and symptom-free lives. Allerpet was the world’s first product of its kind to help pet-allergic individuals live comfortably with their pets rather than give them up for adoption due to allergic reactions.

2. What are the benefits of using Allerpet®?

The Allerpet® Dander Remover is a science-reseach level cleaning product, 1 bottle with the functionality of anti-allergy, dander removal, cleansing, odour removal, moisturizing and skin repair. Wiping instead of bathing and showering, it is suitable for pets who do not like being rinsed, or those who have skin issues.

3. What does Allerpet® consist of?

Allerpet® is a wipe-type skin cleansing and health care product. The ingredients include a lot of plant extracts, which gently remove allergens, repair the skin and hair, clean and sanitize, provide hair and skin nutrition and complex nutrients. So that the hair and skin can be moisturized and taken care of.

4. Where should I apply the Allerpet®?

The pet allergic proteins mainly come from their sebaceous glands and saliva. They exist in the dander, hair and urine. Allerpet® can be used to cleanse the whole body of pets, if the pet like to clean itself by licking, you can use the product more frequently on the body parts where it always leaves saliva at.

5. How long does it take for us to see the effectiveness of Allerpet®?

According to researches, applying the product routinely for 2 weeks, the Fel d1 allergic protein on cat’s fur can be reduced by 50%. Allergic reactions differ by person, but use the Allerpet® routinely, maintain good environmental hygiene, adjust your rest time, diet, exercise and manage your stress, will definitely help with the effectiveness too.

6. Should I use Allerpet® for damaged or infected skin?

Allerpet® is a anti-allergy cleansing product, if the pet have little cuts on their skin because of scratching, you can still use the Allerpet®. However, it is recommended to check on the wound before you apply Allerpet®. If there is other infections and inflammations, please consult a vet asap.

7. Should I stop using Allerpet® once the allergies are gone?

By reducing the amount of allergens in pets’ dander, the risk of being allergic to your pets will greatly reduce too. The allergic protein from secretion will not go away because it is a part of nature. Once stop using Allerpet® for a week, the level of allergens will go back to the original. Use Allerpet® routinely, diminish the amount of allergens little by little.

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