Picture of Aplex Aomori's green apples
Product: Aplex_Aom_Gre_Apple

Aplex Aomori's Green Apples


  • Directly delivered from Japan.
  • Milky-white apple flesh.
  • Does not contain the sourness found in other green apples. Sweet and crunchy texture.
  • Weight : 250g per one


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Characteristics of Orin (Japanese green apple)
Description of Orin apples
Aomori is a unique area because it is exposed to colder climates. It is not an exaggeration to say that this product is especially mouth-watering because Aomori is globally recognized to grow the best green apples! According to the locals, the sweet green contains the best combination of flavours: a hint of sourness and no traces of bitterness. The fact that the refreshing fragrance can travel up to your nose and leave a subtle aftertaste is a testament to its amazing quality and standard.

Orin green apples’ selling points:
The yellow-green apple skin is covered in lenticels. Once you bite into it, it will release an enchanting sweet and slightly sour flavour; similar to sodas, incredibly refreshing! In addition to that, this oval fruit has a juicy, white and crunchy flesh, making it a truly unique type of green apple!

A Yellow-Green Appearance
Once you see a green apple, you will immediately think of Orin, the Japanese green apple from Aomori!

Lenticels and pigments
One of the distinctive qualities of the Japanese Orin is its lenticels. This fruit is especially sweet because the apples are not bagged and are under constant, direct sunlight. As a result, lenticels would inevitably appear on its skin-- it is perfectly normal!

The green apples have uneven coloured skin. Even though the surface may look slightly damaged, it does not affect the texture and quality of the fruit in any way. So don’t worry, have a bite!

  • Place of origin: Aomori's, Japan
  • Product Type: Green apples
  • Weight:
    1 Piece : Approx. 250g


*Depends on overall weight