Product: BH_IB168

B&H Intelligent Instant Cold & Hot Water Dispenser [Licensed Import]


  • 3 Seconds Quick Heating
  • Touch Screen
  • Child Lock


Deliver within 6 to 7 working day(s)

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Product features

  • 3 Seconds Quick Heating
  • Touch Screen
  • Child Lock
  • Temperature Range: 15℃﹑25℃﹑40℃﹑60℃﹑70℃﹑85℃﹑98℃
  • Water Dispenser Volume: 150ml﹑230ml﹑300ml
  • Smooth water dispense design

Product specifications

  • Model:BH-IB168
  • Dimension: 375x180x289mm
  • Voltage: 220V-240V~50/60Hz
  • Power: 2000W-2400W
  • Weight: 3.5kg

General Terms:

  • Items sold are non-refundable.
  • The products are supplied by Beauty & Health Magic Water PurifyLtd.
  • If in case of any dispute, Beauty & Health Magic Water PurifyLtd. and health.ESDlife reserve the right of final decision.


Delivery Terms:

  • Free local delivery service will be provided upon transaction amount of all Beauty & Health Magic Water Purify Ltd products of HK$1000. For spending less than HKD$1000, HKD$60 delivery fee will be charged.
  • We will arrange the shipment within 7 working days after the order is confirmed. 
  • Please note that the delivery time will be affected by statutory holidays, natural disasters, traffic or the weather.
  • All order confirmations are subject to stock availability. In the event of the unavailability of the requested products, health.ESDlife has the right to reject the order and notify customers by phone or email before delivery for rearrangements.



  • One year warranty (Filter , acessories excluded)
  • Cartridge is non-refundable once opened.
  • Under counter installation : if the water pressure is 6 bar or above , it have to install a water pressure reducing valve.( the basic installation fee is not included, it will extra cost)


Exchange Policy:

  • Customers are responsible to check the condition of goods received at the time of delivery. Once confirmed, no replacement is accepted.
  • Products shall be kept in the original package with good conditions for return or exchange. Products that has been worn, used, or altered will not be accepted for return or exchange.
  • If any other defective or missing item is found, customers are required to keep the original receipt and contact health.ESDlife Customer Service Department via the below channels within 3 days from the date of delivery.
    Email: / ESDlife customer service hotline: (852) 3151-2288

Q1: Is the water filtered by the B&H water filter safe to drink?


A1: For B&H water filters, except the entry-level EF106 Living Water Angel, all other water filters will be listed on the information that they can be drunk i㾀䒠耀䐡㾀₩⸒⸒⸒槡⸒槡￿￿鑥Ȳ㴘㾀㾀㾀䇐䆠㾀瑆B䒠䇈㨀㨀㾀ꀀ㼠耀㸜㾀䍺䍺㾀￿￿䇐䆠䒚耀䐕耀䏿￿￿ꀀ㼠耀㸜㨀㨀鑥Ȳ㨀㾀㾀㾀䎊䆠㾀㨀㨀㾀 㽀耀㸜㾀䍺䍺㾀￿￿䇐䆠䒚耀䐕￿￿ 㽀耀㸜㨀㨀鑥Ȳ㾀㾀㾀㾀耀䐃䆠㾀㳄㨀㨀㾀ꀀ㽟耀㸜㾀㾀㾀￿䄰䍺䍺㾀￿￿䇐䆠䒚耀䐕￿￿ꀀ㽟耀㸜㨀㨀鑥Ȳ㾀㾀㾀㾀㾀㾀㾀䑂䆠㾀㨀㨀㨀㨀㾀 㼁䀀㺞㾀䍺䍺㾀￿￿䇐䆠䒚耀䐕㨀￿￿ 㼁䀀㺞㨀㨀㾀鑥Ȳ䆀㾀㾀㾀䀀䒀䆠㾀㾀㨀㨀㾀ꀀ㼠䀀㺞㾀䍺䍺㾀￿￿䇐䆠䒚耀䐕￿￿ꀀ㼠䀀㺞㨀㨀鑥Ȳ㾀㾀㾀䇐䎇㾀㾀㾀㾀㾀㨀㨀㾀ꀀ㽟䀀㺞㾀㨀䍺䍺㾀￿￿䇐䆠䒚耀䐕￿￿ꀀ㽟䀀㺞㨀㨀鑥Ȳ䀀㺐㾀㾀㾀䎊䎇㾀㾀㾀￾￿䄰䆀㨀㨀㾀 㼁 㼏㾀䍺䍺㾀￿￿䇐䆠䒚耀䐕䒠￿￿ 㼁 㼏㨀㨀鑥Ȳ㾀㾀㾀耀䐃䎇㾀㨀㨀㾀ꀀ㼠 㼏㾀䍺䍺㾀￿￿䇐䆠䒚耀䐕￿￿ꀀ㼠 㼏㨀㨀鑥Ȳ㾀㾀㾀䑂䎇㾀耀㸫㨀㨀㾀 㽀 㼏㾀㾀￿䇘䍺䍺㾀￿￿䇐䆠䒚耀䐕￿￿ 㽀 㼏㨀㨀鑥Ȳ㾀㾀㾀㾀㾀䀀䒀䎇㾀㨀㨀㨀㾀ꀀ㽟 㼏㾀䍺䍺㾀￿￿䇐䆠䒚耀䐕￿￿ꀀ㽟 㼏㨀㨀鑥Ȳ㾀㾀㾀㾀䇐䐂㾀㨀㨀㾀㷽 㼯㾀䍺䍺㾀￿￿䇐䆠䒚耀䐕￿￿㷽 㼯㨀㨀鑥Ȳ㾀㾀㾀䎊䐂㾀㾀㨀㨀㾀耀㹼 㼯㾀㨀䍺䍺㾀￿￿䇐䆠䒚耀䐕￿￿耀㹼 㼯㨀㨀鑥Ȳ耀㹟㾀㾀㾀耀䐃䐂㾀㾀㾀鑦c䉰䇀㨀㨀㾀䀀㺽 㼯㾀䍺䍺㾀￿￿䇐䆠䒚耀䐕䊔￿￿䀀㺽 㼯㨀㨀鑥Ȳ㾀㾀㾀䑂䐂㾀㨀㨀㾀䀀㻼 㼯㾀䍺䍺㾀￿￿䇐䆠䒚耀䐕￿￿䀀㻼 㼯㨀㨀鑥Ȳ㾀㾀㾀䀀䒀䐂㾀耀㹆㨀㨀㾀ꀀ㼝 㼯㾀㾀￿㾀䍺䍺㾀￿￿䇐䆠䒚耀䐕￿￿ꀀ㼝 㼯㨀㨀鑥Ȳ㾀㾀㾀㾀㾀䀀䐼䈜�대㾀㨀㾀㾀㾀䆨娝㹤＀쀀䐻䈔䉴䇈￿￿鑥Ȳ䆠㾀㾀㾀䀀䑊䈜�대㾀㾀㾀㾀䆨娝㹤＀쀀䐻䈔䉴䇈￿￿鑥Ȳ㾀㾀㾀耀䐼䈜�대㾀㾀㾀㾀䉜㾀娝㹤＀쀀䐻䈔䉴䇈￿￿鑥Ȳ쀀㺬㾀㾀㾀耀䐼䉬�대㾀㾀㾀￾￿䆀䆀㾀㾀䉜㾀娝㹤＀쀀䐻䈔䉴䇈䈌￿￿鑥Ȳ㨀㾀㾀㾀䐼䈘�대㾀㾀㾀䉬䀀㾀獆A쀀䐻䈔䉴䇈￿￿鑥Ȳ㾀㾀㾀㾀䐼䈠�대㾀㺘㾀㾀㾀㾀￿䇐䉬㾀㾀￿￿쀀䐻䈔䉴䇈￿￿鑥Ȳ㾀㾀㾀㾀㾀㾀㾀䐼䉬�대㾀㨀㨀㾀㾀䉬䀀㾀獆A쀀䐻䈔䉴䇈㨀￿￿㾀鑥Ȳ䆰㾀㾀㾀䐼䉨�대㾀㾀㾀㾀䉬㾀㾀￿￿쀀䐻䈔䉴䇈￿￿鑥Ȳ㾀㾀㾀䐼䈠�대㾀㾀㾀㾀㾀㾀㾀䀀䆘㾀獆A쀀䐻䈔䉴䇈￿￿鑥Ȳ㪀㾀㾀㾀耀䐼䈠�대㾀￾￿ 䒜䊮㾀㾀㾀䆘㾀￿￿쀀䐻䈔䉴䇈䀀￿￿鑥ȲⰣ㧷㾀㾀㾀䀀䑊䈠�대㾀㾀㾀䀀䆘㾀獆A쀀䐻䈔䉴䇈￿￿鑥Ȳ㾀㾀㾀䑊䈠�대㾀㭐㾀㾀㾀㾀￿䊤㾀䆘㾀￿￿쀀䐻䈔䉴䇈￿￿鑥Ȳ㾀㾀㾀㾀耀䑉䉠�대㾀㨀㨀㾀㾀㾀䃠㾀￿￿쀀䐻䈔䉴䇈￿￿鑥Ȳ䃠㾀㾀㾀耀䑉䉠�대㾀㾀㾀䃠㾀㾀￿￿쀀䐻䈔䉴䇈￿￿鑥Ȳ㾀㾀㾀쀀䑉䉤�대㾀㾀㾀㾀㾀䂠䂠㾀獆A쀀䐻䈔䉴䇈￿￿鑥Ȳ㮐㾀㾀㾀䐼䈤챷늫㾀￾￿䈨䈔㾀㾀䁀耀䏆㾀獆A䐼䈘䏽䐑䈨￿￿鑥Ȳ㨀㾀㾀㾀䑊䈤챷늫㾀㾀㾀䁀耀䏆㾀獆A䐼䈘䏽䐑￿￿鑥Ȳ㾀㾀㾀㾀䐼䈘챷늫㾀쀀㼄㾀㾀㾀㾀￿䆰䉬䁀㾀獆A䐼䈘䏽䐑￿￿鑥Ȳ㾀㾀㾀㾀㾀㾀㾀䐼䏛챷늫㾀㨀㨀㾀㾀䉬䁀㾀獆A䐼䈘䏽䐑㨀￿￿㾀鑥Ȳ䈨㾀㾀㾀䀀䒝䆘㾀㾀㾀㾀쀀䐕㾀香ル䇈䆘䀀䒚䐖￿￿鑥Ȳ㾀㾀㾀䇈耀䐚㾀㾀㾀㾀㾀 䒚㾀㾀香ル䇈䆘䀀䒚䐖￿￿鑥Ȳ㮀㾀㾀㾀䀀䒝耀䐚㾀￾￿䁀䃠㾀㾀㾀㾀㾀香ル䇈䆘䀀䒚䐖㾀￿￿鑥Ȳ㨀㾀㾀㾀㾀㨀㨀㾀㻯䀀㻶㾀䇈䆘㾀￿￿䇈䆘￿￿㻯䀀㻶㨀㨀鑥Ȳ㾀㾀㾀䇈챷눫㾀㨀㨀㾀쀀㻵䀀㻶㾀￿䌉䍺䆠㾀￿￿䇈 䒚䆠￿￿쀀㻵䀀㻶㨀㨀鑥Ȳ㾀㾀㾀耀䎉챷눫㾀㨀㨀㾀怀㼚䀀㻶㾀䍺䆠㾀￿￿䇈 䒚䆠￿￿怀㼚䀀㻶㨀㨀鑥Ȳ䆨㾀㾀㾀䀀䐃챷눫㾀㨀㨀㾀㼹䀀㻶㾀䍺䆠㾀￿￿䇈 䒚䆠￿￿㼹䀀㻶㨀㨀鑥Ȳ㾀㾀㾀쀀䑁챷눫㾀㨀㨀㾀怀㽙䀀㻶㾀䍺䆠㾀￿￿䇈 䒚䆠￿￿怀㽙䀀㻶㨀㨀鑥Ȳ怀㽝㾀㾀㾀 䒀챷눫㾀㾀㾀￾￿䃠䄐㨀㨀㾀㨀 㽏㾀䍺䆠㾀￿￿䇈 䒚䆠䃠￿￿㨀 㽏㨀㨀鑥Ȳ㾀㾀㾀䀀䐼䆐챷눫㾀㾀㾀䉤䀀㾀獆A䇈 䒚䆠￿￿鑥Ȳ㾀㾀㾀䆘챷눫㾀怀㽞㨀㨀㾀ꀀ㽜 㼯㾀￿䂠䇐䍺㾀￿￿䆘䇐쀀䐕￿￿ꀀ㽜 㼯㨀㨀鑥Ȳ㾀㾀㾀㾀㾀㾀㾀耀䎆챷눫㾀㨀㨀㨀㨀㾀 㽠 㼯㾀䇐䍺㾀￿￿䆘䇐쀀䐕㨀￿￿ 㽠 㼯㨀㨀鑥Ȳ䅰㾀㾀㾀쀀䐁챷눫㾀㾀㨀㨀㾀ꀀ㽣 㼯㾀䇐䍺㾀￿￿䆘䇐쀀䐕￿￿ꀀ㽣 㼯㨀㨀鑥Ȳ㾀㾀㾀䇀䈜챷눫㾀㾀㾀䀀䆨㾀獆A䆘䇐쀀䐕￿￿鑥Ȳ㾀㾀㾀耀䐚㾀없ᅤ䇠㾀㾀㾀䒠䇠㾀₩⸒⸒⸒槡⸒槡䃠￿￿鑥Ȳ㾀㾀㾀耀䐚㾀㾀㾀䀀䒝㾀㾀香ル⸒⸒⸒槡⸒槡￿￿鑥Ȳ㾀㾀㾀䋈耀䐚袋떃㾀怀㽞㨀㨀㾀쀀㻹 㽏㾀￿䂠䍺䇠㾀￿￿䋈耀䐚耀䏿䇠￿￿쀀㻹 㽏㨀㨀鑥Ȳ㾀㾀㾀㾀㾀㾀㾀䎯耀䐚袋떃㾀㨀㨀㨀㨀㾀怀㼜 㽏㾀䍺䇠㾀￿￿䋈耀䐚耀䏿䇠㨀￿￿怀㼜 㽏㨀㨀㾀鑥Ȳ䆸㾀㾀㾀䐖耀䐚袋떃㾀㾀㨀㨀㾀㼻 㽏㾀䄰䇠㾀￿￿䋈耀䐚耀䏿䇠￿￿㼻 㽏㨀㨀鑥Ȳ㾀㾀㾀䆀耀䐚㞽떆㾀㾀㾀㾀㾀㨀㨀㾀耀㼽 㽏㾀㨀䊨䇠㾀￿￿⸒⸒⸒槡⸒槡￿￿耀㼽 㽏㨀㨀