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Product: BioEm_B30

BioEm Air Disinfection and Purification Liquid B30 Lightweight 30ml


  • Sterilization, disinfection, decomposition of total volatile organic compounds (TVOC)
  • Design: Eco-friendly plastic material bottle body and spray bottle, with transparent top cover (can be filled and used)
  • Suitable for travel, daily outing, and carry it with you


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Influenza nemesis, kill the virus extremely fast

BioEm Multifunctional Sterilization and Purification Liquid, using a patented natural formula, effectively kills H3N2 human influenza, SARS coronavirus, H5N1 avian influenza, Legionella (legionella bacteria), Staphylococcus aureus, Escherichia coli, cholera vibrio Bacteria and other viruses are as high as 99.99%.


Fungus killer, one spray and dock

BioEm Multifunctional Sterilization and Purification Liquid can kill fungi quickly. Effectively fight against skin allergies caused by various fungi and mosquito bites. Spray directly on the affected area. It has a significant effect on itching and swelling of the skin, such as Hong Kong hands, Hong Kong feet, herpes, etc., with one spray and tail broken.


Reduce allergens and deodorize at the source

BioEm Multifunctional Sterilization and Purification Liquid can effectively decompose formaldehyde and TVOC produced by smoking, instantly purify the air, reduce allergens, relieve nasal allergies, and immediately deodorize the source, which is helpful for people who smoke second-hand smoke.


Authentic in the industry, the choice of confidence

BioEm's patented natural formula has been merged by the three universities in Hong Kong (including the Hong Kong Polytechnic University, the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology and the technology transfer company of Hong Kong's well-known academic institutions) and authoritative institutions (such as the China National Environmental Product Quality Control and Inspection Center and the Hong Kong Standards and Testing Center) Pass different tests to ensure the quality, effectiveness and safety of the product. Obtained a patent as early as 2007, is a pioneer in the industry, and the product is authentic.


Main natural plant ingredients
Spearmint, bitterine, artemisinin, tea saponin


How to use BioEm products:

The main function of BioEm Air Disinfection and Purification Liquid is sprayed into the air for environmental sterilization and air purification.
In addition, the product can also be sprayed on the surface of the object to achieve a disinfection effect. The recommended applications are as follows:

  • When in use, it can be sprayed directly on the air or on the surface of the object for disinfection and sterilization.
  • However, this product is made of natural ingredients, which may discolor the protective coating on leather and wood products. It is recommended to wipe off immediately after use.


Spray at least once a day in the living room, bed, cloakroom and toilet, etc. Go home after going out and spray clothes and shoes immediately. If a member of the family suffers from the flu, spray it immediately in the patient’s bed and activity area, especially in the air area after coughing and sneezing, which can effectively reduce the chance of cross-sense infection.


Baby and toddler care
In the baby room or child's room, spray at least once a day. It can be used to sterilize toys, fur dolls, school bags, etc.


Go out everyday
If you spray once when you enter a public toilet or before going to the toilet, it will not only disinfect immediately, but also deodorize immediately, which is very reassuring.


Sports hygiene
It can be used to sterilize sports goods, such as yoga mats and towels when performing yoga exercises.


Compartment purification
It can be sprayed regularly in the compartment and different positions (such as ceiling, carpet, seat, wheel panel and dashboard, etc.) in the compartment. In addition to disinfection and decomposing formaldehyde, it can also eliminate peculiar smells (such as cigarette smell and food smell, etc.) .


Travel abroad
It can be sprayed on the seat, headrest, dining table or before going to the toilet. In addition, it can be sprayed on pillows, quilts, beds, toilet panels, air-conditioning vents and TV remote controls in hotel rooms for disinfection and sterilization.


safety certificate:

  • [Hong Kong University of Science and Technology] Passed long-term inhalation safety test
  • [The Hong Kong Polytechnic University] Passed the human skin sensitivity test



  • For external use only, children must use it under the guidance of an adult.
  • Avoid direct sunlight, store in a cool and dry place.

Included in the product:

  • BioEm Air Disinfecting and Purifying Liquid B30 Lightweight 30ml: 1 bottle



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  • No delivery service in the following areas: Macau, Outlying Islands and restricted areas.
  • PO Box or Hotel address is not accepted.
  • Please note that the delivery time will be affected by statutory holidays, natural disasters, traffic or the weather.
  • Only one delivery point is accepted for each delivery. Additional charges will be occur if customers unable to collect it on time.
  • Any enquiries, please contact through mainline 2426 2220 (Working hour: 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday to Friday. Except for public holidays) or email to cs@bioem.com.



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