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BP Doctor Pro Wearable Blood Pressure and Blood Oxygen Smart Watch



  • BP Doctor is a wearable blood pressure and oxygen monitoring watch with true medical precision .
  • The traditional oscillometric measurement components are miniaturized, and accurate health readings are obtained through the exclusive cuff inflatable design .
  • Continuous HRV + SpO2 Analysis + HRV Heart Rate Variability Report + Oxygen Saturation Monitoring
  • Plus more complete heart rhythm blood oxygen exercise and sleep monitoring functions , become your exclusive health consultant


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【 YHE BP Doctor|All-round health monitoring smart watch 】 Reduce the upper arm blood pressure machine to the wrist, your exclusive health consultant!
The YHE BP Doctor team is composed of former Mindray, Withings, Misfit employees and professionals in the wearable health industry. We are committed to providing everyone with a wearable health device solution with higher CP value and true high precision. We believe more convenient, non-invasive and efficient wearables are the right path to keep everyone healthy and reduce the cost of healthcare in cities.

High blood pressure is currently a major risk factor for stroke, heart disease, kidney failure and even dementia, yet most patients struggle to keep up with the need to constantly monitor high blood pressure and adjust medications accordingly. Therefore, the team designed the [YHE BP Doctor Wearable Blood Pressure Smart Watch]. Put a true high-precision upper arm blood pressure monitor on everyone's hands and provide a more professional monitoring design.

Compared with the traditional upper arm oscilloscope, BP Doctor has incomparable advantages of traditional sphygmomanometers in terms of volume, portability, convenience, data volume, and monitoring frequency.

The BP Doctor airbag adopts exclusive patented technology, which can compress the thickness of the airbag to 1.8mm (commonly above 4mm in the market). In addition, an oleophobic and hydrophobic coating is sprayed on the airbag to make the usual wearing experience better. BP Doctor is not like a medical device, but a normal smart watch.

Another "wearable blood pressure smartwatch" on the market tends to estimate blood pressure from pulse readings (which isn't accurate), but the BP Doctor takes a more traditional and accurate route -- making the components of traditional oscillometric measurements small to get accurate blood pressure readings using the inflatable cuff inside the strap. This makes BP Doctor a unique pioneer in the industry.

In addition to the airbag, our signal measurement also involves the intervention of photoelectric signals for signal calibration during pressure measurement. This exclusive invention patent also solves the problem of airbag signal drift to a greater extent.

Heart rate variability (HRV) is the time difference between each successive heartbeat, also known as "RR interval variability". In simple terms, everyone's heartbeat rhythm changes with physical conditions, not as regular as a metronome. For example, a person's resting heartbeat is about 60 beats per minute, but the interval between heartbeats is actually different (i.e. 0.9 seconds apart this time, and then 1.1 seconds apart the next time, instead of a full second each time).

HRV can be used for stress recovery by analyzing the difference between each beat of the heart and obtaining timely health information. Studies have shown that heart rate variability can detect coronary heart disease, high blood pressure and heart failure. Monitoring the changes of the heart can prevent the recurrence of deterioration, BP Doctor can estimate whether a person is at risk of sinus heart rate, arrhythmia or other heart disease through multi-dimensional heart rate variability (HRV) analysis, bringing your health protection.

At present, in the medical field, oscillometric blood pressure measurement is still widely recognized by scholars, and it is the only principle method that can obtain medical device licenses. Although there are many photoelectric blood pressure measurement smart watches on the market, most of them They are all measured by fake algorithms, using the median to deceive customers. The measured values are all around 120/80mmHg. For real high-pressure patients, accurate data cannot be provided.

In addition to the same principle of blood pressure measurement as the oscillometric blood pressure measurement method, the team has accumulated 2 years of data on wrist blood pressure data collection (data for wrist signals, not normal upper arm blood pressure data, because the devices that can collect blood pressure data on the wrist under the condition of narrow cuff are very rare, so the original signal of the data we have collected in the past two years is particularly precious), we use the data collected by our blood pressure watch to continuously optimize the algorithm to make Our algorithmic models are becoming more and more accurate, resulting in better accuracy guarantees for consumers.

For your training to be effective, your heart rate should reach and remain at this level during each workout. Often referred to as heart rate zones, these ranges have different potential benefits for your workout, whether you're measuring heart rate (bpm), distance, steps, or calories burned. BP Doctor can identify your resting heart rate and maximum heart rate through your daily activity intelligence, and assist your exercise based on your real-time heart rate.

Monitoring blood gas levels while exercising can also help you adjust intensity or exercise, allowing you to balance oxygen flow throughout your workout. So, BP Doctor can monitor and view your blood oxygen levels, regardless of your workout environment.

To take a blood pressure measurement, all you need to do is press a button, place your hand over your heart, and the cuff will automatically inflate and deflate on its own. Once done, you can see the blood pressure reading on the screen. If it's within the healthy range, you'll see a green circle. If your blood pressure is too high, the border will turn red. (If the arm is inaccurately placed above the heart, you can also directly place the arm on the table for a more stable and accurate measurement effect)

One-third of a person's life is spent in sleep, and the increasingly fast-paced life shortens the time of work and rest. At this time, sleep quality is particularly important. BP Doctor can record in real time during sleep, intelligently analyze sleep duration, sleep quality and heart rate during sleep. Let you have a more comprehensive understanding of each rest, and improve sleep quality through daily habits.

At present, BP Doctor can also be used as a sedentary reminder for daily use, which is suitable for white-collar workers who work at a desk for a long time to develop daily healthy habits. In addition, there is a sleep apnea reminder. Through the internal chip and algorithm function, it will automatically monitor your biological signs after you sleep, and will remind you to change your sleeping position when you snoring and cardiac arrest.

BP Doctor recognizes your running time and automatically starts counting steps, tracking your running duration to optimize your running workout. All you have to do is switch to running mode and tie your shoelaces. And more to help you create goals, track workouts, optimize your workouts and stay motivated to achieve your daily fitness goals and plans.

After each measurement, the watch will sync the data to our app, giving you insightful reports including high pressure, low pressure and pulse. You can store data to track trends and see when your blood pressure is rising or falling. This enables you to develop a treatment plan or review a treatment plan based on current trends.

In addition, we know that in today's fast-paced life, most young people cannot spend time with their families. BP Doctor specially designed the "My Family" function, which allows you and each family member to follow each other, and supports to check each other's health status for a month on the APP, and closely follow the blood pressure, heart rate, and sleep status.

BP Doctor keeps you at a distance, but with your family. Parents are well aware of their health data, and BP Doctor is also a good gift for the elders.

*The APP and watch interface will be in Traditional Chinese when shipped.

In addition to providing comprehensive health and fitness features, BP Doctor also provides some useful tools to improve your daily life. Such as schedule, daily alarm, daily calorie record and most APP notifications. You can select different apps to set notification options after connecting to your phone.

Q: What is the main principle? How is the accuracy?

A: By miniaturizing the components used for traditional oscillometric measurements, the BP Doctor can use the inflatable cuff inside the watchband to obtain accurate blood pressure readings, just like conventional upper arm oscilloscopes used in medical use. Assure.

Q: Can the strap or airbag cuff be replaced?

A: Because of the special design, the cuff cannot be replaced at present. However, the whole strap can be replaced. If necessary, the team will launch additional strap purchase activities.

Q: Is it convenient for the elderly to use?

A: Yes, as long as you can simply press and hold the measurement button on the right, the BP Doctor will start measuring directly.

Q: Is the watch waterproof?

A: The waterproof level of the entire watch has actually reached IPX6, but since our blood pressure measurement method is the inhalation method, it cannot be used as a waterproof watch.

Q: Does the watch have any requirements for wrist size? What size wrist size does it fit?

A: BP Doctor smart watch is suitable for 13.5-22cm wrist circumference.

Q: How long does each blood pressure measurement take?

A: The measurement time varies from 30 seconds to 60 seconds according to individual differences.

Q: How long does it take to fully charge?

A: Usually it takes about 40 minutes at room temperature.

Q: Should the watch be worn on the left or the right? Will there be a difference?

A: Blood pressure can be measured on both sides, but there may be some differences between the left and right wrists, please consult your doctor to determine which wrist you should use for the measurement.

Q: How long can it be used after charging? How long is the warranty period?

A: Moderate use 2-3 days standby, if pure standby can be 5-7 days. The warranty period is one year.


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