Picture of Diben Drink (coffee flavor) (1 box of 24 bottles) (200ml)
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Diben Drink (coffee flavor) (1 box of 24 bottles) (200ml)

Merchant: Live Smart


  • Different from normal nutritional milk, BSD is a blood sugar nutrition product specially designed for people with diabetes
  • Its concept is based on the idea of Mediterranean cuisine
  • The goal is to control a stable blood sugar level to prevent or delay the deterioration of diabetes
  • At the same time provide a suitable combination of energy to control weight

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Better energy mix

Increase the proportion of fat as a source of energy (accounting for 42% of total energy), but the fat is dominated by healthier monounsaturated fatty acids (MUFA)

Reduce the proportion of carbohydrates as energy (35% of total energy), thereby reducing the chance of rising glycemic index


High-quality fat ratio

Increase unit unsaturated fatty acids (MUFA) and reduce the proportion of saturated fatty acids (SFA). Studies have confirmed that a diet rich in MUFA can improve the function of insulin

Medium-chain fatty acids (MCT) and longer-chain fatty acids (LCT) are more easily absorbed by the body and used as energy. The advantage is that MCT will not be stored as fat, which helps control weight


Low glycemic index carbohydrates

The carbohydrate combination is specially designed for diabetic patients to achieve a low glycemic index, so that patients can effectively control a stable blood sugar level


research shows*

Study tests 40 diabetic patients who are taking oral medications

Continuous use of Pesudine to pay attention to blood sugar nutrition milk for six weeks, iAUC0-240 blood sugar index, 45% lower than normal nutrition milk

(iAUC0-240 = Incremental Area Under Curve during 0-240 minutes)

Continuous use of Pesudine pays attention to blood sugar nutrition milk for 12 weeks, hemoglobin glycated (HbA1c) decreased from an average of 7.3 to 6.1


Italian coffee flavor/vanilla flavor


Each calorie:
300 kcal


Suitable for:
People who care about blood sugar


Recommended usage:
As a total nutrition: five 200ml a day as a nutritional supplement: two to three 200ml a day


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