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Doulton UCC9504 filter element (2 pcs combination price) (free Doulton shower with filter element) [original licensed]


  • Equipped with filter element UCC (9504), which can filter out heavy metals (lead)
  • Filter life: up to 9 - 12 months / 2300 liters
  • Compliant with NSF 42 and 53 requirements
  • made in uk

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Comparison of 3 main filter elements

  • UCC (Basic Performance) : It is the basic version of the filter element, which is only suitable for BSP series water filters. If the simplest filtering function is required, such as isolating lead water, UCC is sufficient
  • HPU (medium performance) : suitable for a range of water filters, including the M15 series . The HPU filter adopts the "high-density pore technology" technology, which makes the micropores evenly distributed, fully exerts the function of each filtering micropore, and achieves the best filtration water quality standard.
  • BTU (High Efficiency) : Only applicable to the BTU filter element of the M12 series water filter, BioTect "nano-antibacterial technology" is added to improve product performance and efficacy, make its structure more orderly, and the pore size becomes smaller, thereby greatly improving Antibacterial function of the filter element

UCC 9504 diatom porcelain filter element

Filter technology


Diatom porcelain
Using 100% natural diatoms, the diatom porcelain particles are very fine, and the gaps between the particles are even narrower. After solidification, a huge "microporous network" is formed inside, so it can effectively prevent particles larger than the pores from passing through. , Absolutely isolate pathogenic bacteria and harmful substances.


silver ion
The outer tank of the diatom porcelain filter element is filled with silver elements to prevent bacterial growth. The solid structure of the ceramics absolutely prevents the silver elements from falling off and dissolving into water. The filtered water is pure and can be drunk immediately without boiling.


activated carbon
Dalton uses the most advanced extruded activated carbon, which can effectively remove harmful chemicals in water, such as chlorine, insecticides and pesticides, organic substances, and filter out odors, colors and carcinogens such as trihalomethanes.

ion exchange material
Using ATS ion exchange resin, it can effectively remove heavy metal free ions such as lead.

Filterable Contaminants

Escherichia coli/Cholera/Igella dysenteriae/Salmonella/Klebsiella


Benzene hexachloride

Atrazine/Pesticide/Herbicide/Benzyl Phosphate/PAH/Chloroform

free chlorine


Heavy Metals: Lead



International Certification

  • National Sanitation Foundation NSF #42, #53 (Sept., 93) CLASS 1 standard
  • British Standard BS5750 Part II ISO 9001:2008
  • British WRAS certification
  • American Water Quality Association Certification
  • The Ministry of Health of the People's Republic of China imports health and safety products related to drinking water hygiene license Wei Shui Jin Zi (2003) No. 0008 and (2008) No. 0014 and No. 055



  • Delivery Service is only restricted to Hong Kong (excluding islands, closed area and locations without elevator).
  • PO Box address is not accepted.



  • Free shipping for all Doulton orders of amount above $500.
  • Delivery fee of HK$50 will be charged for order below $500.
  • For all order ship to special area, Postage pay on delivery
    Ma Wan, Chek Lap Kok, Hong Kong Disneyland, Discovery Bay, Ngong Ping 360, Cheung Chau, Lantau Island, Mui Wo, Tai O, Peng Chau, Lamma Island



  • Ordered goods will be delivered in 5 - 7 working days (Mon to Fri, except for Public Holidays)after order confirmation. Delivery time is 9am - 6pm.
  • If there is no recipient to receive the ordered goods and the order is not successfully delivered, we can reschedule delivery again. However, there will be an extra shipping charge of (to be paid upon delivery). If Doulton (Hong Kong) Limited can’t reach our customers for rescheduling the delivery date and time in 5 working days, the order will be canceled and a refund of the balance will be arranged after deducting shipping fee HK $ 50 and special area surcharge.
  • Delivery service may be canceled or delayed due to weather, traffic, district or other factors and the delivery will be soon re-arranged.
  • In case your ordered items are not available, or your order is rejected, Doulton (Hong Kong) Limited will inform you by phone, message or email for further arrangement.


Customers can call the customer service hotline during office hours: 2796 3210 or Whatsapp 5115 6452 to make an appointment for installation (It takes 3 -5 workinf days to arrange)

Countertop Water Filter (Additaional HK$100.00 for Islands District)

  • Within 30 days from the date of purchase of the voucher - first-time installation fee HK$150.00
  • Removal of original faucet-type water filter and basic accessories included
  • When the master comes to install the machine, the inapplicable internal tooth accessories may be taken back old machine
  • Reinstallation / door-to-door maintenance fee (replacement parts will be quoted by the master and charged separately) HK$150.00
  • If it cannot be installed after visiting the door, the master will charge a HK$50.00 door-to-door/carriage fee.

Under-counter water filter: (Additional HK$100.00 for outlying islands)

  • On-site installation costs (excluding countertop drilling costs) -Independent filter faucet style (Doulton Superior Pillar Tap) HK$350.00 - 3-in-1 faucet style (3-Way Mixer Tap) HK$580.00
  • Countertop drilling fee (glass or porcelain countertops cannot be drilled) HK$120.00 (Please note: if the concrete structure is thick (3 inches), it may not be possible to install an under-counter water filter) or on-site charge quotation
  • Removal of old under-counter water filter or faucet HK$80.00
  • Installation of pressure reducer (recommended by the installer depending on site conditions) HK$350.00 (Required installation: plastic case, water pressure over 6 bar or stainless steel case: water pressure over 8 bar)
  • Installation after 7:00pm will incur an additional surcharge of HK$100.00

In order to avoid affecting the dark throat in the wall, the master will only install the water filter bracket on the wooden board of the kitchen cabinet.

If other accessories are required for installation due to the on-site environment, the cost of accessories will be quoted by the master. If there is any dispute over the installation fee, the company reserves the right of final decision.

For relocation installation / undermount water filter repair, decap or other services, please call 2796 3210 or Whatsapp 5115 6452 Contact customer service for a quote


  • All goods are imported officially and maintenance service is provided by Doulton (Hong Kong) Limited
  • keep the product warranty card (if any) and the invoice.
  • If you buy a product with anti-counterfeiting label, please cut off the label and attach it to the invoice to enjoy the warranty service.
  • Please complete the online-registration within 30 days from the day of purchase. We guarantee to offer 12 months free maintenance service from the date of purchase (excluding all doulton filter candle)
  • Online-registration: https://forms.gle/1t7Cxbr4GBwAwjiK7
  • Product warranty applies only to Hong Kong only.
  • Doulton (Hong Kong) Limited is not responsible for any direct or indirect losses caused by product damage.


> Doulton (Hong Kong) Limited customer service hotline: 2796 3210
> This Product is provided by Doulton (Hong Kong) Limited
> Should any dispute arise, Doulton (Hong Kong) Limited and health.ESDlife reserves the right of final decision



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