Picture of EcoPro VOC-250 Photocatalyst Negative Ion Antibacterial Air Purifier[Original Licensed]
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EcoPro VOC-250 Photocatalyst Negative Ion Antibacterial Air Purifier[Original Licensed]


  • Efficiently decompose formaldehyde and VOCs
  • HEPA filter and negative ions efficiently purify bacteria and viruses
  • Clear PM at high speed 0.3/2.5/10
  • Super quiet, low wind resistance, super smooth
  • Applicable space: 250 - 300 feet



Deliver within 3 to 4 working day(s)

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Japanese patented photocatalyst filter - life expectancy of 5-7 years (based on 12 hours a day)

The unique and innovative Titanium Plus component incorporates Japanese titanium photocatalyst into the purifier, and utilizes 100% ultraviolet light irradiation to fully utilize the photocatalyst’s catalytic reaction, resulting in strong decomposing of formaldehyde and VOC, and decomposing formaldehyde, toluene, TVOC and other decoration pollutants For non-toxic carbon dioxide and water.


HEPA composite filter

EcoPro HEPA filter can effectively filter ultra-fine particles, including allergens, bacteria and some viruses. Antibacterial coating removes bacteria and mold. According to the World Health Organization, the bacteria of bird flu, human flu and Legionnaires' disease are all larger than 20 nanometers, so the HEPA composite filter can effectively isolate bacteria and viruses.


Negative ion release

When purifying, it releases 8 million/cm negative ions and combines with pollutants in the air to purify. Negative ions, also known as "air vitamins", can combine with positive ions, dust, and floating particles in the air to fall to the ground, purify the air, and let you enjoy the mountains. Forest-like fresh air.​


Increase indoor air flow and enhance the efficiency of formaldehyde removal engineering, and the effect of matching is better and stronger. Double protection.

Included accessories:

  • EcoPro VOC 250 Photocatalyst Air Purifier: 1 unit (with photocatalyst component and HEPA filter)
  • Remote control: 1
  • Instructions: 1


Delivery Areas and Shipping Fee:

  • Free delivery for purchase of HK$650 or above of Honour Envirosafe Tech Limited.

  • Purchase for less than HK$650, a delivery fee of HK$50 will be charged.

  • Delivery Service is only restricted to Hong Kong (excluding islands, closed area and locations without elevator).
  • PO Box or Hotel address is not accepted.
  • For all order ship to special area, an extra cost will be requested by delivery man(cash only).
    Ma Wan: $300
    Discovery Bay: $500


Delivery Time and Conditions:

  • Ordered goods will be delivered in 4-5 working days (Mon to Fri, except for Public Holidays) after order confirmation. Delivery time is 9am-6pm.
  • Honour Envirosafe will contact customers to confirm the delivery date and time before delivery. 
  • Delivery service may be canceled or delayed due to weather, traffic, district or other factors and the delivery will be soon re-arranged.
  • In case your ordered items are not available, or your order is rejected, Honour Envirosafe will inform you by phone call or email for further arrangement.



  • One year service is provided from the date of purchase.
  • This warranty does not cover routine inspection/filter replacement and cleaning (upon client’s request).
  • This warranty does not cover any damages caused from alterations, accident, mice or abuse.
  • Unsuitable environment/extremely poor air quality and improper installation, wear and tear damage due to normal use.
  • The company is entitled to discontinue the warranty period if product has been serviced or tempered with by unauthorized personnel.
  • This warranty excludes transportation packing and delivery charges.

VOCs Removal Service Normal Conditions:

  • After order placed and confirmed, Honour Envirosafe Tech will contact the customer to confirm the appointment details within 1 to 2 working days. Customers can also contract Honor Envirosafe Tech to make the appointment by phone.
  • Customers should inform Honor Envirosafe Tech 2 working days in advance for any amendment of the service appointment.
  • Catalysts that can't be sprayed include metal surface, tile surface, glass surface, marble surface, mirror surface, and rubber surface.
  • Customer needs to ensure the flat renovation has been finished, empty the wardrobe and cabinet, all furniture and the flat is ready and clean.
  • This service is provided by Honor Envirosafe Tech.
  • In case of any disputes, Honor Envirosafe Tech and health.ESDlife reserve the right to make the final decision.


Service area and time:

  • For the below area, an additional fee will be charged by the technician (cash only).
    Ma Wan: $300
    Discovery Bay: $500
    For address in outlying islands, restricted areas, trucks that cannot be reached directly or locations without elevator, please contact Honour Envirosafe Tech by phone before purchase.

  • Monday to Saturday
    Period (1) starts at 10:00 am
    Period (2) starts at 01:00 pm
    Period (3) starts at 04:00 pm
    Period (4) starts at 06:30 pm 
  • For service would like to book on Sunday or public holiday, an additional fee of $200 will be charged by the technician (cash only).


VOCs Removal Service Warranty:

  • The customer can make an appointment for the formaldehyde measurement service within 3 years after the completion of the construction. The warranty only covers the furniture and walls at the time of construction.
  • If the index excessed 0.08 ppm (safety standard), Honor Envirosafe Tech will provide the same service once for free.
  • If the index within 0.08 ppm (safety standard), Honor Envirosafe Tech will charge an inspection fee of $500.


> Honour Envirosafe Tech. customer service hotline: 3702-3360
> This Product is provided by Honour Envirosafe Tech
> Should any dispute arise, Honour Envirosafe Tech and health.ESDlife reserves the right of final decision



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