Picture of Eleeels A1 Wireless Portable Air Pressure Meter (Single) [Original Licensed]
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Eleeels A1 Wireless Portable Air Pressure Meter (Single) [Original Licensed]



  • Wireless operation, portable and lightweight ELEEELS A1 Portable Air Pressure Leg Press, 3 independent airbags, 3 modes, simulating human hand massage technology, suitable for buses, offices, homes, and before and after sports, it is your best partner.

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Warranty period: 12 month(s)


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A1 Portable Air Pressure Compressor - Your Portable Leg Compressor / Wearable Technology

  • Common symptoms of urbanites include leg swelling and pain, cardiovascular disease caused by standing for a long time, and varicose veins and leg paralysis caused by sitting for a long time. Gravity severely affects venous return, cardiac output, and arterial and venous pressures, making the legs the worst part of the body with blood circulation. Sitting, walking, running, and standing for long periods of time make the situation worse, putting more stress on the legs, causing fatigue, tightness, soreness, varicose veins, and other symptoms.

ELEEELS A1 Portable Air Pressure Massager can massage your calves, heels and soles. A1 helps you:

  • Massage the calf muscles to relieve fatigue and promote blood circulation
  • Grip and squeeze the ankles and heels to push blood circulation up the calves
  • Unwind with a powerful air pressure massage to squeeze your feet
  • Grip the shin to reduce pain

With A1, sore legs and other related ailments will never bother you again.

3 massage modes:

  • Quick: A 10-minute massage session designed to massage the calf muscles for quick fatigue relief and improved blood circulation
  • Gentle: 20-minute massage session designed to relax muscles and body in comfort
  • Dynamic: A 15-minute massage session designed to massage and soothe the calf muscles and soles in one session

Efficacy :

  • Soothes your legs and energizes you
  • Enhance athletic performance and improve muscle flexibility
  • Wireless operation allows muscles to recover from strain
  • Reduce lymphatic swelling, prevent varicose veins and leg cramps
  • Strengthen venous and lymphatic reflux, promote accelerated blood circulation, and enhance metabolism

Features :

  • 3 independent air cells for a powerful and extraordinary massage experience
  • 6 massage zones and 3 massage modes to cover a wide range of therapeutic and relaxation needs
  • Simulated human hand massage technology
  • Extra long battery life, 3 hours of continuous use
  • Equipped with Velcro for calf 26-50 cm
  • Support USB Type-C, charge anytime and anywhere

Uniqueness :

  • Built-in curved components fit perfectly against the legs for extra comfort when in use
  • One-touch easy operation
  • Innovative design: wireless operation, freedom of movement, free from tangled wires
  • Wearable Technology: Showcasing Style
  • Hands-free operation allows you to fully enjoy the massage while standing, sitting, or walking around
  • Serene operation, zero harassment massage

Specifications :

  • Weight: 1 kg
  • Dimensions: 56 x 35 x 3 cm
  • Effective therapeutic air pressure: 20 kPa - 60 kPa
  • Rated power: 5W
  • Rated voltage: Type C 5V/1A
  • Battery: 2000 mAh high quality lithium battery
  • Battery life: 3 hours per charge
  • Charging: USB Type-C

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