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Fine Japan Tomato & Enzyme Power 90's

Package:40.5g ( 450mg x 90's )
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  • 20 mg of lycopene can be taken per day!! 
  • Combined with plant enzyme from 45 different kinds of beauty


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Features & Functions

Tomatoes have attracted much attention as diet and beauty materials since professor Kawada Teruo from the Graduate School of Agricultural of Kyoto University published his research on Diet with tomatoes in February 2012.


It is possible to get sufficient amount of lycopene from food or tomato juice on a daily basis. However, taking that amount of lycopene from daily meal is actually difficult and uneconomical to continue everyday. 


Our company has developed a supplement that we can take lycopene easily for those who are interested in diet and beauty. 


Lycopene is a type of carotenoids (α-carotene, β-carotene, lute in, etc.) contained in tomatoes, watermelon etc . Carotenoids are known for its high antioxidant activities, and that of tomatoes is particularly high among them .Besides the lycopene from tomatoes, we have also combined Kintoki ginger powder , black pepper extract and plant enzyme from 45 different kinds of beauty plant materials carefully selected by Fine Bioscience Laboratory (F.B.R.C.) in Osaka University. Highly recommended to those who are concerned about diet and beauty. 


Edible Grape Oil, Gelatin, Coleus False Coli Extract Powder, Kintoki Ginger Powder , Black Pepper Extract, Organic Pearl Barley Extract, Apple, Pineapple, Grape Skin・Seeds, Bananas, Onions, Kiwi, Cabbage, Squash, Tomatoes, Carrots, Green Pepper , Broccoli, Orange, Radish, Pomegranate, Brown Rice, Rolled Barley, Maitake Mushroom, Shiitake Mushroom, Rosehip, Turmeric, Cinnamon, Citron, Ginger, Denshichi Carrot, Jujube, Jews Mallow, Ashitaba(Japanese Plant), Sweet Potato, Yam, Soybean, Mochikibi, Mochiawa Tomorrow, Barnyard, Marumugi, Takakibi, Red Rice, Red Glutinous Rice, Black Glutinous Rice, Green Rice, Haruukon, Zedoary, Red Beans, Black Beans, Tomato Pigment, Glycerin, Vitamin C, Beeswax, Caramel Color, Glycerin Fatty Acid Ester, Vitamin E, Vitamin B1, Vitamin B6, Vitamin B2


Suitable for
People who care about intestinal and beauty.


Suggested Use

  • Take 3 capsules with cold or warm water a day.



  • 40.5 g ( 450 mg x 90 capsules )
  • Servings per package: approx. 30 days


Nutrition Information

Serving Size: 3 capsules (1.35 g)

Protein Total Fats Saturated Fat Trans Fat
8.4 kcal 0.35 g 0.65 g 0.3 g 0 g
Total Carbohydrates Dietary Fiber Sugars Sodium  
0.28 g - 0 g 1.5 mg  


Others Nutrition

Serving Size: 3 capsules (1.35 g)

Vitamin B1
Vitamin B2 Vitamin B6 Vitamin C Vitamin E
1 mg 1.1 mg 1 mg 80 mg 8 mg
Lycopene Coleus false coli extract powder Vegetaze TM 
(vegetable enzyme)
Kintoki ginger powder Black pepper extract
20 mg 10 mg 10 mg 10 mg 1 mg



  • If you are getting treatment or visiting to hospital or during pregnancy or breast-feeding or under 2 years old, ask your doctor before consuming this product.
  • The efficacy depends on factors such as different physical conditions, age and living habits.
  • Take it in accordance with the daily standard intake, with a balanced diet, and avoid excessive intake.
  • Because it is made from natural raw materials, taste and color may vary from different lot. There is no quality problem with it, please enjoy this product without any worry.
  • Please stop, or reduce the amount of served ,if it does not match your constitution.
  • Please store it away from babies and children.
  • Avoid high-temperatures, humidity and direct sun rays, and store in a cool and dark place. Please store it in a cool place. Once opened, take it as soon as possible.

General Terms:

  1. Items sold are non-refundable.
  2. The products are supplied by Fine Group Limited
  3. If in case of any dispute, Fine Group Limited and Health.ESDlife reserve the right of final decision.


Delivery Terms:

  1. Free local delivery service will be provided upon transaction amount of Fine Japan products of HK$400. For spending less than HKD$400, HKD$40 delivery fee will be charged.
  2. We will arrange the shipment within 1-3 working days after the order is confirmed. 
  3. Please note that the delivery time will be affected by statutory holidays, natural disasters, traffic or the weather.
  4. All order confirmations are subject to stock availability. In the event of the unavailability of the requested products, ESD Services Ltd. has the right to reject the order and notify customers by phone or email before delivery for rearrangements.



  1. The quality assurance for products should have at least 12 months validity from the date of receipt by the customer.


Exchange Policy:

  1. Customers are responsible to check the condition of goods received at the time of delivery. Once confirmed, no replacement is accepted.
  2. Products shall be kept in the original package with good conditions for return or exchange. Products that has been worn, used, or altered will not be accepted for return or exchange.
  3. If any other defective or missing item is found, customers are required to keep the original receipt and contact Fine Group Limited Customer Service Department via the below channels within 3 days from the date of delivery.
    Email:  marketing@finegroupltd.hk
    Customer service hotline: 26378003
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