Product: PM_Fitbit_Ace3

Fitbit - Ace 3 Smart Wearable



  • Full-day activity tracking
  • Family Challenge
  • Sleep tracking
  • Battery life up to 8 days
  • Water resistant up to 50 meters deep


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Product description

  • Full-day activity tracking The whole family cultivates healthy habits together to track the children's every move and jumping, and you can participate in challenges together and cheer each other up.​
  • Parents can use the family account in the Fitbit app to check the children's activities and approve the contact.
  • Waterproof up to 50 meters deep and ready for underwater adventures at any time. Fitbit Ace 3 is waterproof, so you can accompany your children in swimming pools and the sea without fear of spills.
  • Sleep tracking easily cultivates sleep regularity. A buzzing vibration sound will be emitted on the wrist as a bedtime reminder or silent alarm.
  • Parents can also use the sleep time tracking function to check whether the child's rest time is sufficient.
  • The surface design makes the activities fun and endless. The dynamic surface changes as the child's activity increases throughout the day.
  • Battery life is up to 8 days. Less time to charge and more time for activities. Children spend less time charging, in exchange for more time for activities. The battery life is up to 8 days.
  • Family Challenge 1, 2, and 3 start! In the Fitbit app, children can challenge their families to participate in interesting step count competitions, and send messages or cheer to each other.


Product Features

Full-day activity tracking
Fitbit Ace 3 tracks the number of steps and minutes of activity throughout the day, allowing you to understand how every move and jumping can accumulate into a healthier and more active life.


Bedtime reminder and alarm clock
Use the Fitbit app to set bedtime reminders and silent alarms, and make a buzzing vibration on the child's wrist to gently wake up.


Sedentary reminder
Parents can set warm reminders on their wrists in the Fitbit app to remind children to move and stretch their feet when they are sitting for a long time.


60 minutes activity
The World Health Organization recommends that children should be physically active for 60 minutes a day, so Ace 3 has a 1-hour activity minute goal, which can be adjusted in the app. *

Fun motivation
Virtual medals, animated surfaces and personalized avatars encourage children to move with their families and try their best to win out of friends.


Timer and countdown timer
The wrist timer and countdown timer function are most suitable for guiding children to do their homework. They can also be used for race timing and many other purposes.


Call reminder
Children with smart phones will like to receive call notifications from their wrists—it is also easier for parents to contact them at any time.
Suitable when the mobile phone is nearby.


Comfortable and stable
Fitbit Ace 3 is designed for active children.
The comfortable silicone strap is equipped with an adjustable and stable buckle, which meets the needs of children's all-round activities.


Straps and accessories
Children can show their own style as much as they want and change different accessories for the strap.
Sold separately.


Streamlined design and touch screen
The simple streamlined design and backlit display screen are convenient for children to use and view statistics. Family Account Parents must set up a family account in the Fitbit app to centrally manage their children’s Ace 3 and their smart watches or smart bracelets (if any) at one time.

Parent mode
Parents can view children’s activities and approve children’s contacts through the parent mode in the family account.


Children's picture
Parents can set up accounts for their children and enable the children’s screen, so that children 6 years of age or older can see their statistics, medals and faces.


The age limit varies by country or region.
If the child is twelve years old or younger or a higher or lower age set by your country,
The family account and the family guardian must agree.


Product Warranty Clause

  • This product is an original licensed product.
  • Warranty period: 12 months
  • Maintenance company: Synnex International Tsing Yi Customer Service Center
  • Address: Unit C, 15th Floor, Bridgeway, 8 Cheung Fai Road, Tsing Yi, New Territories
  • Contact number: 2347-2038
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