Picture of Healthy Home Natural Chitin Antibacterial Spray 300ml One Piece + Two Pieces Of Natural Chitin Aldehyde Deodorizing Magic Ball 75g [Licensed Import]
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Healthy Home Natural Chitin Antibacterial Spray 300ml One Piece + Two Pieces Of Natural Chitin Aldehyde Deodorizing Magic Ball 75g [Licensed Import]


Health Home Natural Chitin Antibacterial Spray 300ml

Natural chitin (from the shells of shrimps, crabs, etc.) effectively decomposes free formaldehyde/VOC. The patented nano-antibacterial formula carries a large number of negative ions to form a strong adsorption force and quickly captures bacteria, viruses and other harmful substances to achieve purification, antibacterial and elimination. It has the effect of eliminating odor and effectively prevents the growth of germs.

  • Applicable to: indoor space, window covering fabrics, furniture cabinets, carpets, air conditioning filters, trash cans, shoe cabinets, car interiors, smoking rooms, etc.


Natural chitin aldehyde removal magic ball

It contains powerful aldehyde-removing and odor-removing active molecules that can quickly decompose free formaldehyde and harmful gases. The special patented nano-bacterial formula has long-lasting antibacterial and deodorizing properties, removes formaldehyde, purifies the air, and improves environmental quality.

  • Suitable for home cabinets, drawers, shoe cabinets, cars, hotel boxes, smoking rooms, bathrooms, etc.


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購買綠懿(Green Manner)有限公司產品總額滿HK$500,即可享香港一般地區免費送貨服務。賬單總額未滿HK$500需要運費到付。<按此選購其他產品>

GREEN MANNER adopts the chitosan products registered by Taiwan HOMEGREEN, which are naturally extracted, safe and free of heavy metals. They can decompose formaldehyde effectively, and at the same time, antibacterial, mildew-proof and environmentally friendly.


There are more adhesives in the seams/connections of the cabinet, which is the main pollution source

  • If the formaldehyde/odor concentration is high, repeat the treatment. The higher the concentration, the more chitosan is needed.
  • New furniture made of different materials can be treated with different HOMEGREEN Chitosan products to achieve better purifying result.
  • In addition to being used for new furniture, it can also be used daily for decontamination and deodorization.


Non-irritating, free of heavy metals, safe and harmless


Principles of Chitosan Purification

  • Chitin is obtained by removing calcium carbonate, protein, and pigment from the crustacean of shrimps and crabs.
  • Chitosan, which can be produced by high-level deacetylation of chitin, is known as the "sixth vital element" by scientists.



  • Shake well before use. Spray directly on the surface of the object; can also spray directly into the air.
  • Spray a thin layer on the surface and spray evenly without tear marks. If there are tear marks, wipe off with a cloth.
  • During the process, open windows for ventilation or switch on air-conditioner /fan can speed up drying and make the air flow to achieve the best result.
  • The white powder left after drying is chitosan (food grade), which is safe and harmless and can be wiped off by a cloth.
  • Finally, place the Magic Ball near the pollution source: Twist the cover, take away the plastic film, and then tighten the cover to let it naturally evaporate. 


product weight:

  • 0.5kg


Product included:

  • Deodorizer antibacterial spray 300ml: 1pc
  • Air Cleaning Magic Ball 75g: 2pcs


Spending less than HK$500

  • Delivery fee: Cash on delivery to the courier.
  • Self pick-up: Customers can collect products from pick-up point authorized by Green Manner
    Pick-up address: Rm 25, 11/F, Richwealth Industrial Building, No.144-146, Yeung Uk Road, Tsuen Wan, Hong Kong


Spending HK$500 or above

  • Free local delivery to designated carrier collect point, residential or office.
  • Additional charge will be collected by Courier for remote areas.



  • No delivery service in the following areas: Macau, Outlying Islands and restricted areas.
  • PO Box or Hotel address is not accepted.
  • Please note that the delivery time will be affected by statutory holidays, natural disasters, traffic or the weather.
  • Only one delivery point is accepted for each delivery. Additional charges will be occur if customers unable to collect it on time.

VOCs Removal Service Conditions:

  • After order placed and confirmed, Green Manner will contact the customer to confirm the appointment details within 1 to 2 working days. Customers can also contract Green Manner to make the appointment by phone /WhatsApp: 68023200.
  • Customers should inform Green Manner 2 working days in advance for any amendment of the service appointment.
  • In case of any disputes, Green Manner and health.ESDlife reserve the right to make the final decision.


VOCs Removal Service area and charge:

  • For the below area, an additional fee will be charged by the technician (cash only).
    Ma Wan: $300
    Discovery Bay: $500
    Islands District:$500

  • For service on Sunday or public holidays, an additional fee of $500 will be charged by the technician (cash only).


VOCs Removal Service Warranty:

  • One year warranty from the date of project.
  • If the customer suspects that the formaldehyde is exceeded (more than 0.08 ppm) within one year, Green Manner will arrange on-site inspection and follow-up. If there is no exceed the standard, a $500 inspection fee will be charged.
  • The scope of warranty does not include pollution caused by new furniture and other chemical agents (such as pest control and insect control) that are carried out after the project.



  • This Product is provided by Green Manner Limited.
  • Items sold are non-refundable.
  • All photos shown in promotional materials are for reference only, the real object should be considered as final.
  • In case of any disputes, Green Manner Limited and health.ESDlife reserve the right to make the final decision. 
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