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Korea Blessing Ginssen Korean Red Ginseng Powder 60g Box [Original Licensed]


  • Korea Blessing Ginssen Korean Red Ginseng Powder 60g Box
  • Enhance immunity for you who are stressed and neglected to exercise Antioxidants improve immunity and improve memory
  • Made in Korea to improve fatigue and improve blood circulation


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  • Korea KFDA certified healthy functional food
  • Exclusive 6 major ginseng and 20 patented ginseng manufacturing methods
  • Contains 4mg of ginsenosides per gram, which is slightly better than similar red ginseng products with 3.96mg per gram!!!
  • Made of premium red ginseng, it contains 37 kinds of ginsenosides, more than Taiji ginseng, white ginseng and fresh ginseng products~~~
  • With high ginsenoside content, compared to other red ginseng, tai chi ginseng, white ginseng and fresh ginseng products, the health benefits are better!!!
  • Can be rinsed with water and eaten with any drink or food~~~
  • Antioxidant, improve immunity, improve memory, improve fatigue, improve blood circulation, etc.~~~
  • Suitable for vegetarians and ketogenic diets~~~
  • A healthy choice for VIP gifts!!!
  • Guarantee that all the processes of Korean ginseng products from planting, harvesting, manufacturing to packaging are strictly handled in South Korea,
  • Eliminate the quality risk of Korean ginseng imported from other places and only processed in South Korea~~~

Pure @ Red Ginseng Powder

Geumsan-gun has the best climate

Korean red ginseng is better than white ginseng and Daji ginseng

Exclusive patent pure refining better products



The birthplace of Korean ginseng in South Korea has a history of 1500 years of production of Korean ginseng.

The clear water source, unique climate and geographical location give birth to the best quality Korean ginseng!!!


Korean red ginseng

The types and content of ginsenosides in Korean red ginseng are more than those of white ginseng and Taiji ginseng, and the health care effect is better.


Exclusive patent

Has 20 exclusive patented technologies to create the highest quality bright red ginseng powder


The most precious and unique ingredient of ginseng plants, there are 37 kinds of Korean red ginseng, second only to Korean black ginseng,

Different raspberry saponins have different health care effects on the human body



Defenses against learning decline anti-amnesia



Antioxidant improves blood circulation



Antioxidant analgesia



Improve immunity Nervous system regulation



Improve fatigue, improve memory


Pure Korean Ginseng Powder

Boost your immunity for those who are stressed and neglected to exercise!!!


Suitable for

Health and wellness people

Vegetarian, Ketogenic Diet

Night sleepers, sleep deprived people

forgetful, poor memory

People with sub-health and poor immunity

Stressed and emotionally unstable people

People who are easily tired and weak

People who smoke and drink too much and socialize frequently

People who are busy with work and neglect sports

People with irregular work and rest, day and night upside down

Those who want to stay young and delay aging


  • Ingredients: 100% Korean Red Ginseng Powder
  • Ginsenoside content: 4mgg
  • How to eat: Put the powder into warm water or drink and mix well to drink
  • Storage method: please keep in a cool place and avoid humidity or direct sunlight
  • Weight: 60 grams
  • Dimensions: 8.2 x 6.7 x 6.3 cm
  • Origin: South Korea


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