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Made in Finland Emfit QS Contact free sleep tracker

General Health Care Device


Designed and manufactured in Finland, Emfit QS is high-tech, contact free, thin strip-shaped sensor. Simply put under mattress, Emfit QS can automatically detect your vitals during sleep. It provides data for analyzing sleep quality and planning of daily routine.


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Why Choose Emfit QS?

Sleeping Problems
Sleeping time constitutes more than one third of our entire lifetime. If sleeping has problem, our living, emotion and productivity will be badly affected. Research finds that over 40% Hong Kong citizens are puzzled by the sleeping problem, which is more serious than in western countries. 
Improve sleeping quality
EMFIT QS, designed and manufactured in Finland, is the world first contact free sleep tracker with heart rate variability. It can monitor your physical & mental recovery and sleep quality, helping in daily routine & training planning. General principle behind Emfit QS is that "when you can measure, you can manage". This means that while you measure your sleep, recovery, and stress levels, you start to find out the correlations between certain measurements and certain lifestyle choices. And you can therefore root out the problem by changing your habits or behavior.
World’s First Contact Free Sleep Tracker with Heart-Rate-Variability
Emfit QS unshackles your mind from any health tracking devices. There’s no need to wear a straining chest strap or wrist band, and no need to turn equipment on and off. Just lay down on your bed, sleep tight and check your bed-time data in the morning from your smartphone, tablet or computer.

Product Features

EMfit QS is a high-tech, contact free, thin strip-shaped sensor. Simply put under mattress, EMfit QS can automatically detect your vitals during sleep. It provides data for analyzing sleep quality and planning of daily routine.


Contact free, Easy to use
Thin strip-shaped sensor is put under mattress, which is contact free and no needed to be worn. In the moment you sleep on the bed, Emfit QS will automatically detect and measure your vitals, no on & off required manually. You can personally login our web application to view the data which is presented in simple figures and graphs.


Comprehensive data & analysis 
Data includes: Heart rate variability, real time heart rate & respiration rate, sleep time, bed-exit, sleep class classification, toss & turn, nervous system balance, recovery and so forth. In addition, an integrated sleep score will be graded. Sleep well or not? Easy to know.

Reliable & practical
EMFIT QS is designed and manufactured in Finland, which is backed by many researches and studies. It can monitor your physical & mental recovery and sleep quality, helping in daily routine & training planning.


Monitor cardiovascular fitness and mental stress
Through monitoring HRV, one can see whether his/her cardiovascular fitness is increasing, as baseline HRV increases along with it. In short term, HRV gives valuable information about stress and recovery. The decrease of HRV from the baseline indicate heavy physical or mental stress. It’s better to recover till the HRV return to baseline value. 


Tips for Healthy Sleeping


Good sleeping quality comes from good sleep hygiene. If you made one of the mistakes, you might encounter bad sleeping problem. Here are some conditions you should note before sleep.
--- Do not drink coffee or tea at night, and prevent the caffeine from affecting your sleep
--- Do not drink too much before sleep so avoid get up when you sleep
--- Avoid too full or hungry before sleep
--- Keep your sleeping environment silent
--- Keep yourself calm before sleep, and avoid excessive excitement or depression
--- Maintain regular living habit and don’t frequently change the bedtime.
--- Avoid any activities that are irrelevant to sleeping in the bed e.g. watching TV or using any electronic device such as smart phone tablet or computer.


Sky Christopherson:
“Working with Olympic athletes, we use ‘Data not Drugs’ to boost every aspect of athlete health and performance. Since sleep is foundational to health and performance, it is a focal point of our program and we have used every sensor on the market. Emfit is creating new capabilities in understanding sleep both with the goal of improving it, but also using it to better inform training decisions as we moved towards truly individualized training.
The ease of use and accuracy of Emfit is also unprecedented. As a result, Emfit is now an integral part of our ‘Data not Drugs’ program as we build a future that uses more data and less drugs, in sport, and hopefully in health.”
Sky Christopherson
World Record Holder and Founder of OAthlete Inc.


Teemu Lemmettyla:
“Emfit QS allows me to optimize my training potential by providing a baseline HRV, enabling me to control and manage the ideal balance between training and rest.”
Professional Triathlete
8 x Top 10 Pro Ironman distance finisher
2 x Ironman distance Finnish champion
7th in Norseman 2015
Master of Sport Sciences

Ben Rubin:
“I’ve been working on sleep technology for over a decade and the Emfit QS is some of the most impressive technology I’ve seen in the space. It’s easy to setup, requires absolutely no effort to use (just sleep!), and provides a compelling amount of data & insight.”
Ben Rubin
Co-founder, Zeo, Inc.


Package details

1 x sleep tracker sensor
1 x instruction
1 x power adapter (110-240 V)
4 x compatible plug


Product Dimensions:

Sensor(HxWxD): 0.1 x 7 x 54cm


Packing Dimensions:
Box(HxWxD): 8.9 x 20.3 x 20.3cm
Boxed-product Weight: 816 g


100-240V Includes US/EU/UK/HK plugs


1. Non-contact
2. Under mattress, medical graded sensor technology
3. Wi-Fi (no mobile phone needed)
4. Web-based application
5. High sensor sensitivity

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