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Mold series bundle (MoldErase Stain Removing Gel + MoldShield Durable Anti-Mold Coating + MoldShield Durable Anti-Mold Coating + free OxyFade Multi-Purpose Stain Remover) Limited number offer, while supply last

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  • MoldErase Stain Removing Gel + MoldShield Durable Anti-Mold Coating + MoldShield Durable Anti-Mold Coating + free OxyFade Multi-Purpose Stain Remover
  • Limited number offer, while supply last!

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Product Features

  • MoldErase is an odorless chlorine-based cleaning gel against stubborn mold & mildew stain in small area. The quick and easy-to-use formula clear most of the mold stains effectively without splattering
  • Remove mold & mildew stain on surface.
  • Effectively lasting for a period of time after use.


How to use: Apply MoldErase on a dry problem area (about 5g per meter). 4-8 hours later, rinse or brush off the gel. Repeat as needed for stubborn stain.
Application: MoldErase can be used in crevices, tiles, silicones, resins and plastics, etc.
Ingredients: Hypochlorite, potassium hydroxide, gelling agent, anti-mold agent"


MoldAway is an all natural mold killer and musty deodorizer.
The proprietary botanical formula eliminates mycotoxins, mold spores and bacteria from hard surfaces and fabrics.

  • Kill mold & mold spores
  • Eliminate mycotoxins
  • Remove musty odor
  • Reduce mold caused allergy symptom
  • Antibacterial


How to use: Spray on mold area and sit for 15 minutes. Allow it to dry or wipe off. Spray directly on washing machines, clothes, carpet, bed linens and pillow cases to kill mold and musty odor. Spray in the air to reduce mold caused allergy symptom.
Application: MoldAway can be used on hand surfaces and fabrics like washing machines, carpet, clothes, towels, bed linens and pillow cases.
Ingredients: Tea tree oil (australian), tangerine oil, grapefruit seed extract, citrus bioflavonoid.
Certification: Antimicrobial effectiveness against – Staphylococcus aureus, Aspergillus Niger.
Note: The color of natural products and organic products will be different because of each harvest are different. But it doesn’t affect to its effect.


MoldShield is a water-based mold inhibitor that combats mold for up to 6-12 months on interior and exterior surfaces.The proprietary water-resisting ingredients kills mold above and beneath the coating and pervent regeneration.

  • Incredible anti-mold power
  • Long lasting (at most 12 months)
  • No bleach & no triclosan
  • No VOCs & no harmful fumes
  • Safe around children & pets

*MoldShield does not remove or decolorize mold stain.
Please use OxyFade for removing mold stain


How to use: Before apply, clean the surface if needed. Shake & spray on the object surface. Recommended to apply once every 6-12 months.
Coverage: about 100sq. ft. service area per 300ml.
Application: MoldShield can be used on paint wall, wallpaper, ceramic tile, metal, stone, wood, fabric, leather, carpet, plastic, etc.
Test proof: 12 months control and kill Aspergillus niger , Penicillium pinophilum, Choetomium globosum, Gliocladium virens, Aureobasidium pllulans.


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