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Product: O2U_purebed

O2U Purebed Baby Air Freshener



  • PUREBED is the world's first baby air purifier that removes up to 95% of harmful particles from the air in 10 seconds
  • German R&D and manufacturing, patented diffuser and AIRSPHERE technology
  • Fresh air and a pollution-free environment can induce drowsiness in babies and improve sleep quality.
  • Two-year maintenance
  • Applicable area: crib space


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General Information

PUREBED protects health

PUREBED wraps your baby in a protective air bag in seconds. Polluted air is displaced and replaced by purified air. This allows your baby to sleep safely and unaffected by the outside world - and has enough time for his lungs to develop into strong and healthy organs.


Air purifiers are not enough

Why wait so long when your baby's health is at stake? Where traditional air purifiers take hours to reduce particulate pollution, PUREBED can build an Airsphere in seconds, instantly wrapping babies in pure air.


AIRSPHERE Technology

Purebed provides your baby with reliable, fast clean air wrapped in a protective air layer. Polluted air is displaced and replaced by purified air within seconds. Like a protective shield, clean air surrounds the baby and blocks the harmful effects of fine dust and tiny particles.


2-in-1 filter

PUREBED uses a secondary filter that protects your baby from pollutants and suspended particles. Activated carbon filters absorb harmful gases and TVOCs such as formaldehyde, as well as unpleasant odors such as cigarette smoke or kitchen steam. HEPA filters remove 99.97% of all suspended particles and fine dust particles.


PUREBED Smart System

Higher fine dust loads can permanently damage young children's brains. Especially in the first few years of life, when the brain is developing particularly rapidly, the consequences of air pollution can be severe. Ideal for any room size Airsphere produced by PUREBED can be used anywhere, no matter the size of the room. Even opening doors and windows will not affect the protective cover and the clean air your baby breathes.


feature of product:

  • PUREBED is the world's first baby air purifier that removes up to 95% of harmful particles from the air in 10 seconds
  • German R&D and manufacturing, patented diffuser and AIRSPHERE technology
  • Fresh air and a pollution-free environment can induce drowsiness in babies and improve sleep quality.
  • Particularly effective for the prevention of asthma, allergies and cross-infections.
  • Quiet and free of harmful radiation.
  • Two-year maintenance

AIRSPHERE Patent Number: 17001202.5
Diffuser Patent Number: 3220777


Product Specifications:

  • Product model: KJ488FK08D
  • Dimensions: 417 x 386 x 200 mm
  • Total weight: 6kg
  • Volume in silent mode: 39.8 dB(A)
  • Operating Mode: Silent/Breeze/Max
  • Power consumption: 23.1W
  • Product warranty: 2 years
  • Country of Origin: Germany


common problem

1. What is the function of the O2U 2-in-1 filter?

The filter can be divided into 2 parts:

  • Activated carbon filter: captures odors such as cooking smells and gases like tobacco smoke, formaldehyde
  • HEPA filter: removes at least 99.97% of fine dust (0.3µm or higher), bacteria, allergens and some viruses.


2. How often should I change the filter element?

Filter life varies by room environment, equipment usage, and location. To maintain optimum performance of the PUREBED, replace the filter when the filter replacement indicator is on or all indicators on the remote are flashing.


3. Is PUREBED quiet? Will it affect the baby's sleep?

PUREBED German fan and motor technology has been tested to 39.8 (dBA) for almost no disturbance, and its sound pressure level has been tested at the same level as a quiet suburban night. Babies can sleep gently in a clean and quiet environment.


4. Will the harmful radiation generated during operation have harmful effects?

Laboratory tests have confirmed that PUREBED does not cause any harmful radiation in operation.


5. Can I clean or replace the diffuser?

Yes, both the diffuser protector and the 3D mesh are easy to clean. We recommend that you clean the DIFFUSER (similar to other baby bedding) once a week to remove accumulated dust. DIFFUSER will need to be replaced when you see visible signs of aging such as 3D mesh deformation.


6. Should I run continuously?

Scientific studies have confirmed that indoor air pollution quickly returns to pre-treatment levels when the air purifier is turned off. For complete protection of your baby, we recommend PUREBED running continuously.


7. Will it help my baby's health after using PUREBED?

The best way to reduce the adverse health effects associated with indoor air pollution is to control or remove the source. PUREBED's unique diffuser technology creates the AIRSPHERE effect, which reduces your baby's exposure to airborne diseases that can trigger asthma and allergies. It helps relieve respiratory diseases and promotes health.


8. What is the difference between a filtered (pure) air purifier and an ionic air purifier?

Ionic products have become a new trend in the market. However, in reality, the ionic air purifier cannot perform dust removal in terms of its air purification method. The mechanism of ionic air purifiers is to agglomerate fine particles in the air into larger particles by releasing negatively charged ions. Over time, all these negatively charged particles clump together, become heavier, and fall to the ground or a nearby surface. However, the airborne particles have not been removed. If someone moved, the dust would be lifted into the air again.

The EPA's Ageny EPA also states that ionic air purifiers produce ozone as a by-product, which can cause damage to the lungs and respiratory system, such as decreased lung function, worsening asthma, throat irritation and coughing.

PUREBED uses filters to capture odorous sand and remove fine dust for excellent filtration efficiency without emitting any ozone or other health hazards.


9. Can ECZEMA be prevented?

Possible causes of eczema include genetics, allergies to substances such as dust, wool, pollen, pet hair and skin abrasions, and proteins in foods such as eggs, seafood, dairy, beef, and peanuts.

Foods that cause allergic reactions should be avoided until the eczema is popped; in addition, PUREBED's unique diffuser technology creates an AIRSPHERE effect that protects against harmful airborne contaminants to help reduce the risk of eczema in babies.

General Terms

  1. Items sold are non-refundable.
  2. The products are supplied by O2U.
  3. If in case of any dispute, O2U and health.ESDlife. reserve the right of final decision.



  1. Free local delivery service will be provided upon spending HKD$250 on product sold by O2U. For spending less than HKD$250, HKD$100 delivery will be charged.
  2. Delivery service is only available in Hong Kong.
  3. No delivery service in the following areas: Ta Kwu Ling, outlying islands(Lantau (including Discovery Bay), Lamma Island, Cheung Chau, Peng Chau, Tai O, Mui Wo, Ngong Ping), Ma Wan, Sha Tau Kok, Lok Ma Chau, Huanggang, Lau Fau Shan, Lung Kwu Tan, Tap Shek Kok, Airport.
  4. We will arrange the shipment within 3 working days after the order is confirmed.  The delivery address and date cannot change after the order is confirmed. Customer may response the charge if need.
  5. Please note that the delivery time will be affected by statutory holidays, natural disasters, traffic or the weather.
  6. All order confirmations are subject to stock availability. In the event of the unavailability of the requested products, health.ESDlife has the right to reject the order and notify customers by phone or email before delivery for rearrangements.


Return and exchange is applicable to the following conditions:

  1. Customers are responsible to check the condition of goods received at the time of delivery. Once confirmed, no replacement is accepted.
  2. Products shall be kept in the original package with good conditions for return or exchange. Products that has been worn, used, or altered will not be accepted for return or exchange.
  3. If any other defective or missing item is found, customers are required to keep the original receipt and contact health.ESDlife Customer Service Department via the below channels within 3 days from the date of delivery.
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