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Philips Philips HD9765 Premium XXL Healthy Air Fryer (Free HD9955) [Original Licensed]



  • Eat low-fat good taste
  • Philips' most efficient healthy air fryer for the best cooking results².
  • Remove excess fat and taste delicious French fries with up to 90% less fat³.
  • Equipped with the new home oven, you can cook and enjoy grilled food easily and time-savingly.
  • Fried for a crispy texture and removes food fat¹
  • Rapid Air high-speed air circulation technology
  • black, 1.4 kg

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Fat Removal Technology for Crisp and Delicious Food You can now remove excess fat from your food and enjoy healthier dishes. Philips XXL is the only healthy air fryer with Fat Removal Technology that separates and collects excess fat. Taste a whole roasted chicken with crispy skin and tender meat, and remove up to 50% of meat fat⁴.

Innovative healthy air fryer that creates 7x faster airflow of hot air⁵
Enjoy healthier fried foods that are crispy on the outside and tender on the inside with up to 90% less fat*. The Philips XXL healthy air fryer mainly uses hot air instead of cooking oil to fry food, and it can be done with little or no oil. Philips high-speed air circulation technology creates 7 times faster hot air flow for crispier and more delicious meals.

The best performing and most efficient Philips Healthy Air Fryer Powerful heating elements and motors, the hot air in the Healthy Air Fryer spins like a powerful tornado, all over the food basket.

The #1 Low Fat Fryer⁶
Philips is the world's #1 low-fat electric fryer brand.

The XXL family size can hold a whole chicken or 1.4kg of chips That's right, you can cook a family-sized meal with the XXL Healthy Air Fryer. Its full-size capacity makes preparing rich meals a breeze. You can cook a whole chicken or even fry up to 1.4kg of fries to delight family and friends. The large 7.3L food basket⁷ cooks enough food for up to 6 people.

Twice as fast as a mini oven⁸
Using the Philips healthy air fryer is faster and more convenient than ever. With our highest performing and most efficient Philips healthy air fryer, food cooks crisper than a mini oven, twice as fast, without preheating, without waiting. Just cook and enjoy.

Enjoy home-sized gratins with less time and effort Cook all your favorite baking recipes with the new home casserole. The Philips casserole cooks up to 4 lasagna and is also suitable for batch cooking. Its non-stick bottom is perfect for stews, bruschetta, bruschetta, gratins, meat in sauces and other dishes.

DIGITAL DISPLAY WITH 5 PRESET COOKING PROGRAMS The digital interface has a preset cooking mode program that is easy to use with just one click for cooking fries, frozen snacks, chicken, meat, fish and roasting. The QuickControl knob sets the temperature and cooking time.

Keep Warm Mode Makes Meal Time More Flexible The easy-to-use keep warm mode makes it easy to eat at any time. Keep Warm mode keeps food warm at the ideal temperature for up to 30 minutes.

All detachable accessories are QuickClean QuickClean and the Dishwasher Depends Healthy Air Fryer QuickClean Basket features a detachable non-stick mesh bottom for easy and quick cleaning. All detachable accessories are dishwasher-friendly for easy cleaning.

Fry, bake, grill, grill, and even reheat. You can cook hundreds of dishes with your healthy air fryer. Fry, bake, bake, grill, and even reheat your meals. Thanks to the Philips Healthy Air Fryer's convection and star-shaped design, every meal is full of flavor. The healthy air fryer cooks food evenly so you can cook the perfect meal every time.

Specifications Service Worldwide 2 Year Warranty Yes

General Specifications Body Material Plastic Product Weight
Place of manufacture:
China Comes with Home Oven Power Supply
wire length
0.8 m
Color Fog Grey Product Dimensions (L x W x H)
433x321x315 mm Product Features Fat Removal Technology
Rapid Air high-speed air circulation technology is suitable for dishwasher on/off switch complete bell temperature control power indicator light fast cleaning
LED display time control automatic power-off device thermal insulation shell thermal insulation wire storage compartment digital touch screen

sustainable packaging
> 90% Recyclable Materials User Manual
100% recyclable eco-friendly paper

¹Fat content of chicken and pork compared to high temperature deep fryer and wok sauté
²Healthy Air Fryer XXL has the highest wattage, fastest heat up time and more even frozen fries (2021).
³Comparison with fresh French fries fried in a conventional Philips electric fryer⁴3 raw chicken spleens cooked at 180°C for 24 minutes to remove fat⁵Comparison with the air flow speed of the flat bottom Philips Viva healthy air fryer, Philips Rapid Air Technology increases the airflow rate of the fryer by a factor of 7⁶Source: Euromonitor International Ltd. Low-fat electric fryers⁷Liter capacity refers to the total capacity of the fryer⁸Tested on Philips and mini ovens (capacities over 10 liters) for frozen fries Even results and cooking times.
⁹ Number of recipes will vary by country.
¹⁰ Only available in countries with NutriU communities


Philips - 健康空氣炸鍋 XXL 早餐套裝 HD9955/00

使用別緻的 Philips 健康空氣炸鍋早餐套裝,您可以一次過為家人準備全份早餐。掌握如何炮製一份包含水煮嫩蛋、多士、香腸和蔬菜的健康早餐。

• 早餐烤架可放多士、雞蛋和更多食物
• 矽膠頭食物鉗可輕易取出食材
• 4 個矽膠鬆餅杯,為您一家帶來驚喜
• 兼容Philips XXL 健康空氣炸鍋:HD9630 HD9750 HD9650 - HD9656 HD9860 - HD9867 HD9870

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