Product: AMG_Pneumovax23

Alliance Medical Group Pneumovax 23 Vaccine

Recommended for

  • High risk individuals aged 2 or above and senior citizens aged 65 or above
  • High risk individuals:
    -Patients with long-term diseases, such as cardiovascular diseases, respiratory diseases, diabetes, liver and kidney diseases, etc.
    -Impaired immunity, such as cancer patients, AIDS patients
    -Loss of spleen or impaired spleen function
    -With cochlear implant
    -Have been infected with invasive pneumonia
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  • Pneumovax 23 Vaccine
  • Consultation prior to the 1st shot of vaccination
  • Injection procedure is handled by medical professional

23vPPV is generally effective in preventing IPDV and contains more serotypes and theoretically offers extra protection.


If necessary, high-risk elderly can consider to receive a single dose of PCV13 one year after the last dose of 23vPPV vaccination.


Customers will entitle $50 PARKnSHOP Cash Voucher


*The vaccine injection is subject to the assessment by nurse for the suitability of vaccine injection. Patients will have to pay a consultation fee of $300 if considered not suitable for the vaccine injection upon consultation. The remaining balance will be refunded.

Pneumococcal is mainly transmitted via patient's droplets, physical contact with the patient or through contact with pneumococcal contamination. The bacteria has the opportunity to infect family members, especially those with impaired immunity.
Pneumococci can cause pneumonia and a variety of serious diseases, such as meningitis, sepsis, otitis media, and even death.
Common adverse reactions include slight swelling and tenderness at the injection site shortly following injection but most resolve within two days. Fever, muscle aches or more severe local reactions are uncommon.


-AMG will contact the customer within 1-2 working days after successful payment.
-Customers can contact us at 2856 0303 for inquiries.
-Amendment or cancellation is not allowed once the payment is confirmed, and is not transferable and refundable.
-Health Check-up Service is only available to people aged 10 or above.
-For aged 10 - under18:
Accompanied by parent or guardian with signed consent form when check-in. 
-Validity period: 
Check-up Service is valid for one year. The customer must accept the relevant inspection within one year from the date of confirmation of the payment. The customer must also make the appointment one month in advance, and the time limit will be revoked.
- Check-up:
Check-up will be completed in MDL Micron Diagnostic Laboratory
Address: Unit 905B, 9/F, 26 Nathan Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon
Opening hours:
Monday to Friday: 9 am to 6:30 pm
Saturday: 9 am to 4 pm

Address: Alliance Medical Group (AC)
Unit 1501, Hong Kong Pacific Centre, 28 Hankow Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon
Opening hours:
Monday to Friday: 10 am to 7 pm
Saturday: 10 am to 1 pm

Alliance Medical Group — Kwun Tong
Unit H, 39/F, COS Centre, 56 Tsun Yip Street, Kwun Tong, Kowloon
Opening hours:
Monday to Friday: 10 am to 1 pm / 3 pm to 7 pm
Saturday: 10 am to 2 pm

-Vaccine services: 
The customer needs to fill in an assessment consent form before the injection.
The vaccination service is handled by the medical staff and the service is only available at Tsim Sha Tsui Medical Centre.
Opening hours:
Monday to Friday: 10 am to 1 pm; 3 pm to 7 pm
Saturday: 10 am to 2 pm
In general, it takes about 12 working days for inspection after completion of check-up. The workday does not include Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays. The waiting time for report explanation may vary depending on the situation (such as the time required for individual laboratory tests or the specified time period requested by customers).
Report Pick-up:
Customers are required to visit the medical centres for report pick up. Doctor face-to-face explanation only available at Tsim Sha Tsui medical centre.
Pick-up time (By appointment):
Monday to Friday - 10 am to 1 pm; 3 pm to 7 pm
Saturday - 10 am to 2 pm
a. Extra $300 service charge for doctor face-to-face report explanation.
b. Customers should pick up the report within three months after the medical examination. Customers who require an additional copy of the report (within three months after the medical examination) will be charged an administrative fee of $150. 
c. All medical examination results cannot be used for medical diagnosis or treatment purposes. Additional fee of $300 is required for doctor's referral letter.
- In case of any dispute, the decision of health.ESDlife and Alliance Medical Group should be final.

Disclaimer: health.ESDlife does not operate or provide the service above. health.ESDlife is irresponsible to any loss, injury or law action caused by using this plan. Any claims and inquiries should be addressed to Alliance Medical Group.


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