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PPP Smart WIFI Version AIR PURIFIER (Home use) [Licensed Import]


  • Built on the research of Medical Professionals and IAQ
  • Specialists of Hong Kong
  • Award Winning Technologies (Hong Kong Award for Industries – Technological Award 2019)
  • CADR 395 cfm
  • Filtration of particulates matter small to 0.003 μm
  • Effective to eliminate Virus and Bacteria including H1N1, Corona Virus (MERS), EV71 and Measles etc.
  • Application area:350 - 580 sq ft
  • Equipped with Equipped with 2-in-1 HEPA formaldehyde removal filter for deodorization and formaldehyde removal
  • User may upgrade to the highest-level KILL VIRUS filter to effectively kill Virus & Airborne Virus Aerosol including Influenza A Virus A, H1N1, EV71 and Measles Virus
  • Smart Control by iOT

Licensed Import

Warranty period: 24 month(s)


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Why PPP Air Purifier?


Air pollutants, in particular, fine particles (commonly referred to as PM2.5) and Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), are respirable suspended particulates pollutants, gases phase pollutants, and/or the mixtures of them in the air and can cause wide ranging adverse effects to human health. Scientific studies have linked exposure to air pollutants to health issues such as impairment to foetus development, child growth, overall wellness, and in severe cases, death. Not only are air pollutants harmful to brain development in children, it also leads to early brain degeneration and the early onset of dementia for the elderlies. Apart from the increased burden towards health care costs, adverse effect of air pollution also creates a direct impact on the economic and social development. The overall costs caused by air pollutants continue to rise.


3 Patented Designs by Hong Kong

AIRA Technology

The AIRA technology, enables the airflow between each interlace purification system and layer to be optimized by rectification and adaptation, so that a powerful purification efficiency is achieved.



+ HEPA Technology

The +HEPA technology is one of the keys. The double layers HEPA are designed to oriented in perpendicular direction, so to enhance the arrested of the particulates matters flow from different direction.


PMmanget Technology

Our filter materials had went through a special designed and formulated nano-process during it manufacturing, the filter materials therefore have a high affinity toward very fine and tiny particulate matter. Instead of employing the “sieving” mechanism to arrest the particulates matters, the particulates matters are being attracted to bind onto the surface of filter materials


Air pollution explanation and Demonstration


  • PPP air purifier is developed by Air Quality Experts and Medical professionals in HK. It is a high efficiency air purifier with AHAM and medical grade certified high efficiency purifier
  • Four-stage precision wind speed setting
  • Built-in quality sensor to show different air quality in the environment
  • Different filters type are available for selection and fit into the unit for removing different targeting pollutants at different environments
  • Equipped with 2-in-1 HEPA formaldehyde removal filter for deodorization and formaldehyde removal
  • User can change the highest-level KILL VIRUS filter to effectively kill Virus &amp; Airborne Virus Aerosol including Influenza A Virus A, H1N1, EV71 and Measles Virus
  • Bacterial removal rate up to 99.99% filter to the highest level KILL VIRUS filter to effectively kill
    H1N1 Influenza A, EV71 Virus and Measles Virus
  • Passed CE safety certification
  • Filter replacement reminder
  • Undergone laboratories testing on purifier performance test, bacterial removal and sterilization test
  • Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR) is 395 cfm
  • Timer control
  • Handle at both side
  • Application area:350 - 580 sq feet.
  • Dimensions: 495 x 280 x 700
  • Power consumption: 65Watt
  • Noise level: 58dbA


  • Delivery Service is only restricted to Hong Kong (excluding islands, closed area and locations without elevator).
  • PO Box address is not accepted.



  • Free delivery.
  • For all order ship to special area, an extra actual delivery cost will be requested by delivery man:



  • Ordered goods will be delivered in 4-10 working days (Mon to Fri, except for Public Holidays)after order confirmation. Delivery time is 9am-6pm.
  • Green Breeze Limited will contact customers to confirm the delivery date and time before delivery. In case of any change of delivery details, please contact us at (852)34887384 at least 48 hours before the scheduled delivery time.
  • If there is no recipient to receive the ordered goods and the order is not successfully delivered, we can reschedule delivery again. However, there will be an extra actual shipping fee (to be paid upon delivery). If Green Breeze Limited can’t reach our customers for rescheduling the delivery date and time in 5 working days, the order will automatically be canceled and refund will be made after deducting the actual shipping cost.
  • Delivery service may be canceled or delayed due to weather, traffic, district or other factors and the delivery will be soon re-arranged.
  • In case your ordered items are not available, or your order is rejected, Green Breeze Limited will inform you by phone call or email for further arrangement.


Products are not refundable or exchangeable. Sold price on invoice is final, in the event of price adjustment, price difference is not refundable in any circumstances.


  • Items exchanged (DOA) must be applied within 7 Days of the item received date.
  • Goods must be unused and in the same condition that you received it.
  • Please include the following: the original packaging, merchant’s packaging box, tags, certificates, manufacture warranty card, instructions, gifts and all other accessories etc.
  • Also make sure the package is undamaged, tags are intact and attached to the item, and if any of these are damaged they are deemed non-returnable.
  • Each order only allows return once.



Green Breeze Limited's warranty service included that the product identified hereunder is free from defects in materials and workmanship under normal use and service during the warranty period, and the warranty offers the end-user free service within the limit of the following conditions:

  • Please keep and present the warranty certificate attached with the product and the original purchase invoice to Green Breeze Limited's technician for verification when service is rendered, otherwise the warranty will be invalid.
  • Green Breeze Limited is responsible for repairing of replacing parts, free of charge, for any defect, in judgment of Green Breeze Limited's technician, caused under normal use within the warranty period commencing from the day of purchase replaced parts shall become our property.
  • Consultation fee and maintenance fee will be charged after the warranty period.
  • Any warranty certificate other than Green Breeze Limited's warranty certificate will not be recognized.
  • Free warranty service will not be provided to a product if it has been explicitly or implicitly modified, tampered with or altered, or repaired in any way by person other than technicians of our company, or it has been damaged through misuse, negligence, accident, or natural calamities, or defects caused by using non-original parts or products, or improper installation, or the transformation by using organic solvent, or the serial number of which has been altered, effaced or removed.
  • In case of service is needed, the end-use will be responsible for forwarding the unit to and fro Green Breeze Limited's office.
  • Warranty is valid only in Hong Kong.
  • Green Breeze Limited will not liable for any loss directly or indirectly caused from breakdown of the product.


> Green Breeze Limited customer service hotline: 34887384
> This Product is provided by Green Breeze Limited
> Should any dispute arise, Green Breeze Limited and health.ESDlife reserves the right of final decision

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