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PRIMA Iron FER test


  • ​Sensitivity 85.2%
  • Specificity 100%
  • Results in 5 minutes
  • Detection of ferritin levels in whole blood samples
  • Suitable for who with often dizzy, fatigue, poor appetite
  • Simple, clear and convenience
  • CE marking (CE0483)
  • Made in Switzerland, quality guaranteed


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Iron Deficiency Anemia
Anemia is a very common illness affecting people of all ages, with iron deficiency anemia being its commonest variety. Without enough iron, the body cannot produce enough hemoglobin, a substance in red blood cells that transports oxygen to various tissues and organs.


Function of Ferritin
Ferritin is the protein used to store iron in the body, so it is an excellent indicator of the amount of iron available.


Global Situation
Anaemia can affect anyone, but young children (especially premature and low-birth-weight babies), pregnant women and women of reproductive age are the most vulnerable to anaemia because of high iron demands imposed by rapid growth in infancy and childhood, dramatic increases in maternal red blood cell production during pregnancy, or blood loss during delivery or menstruation. People with certain medical conditions (such as those who have internal bleeding, bone marrow disease, gastric bypass surgery or kidney dialysis treatment), those who have certain eating patterns (such as eating a diet that lacks iron-rich food items) and elders (because of presence of chronic medical conditions and poor diet) also may have a greater risk of developing anaemia.

In 2015, WHO estimated that about 78,000 deaths (43,000 for females; 35,000 for males) were due to iron deficiency anaemia globally.


Persons at risk of iron deficiency
People at risk of iron deficiency are those with higher iron needs, such as infants and toddlers, adolescent girls and women with heavy menstrual periods, pregnant women and women after childbirth, frequent blood donors, persons with gastrointestinal conditions, etc. People who are on restrictive diet are also at a higher risk.
•Infants and toddlers
•Adolescent girls and women with heavy menstrual periods
•Pregnant women and women after childbirth
•Frequent blood donors
•Persons with gastrointestinal conditions
•People who are on restrictive diet


Mild cases may have no symptoms but moderate to severe cases may have symptoms such as tiredness, low exercise tolerance, poor appetite, breathlessness, palpitation or chest pain, and dizziness or headache, other symptoms include a sore tongue, brittle nails, craving to eat non-food items like paper or ice (pica), and restless legs syndrome which is a sleep disorder.


Positive: A coloured band appears only under the C (control) sign. This means the value of ferritin is below normal levels and medical advice is needed. Consult a physician.

Negative: Two coloured bands appear in the reading window by the T (test) and C (control) signs. The T band may be less intense (lighter) than the C line. This result means the levels of ferritin in the blood are above 30 ng/ml. In some cases, samples with ferritin levels just below this value (between 27 ng/ml and 29 ng/ml) can yield a result of this type.

Non invalid result: No bands appear or there is a line only under the T (test) sign and not under the C (control) sign. In this case it is not possible to interpret the result of the test, which must be considered not valid. Repeat the test with a new blood sample.


READ THE RESULT AFTER EXACTLY 5 MINUTES. The intensity of the line colour does not have any importance for the interpretation of the test result.
•Deposit 2 drops into the well indicated on the cassette (S), wait for 5 seconds between the first and second drop
•The IRON FER TEST can be carried out at any time of the day, but must not be performed in the case of illness, acute inflammation, liver or spleen problems. In these cases, there may be positive results even in the absence of an actual iron deficiency.

*Read these instructions for use carefully before performing the test. The Test is reliable only if all the instructions are followed correctly.


Store in a dry place at a temperature between 4°C and 30°C. Do not freeze.


Kit includes
•TEST cassette x 1
•Desiccant bag x 1
•TEST diluent x 1
•Pipette x 1
•Sterile lancets x 1
•Antiseptic skin cleanser gauze x 1
•Instruction x 1

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