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Pure Enzyme-Natural Pineapple Papaya Enzyme 500ml


  • Intestines and Digestion
  • Master of Detoxification and Anti-Inflammation


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product description

  • Bromelain (bromelain), extracted from fresh pineapples in 1891, has been used to treat scurvy.
  • Recent research has found that bromelain is used to treat heart disease, burns, abscesses and ulcers, and to improve digestion.
  • Papaya is rich in papain enzymes, vitamin C, B and calcium, phosphorus and minerals, rich in nutrients, the fruit is rich in carotene, protein, calcium salts, protease, lemon enzymes, etc.
  • Among them, the detoxification ability of enzymes is even better. A little papain enzyme can slowly metabolize the toxins accumulated in the liver, and can also relieve the symptoms of pus on the skin and atopic dermatitis that does not heal for a long time. Therefore, papaya has The title of the super detoxifying fruit king.
  • Combining the two fruits with the highest content of natural fruit enzymes into one, after long-term fermentation of patented strains, it is easier for the human body to absorb and supplement the natural fruit enzymes needed by the human body.
  • Ingredients: Natural Pineapple, Papaya, Yeast, Brown Sugar



Benefits and Efficacy

  • Pineapple nutrition includes dietary fiber, organic acids, vitamin B1, vitamin C, carotenoids, potassium and various minerals.
  • Vitamin C: The content is 5 times that of apples, and it has health care effects on preventing colds, cancer, eliminating free radicals and beauty and whitening.
  • Vitamin B1: It can eliminate fatigue and increase appetite.
  • Dietary fiber: It can promote gastrointestinal motility, help expel the dirt in the intestines, and improve the symptoms of constipation.
  • Potassium ion: With high fiber, it is in line with the concept of "Deshu Diet" and has the effect of lowering blood pressure.
  • Natural enzymes: Pineapples contain a natural digestive ingredient "pineapple enzyme", which is a protease that breaks down proteins and helps in digestion and absorption.
  • Stem Bromelian has the effect of inhibiting the production of uric acid and anti-gout and anti-inflammatory.
  • Pineapple stem enzymes inhibit the growth of Bacillus pylori, which has a therapeutic effect on gastric ulcers.
  • Pineapple stem enzymes help inhibit thrombosis.
  • Papain can digest protein 35 times heavier than itself, making it an expert in digestion.
  • Papain can break down neutral fats, as well as fats and cholesterol in blood vessels.
  • Papain can promote the regeneration of skin tissue and make the skin radiant.
  • Papaya enzyme has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties, which can remove acne, scars or sunburned areas.



How to eat

  • Dilute with room temperature water at about 1:7 servings (about 15ml) or according to personal taste.
  • Daily health can drink once a day.
  • It is not advisable to use hot water to dilute, so as not to destroy the enzyme nutrients.



For people

  • poor stomach function
  • prone to arthritis/gout
  • Poor bowel function and contractions
  • anti-cytopathic
  • Anti-inflammatory and anti-swelling after surgery



Storage method

  • Please store in a cool place if unopened, store in the refrigerator after opening, and drink within 1.5 months.




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