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Smartclean-Ultrasonic Cleaning Glasses Machine Vision5 Light Blue (Original Licensed)


  • The cleaning effect of Smartclean is comparable to general commercial glasses washing machines, which can completely clean glasses
  • Lightweight, more convenient storage, suitable for general household use, and can clean glasses at any time at home
  • Produce 45kHz ultrasonic vibration, the cleaning ability is comparable to professional-grade cleaners


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product description

Smartclean Vison5 bright eye ultrasonic glasses cleaner can help you easily clean your glasses at home.

  • It has a patented ultrasonic design, and it is easy to use, just add a drop of detergent and use it better. It can also clean silverware, metal watchbands, etc.

I often feel dusty outside, how do I clean my glasses or feel dirty?

  • Smartclean Vision.5 uses ultrasonic vibration technology to agitate the water so that it can effectively remove the dirt, dust, dirt, and oil on every corner and dirt of the glasses.

"Smartclean Vision.5 uses ultrasonic vibration to form many bubbles in the water.

  • When the bubble collapses, a shock wave is generated, throwing off all dirt, dust, grease and stains inch by inch.
  • It is ten times better than wiping glasses with a cloth. Glasses are the most frequently touched accessories. It is recommended to clean the glasses with an ultrasonic cleaner to ensure hygiene.

Stylish design and compact, easy to carry

  • Move the cleaning service of a professional optical shop to your home or workplace.
  • In addition to glasses, Smartclean is suitable for jewelry, earrings, watches, razors, etc.! The ultrasonic cleaner is no longer a medical device.


product instructions

  • Every time you use it, just pour ordinary clean water (not hot water) into Smartclean Vision.5,
    The water level is slightly higher, and the lens can be turned on by adding a drop of detergent (don’t use liquid soap, it contains acid, which may damage the frame of natural materials)


Product specifications

  • Use a suitable ultrasonic frequency for cleaning glasses
  • Unique appearance patent
  • Easy to carry or travel
  • Four available colors to match different home and office styles
  • Rated voltage: DC12V
  • AC adapter: AC100V~240V
  • Rated frequency: 50/60Hz
  • Power consumption: 15W
  • Ultrasonic frequency: 45kHz
  • Cleaning tank material: SUS304
  • Product size: length 185 X height 59 X width 98mm
  • Product weight: about 410g
  • Internal dimensions of cleaning tank: Length 173 X Height 45 X Width 82mm
  • Clean tank volume: about 500ml, the upper limit (MAX) standard line is about 450ml
  • Timer: automatic power off (about 5 minutes)
  • Accessories: AC adapter, instruction manual