Picture of SUMMERWINDS Shine Onnn Shampoo UV Optical Brightening Formula 473ml
Product: PSP_BDSWSOHM390

SUMMERWINDS Shine Onnn Shampoo UV Optical Brightening Formula 473ml



  • Mild in nature and balances pH.
  • Contains no strong chemicals, salts, bleach or peroxides.
  • Efficiently clean the stains and pollution residue on the coat, reveal the hidden highlights under the bottom hair, and show the gorgeous luster.
  • Fresh and aromatic, effectively removes the body odor of pets.


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Contains optical brighteners with ultra violet absorbers and whitening agents for a bright, healthy shine on any color coat. Luxuriously sudsing, 6.5 pH balanced, non-irritating. Contains no harsh chemicals, salts, bleaches or peroxide. May dilute as high as 18-to-1.

Shine Onnn Shampoo removes stains, cleans without stripping, and uncovers those hidden highlights. Which enhances white and light colored coats by bringing out the white brilliance of the coat optically, because of the ultra violet absorbers and whitening agents. But, don't worry If your animas coat is darker colored this effect is only an optical illusion and Shine Onnn Shampoo is wonderful on any color coat. The darker coats shine and reflect lights when Shine Onnn Shampoo is used.

There is a big difference between an animal's pH and that of a humans. We at Summerwinds realize the importance of formulating Shine Onnn Shampoo to meet the animal's pH. We have put the emphasis in producing a mild and gentle, but effective cleaning shampoo. Show dogs are usually bathed more often than pets and because hair and skin are primarily acid, they do not like to be in an alkaline In order to cleanse, it must be. So we highly recommend that you follow up your shampoo with our Fine-L-Shine Cream Rinse to restore the total pH balance. Some people With certain breeds where they want a harsher coat are under the assumption that if they cream rinse their dog, it will soften their coats. If a dog in any breed has the proper genetic coat texture for that breed, cream rinsing will not change the texture, it will restore the pH balance of the skin and hair. It will also condition the coat leaving the coat stronger and healthier by closing the cuticle layer tight to the shaft to reflect light and create shine.



  • For Stain Removing - Wet coat thoroughly, then apply the shampoo and work into a rich lather, leave on for 5-10 mins and rinse.
  • For White or Light color coats - Wet coat thoroughly, then apply the shampoo (dilute 8 to 1) and work into a rich lather, rinse and repeat for extra luster.
  • For Medium to Dark coats - Wet coat thoroughly, then apply the shampoo (dilute 18 to 1) and work into a rich lather, rinse and repeat for extra luster."

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