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VAGO FRESH 3 in 1 Vacuum Machine Set [Original Licensed]



  • VAGO FRESH food grade preservation products made in Taiwan can prolong the shelf life of food and help extend the shelf life of food
  • Keep the vacuum effect for at least 3-15 days, inhibit the growth of good microorganisms such as mold and fungi, keep the food fresh, and can be reused to reduce waste.
  • VAGO FRESH can also automatically compress and discharge the air in the clothes, making the use of space more flexible, and the luggage volume can be doubled when traveling!
  • It can draw 1.8 liters of air per minute and can complete the work in 5 minutes

Licensed Import

Warranty period: 12 month(s)


Deliver within 3 to 5 working day(s)

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VAGO FRESH + 15 food bags + 3 food boxes

▾ Food Bag S Size: 22 x 21cm; M Size: 26 x 28cm; L Size: 26 x 34cm
▾ Food Box S Size: 0.45L; M Size: 1.1L; L Size: 2.2L

Kitchen Cooking x Home Storage x Travel Vacuum | Made in Taiwan

Taiwan VAGO Travel Vacuum Compressor 02

Why does food need to be vacuumed?

Exposing food to the air for a long time will increase the risk of food infection or spoilage. Using the correct way of storing food can help maintain food quality and give full play to the nutritional value of ingredients.

Generally speaking, during the vacuuming process, the air and water between the foods will be drawn away, which can reduce the exposure to oxygen, inhibit the growth of aerobic microorganisms (such as mold, fungi), and slow down the oxidation reaction of the food. , so it can extend the life of food more than double.
In addition, the vacuum-sealed packaging can also avoid foreign gas pollution, so there is no need to worry about the "snow smell" when the food is placed in the refrigerator for a period of time.

Extend the shelf life of food with the VAGO FRESH Home Food Vacuum

The vacuum effect can be maintained for 3-15 days, effectively removing most of the excess oxygen in the food box, preventing the chemical reaction caused by oxygen from causing the food to deteriorate, and maintaining the best umami taste of the food.

Extend the shelf life of food

Vacuum-sealed food lasts 3 to 5 times longer than food stored in plastic containers or bags. On average, the vacuum food can be stored for 365 days in the ice tray, 20 days in the refrigerator, and 365 days in ordinary storage.

Add flavor to pickled foods

Putting the marinated food into a fresh-keeping bag and vacuuming it will help the food marinate more deliciously, speed up the marinating time, shorten the opportunity to process the ingredients, and give full play to the role of seasoning.

FRESH BOX can help preserve food and even speed up the processing process more efficiently than other storage methods.
FRESH BOX speeds up the marinating process in minutes, because the ingredients in the vacuum environment absorb the marinade faster.

Two operating modes for flexible operation

AUTO MODE >> Press the power switch to start the AUTO mode, the VAGO will flash orange light and detect the vacuum condition in the FRESH BOX, it will automatically stop and turn on the green light after the compression is completed.

POWER MODE >> Press and hold the power button for three seconds to activate the power mode, the VAGO will flash green light, it will use the maximum power to compress and will not stop automatically, if you want to stop, please press the power switch again.

Under normal and correct conditions of use, the vacuum can remain on average for 3-15 days or more, depending on the amount of air drawn from the container. Changes in air pressure, temperature, or prolonged storage will lower the vacuum pressure as a normal result. The vacuum is maintained simply by pumping again with VAGO.

※ Please pay attention to whether the VAGO and the vacuum valve are connected properly, because the VAGO is only 77g and light weight, there is a chance that it will tilt due to the use of the USB cable, which will affect the vacuum function.

Operating time and normal usage

1) FRESH BOX is made of environmentally friendly soft materials. It is normal for FRESH BOX to have some shrinkage and deformation when vacuuming. Do not over vacuum to avoid permanent deformation of the FRESH BOX.
2) It is normal for VAGO to produce a little abnormal sound during the vacuum process.
3) Depending on the size of the FRESH BOX and the contents placed, it will affect the completion time of the automatic vacuum.
4) Only use a power bank or a power adapter that can supply 5V voltage and 2A current to maximize the performance of VAGO.

※Please note that if the power supply does not meet the specifications, the VAGO will flash orange.

VAGO has passed 3 safety tests of the US FDA, German LFGB and SGS respectively (refer to the following picture):


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