Hong Kong’s Best Pelvic Ultrasound Clinic? How's the Pelvic Ultrasound process like?


How do I prevent cervical cancer? One way is to conduct an annual check-up (e.g. pelvic ultrasound). You might be wondering, what is a pelvic ultrasound process like? What are some things that I may need to pay attention to?




The pelvic ultrasound process


There are two distinct pelvic examinations: ultrasound tests and mere diagnosis by registered doctors. Conducting this test is important because you may have fibroids in your uterus and/or ovaries. So in order to monitor your uterus, ovary and bladder condition, pelvic ultrasound is often used. The device essentially emits high-frequency sound waves which penetrate through the skin and obtains data to produce high-quality images. However, don't worry because the medical instrument is not harmful to our bodies and is 100% safe to use! 


  Healthcare centre’s selling points: Adult Upgraded Comprehensive Health Check Plan E

  • 87 different types of assessments
  • 【25+ YEAR OLDS MUST DO】: 2 free ultrasound tests pelvis (uterus/ovary/bladder) and breast
  • 【25+ YEAR OLDS MUST DO】: 2 free cancer marker tests (ovary and breast marker test)
  • 【40+ YEAR OLDS MUST DO】: Bone density ultrasounds
  • The body report will be explained by professional staff (eg. registered Western and Chinese doctors, nurses etc.).


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Do I need to do a pelvic ultrasound?


If you have experienced any of the following, we recommend you to conduct a pelvic ultrasound every half to 1 year.

1.    Frequent toilet visits (urine).
2.    Can feel abnormal lump(s) in the lower abdominal area.
3.    Has high menstrual flows that are often painful.
4.    Suffering from uterine fibroids or ovarian cysts.
5.  Cannot detect whether the IUD (i.e intrusive birth control devices) is functioning properly or not.
6.    Has been 6 months since your last full body check-up.

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Are pelvic examinations expensive? (price list)


Compared to tumour marker tests, ultrasound tests are most often preferred because its results are extremely accurate and can be analyzed by the professional and well-train trained doctors on site. Because the ultrasound examination is so promising, this type of check-up is relatively more expensive.


Most standard body check plans are anywhere between a few hundred dollars to a thousand. Although it may sound affordable, it is important to note that such packages do not include ultrasound tests. This is because conducting such screening on a specific body part alone already costs approximately $1000+. This is why if you want to choose a pelvic ultrasound examination, we recommend you to select a body screening plan that is $2000-$3000 (ultrasound included, of course).


Body check-up centre’s selling points: Annual Female Health Check (Excel Plan)

  • 【MUST DO】: 4 types of ultrasound tests (breast, bone density, thyroid and disk cavity)
  • 【MUST DO】: 2 types of ultrasound tests (ovary and breast cancer marker tests)
  • 【MUST DO】: Traditional pap smear test
  • One ultrasound test cost approximately $1000. Because this check-up plan includes 4 types of ultrasound test, this plan is relatively more expensive.
  • This body check-up is suitable for women of all ages, especially women who are in the work force and women who would like to do a more targeted ultrasound check. 


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Ultrasound tests and body check-up recommendations


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  Annual Female Health Check (Excel Plan) Female Gynaecological checkup plan Well Women Health Assessment Package 3 - By General Practitioner Annual Gynaecology Check-up Complete Gynaecological Health Check Program Women Supreme Health Check Plan Perfect Women Plan

Body check centres Mobile Medical Human Gene Aventist Health Alliance Medifast Human Health UMP
Body check price $2,310 $1,180 $2,880 $2,180 $4,280 $2,980 $2,400
Location(s) Jordan, Causeway Bay, Tsuen Wan Tsim Sha Tsui Causeway Bay Tsim Sha Tsui Causeway Bay, Mongkok Mongkok Causeway Bay, Tsuen Wan and 4 more!
No. of check-up items 72 9 19 4 29 53 64

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ATTENTION: Pelvic ultrasounds users


  • 3 month pregnant women, elderly and those who have urinary incontinence related conditions should not undertake this physical examination.
  • Women who are on their menstrual cycle should not conduct the pelvic ultrasound test because the blood will impact the accuracy of the results. 
  • Drink 750-1000ml of water 30 minutes - 1 hour prior to your pelvic ultrasound. The purpose is to achieve a higher degree of accuracy during your screening. 


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