Picture of BioSure Ozone Disinfection System - Spray-head Ozonator [Licensed Import]
Product: 3A_Biosure_Spray_head_Ozonator

BioSure Ozone Disinfection System - Spray-head Ozonator [Licensed Import]


  • This ozone sprayer offers an effective, safe, and environmentally friendly surface sanitation for many commercial hygiene applications.


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Patented EOG electrolytic ozone generation technology

  • The BioSure OSB active ozone water spray system uses the most advanced PEM solid-state membrane electrolysis technology. Tap water is separated into hydrogen and oxygen atoms by low-voltage direct current in the form of proton exchange, and polymerized into dissolved active oxygen OZONE and hydroxyl OH natural Disinfecting ingredients.


One key to master

  • We are convinced that the most advanced technology must be easy to operate and easy for users to grasp. The latest BioSure OSB of BES technology realizes one-key Ozone disinfection water production, and LED lights display the operating status of each system


Intelligent density adjustment

  • No longer worry about disinfection concentration. BioSure OSB regulates the concentration of Ozone Water disinfection water by a sophisticated system program. It can be operated when the system LED blue light flashes with disinfection spray


Disinfection performance outperforms peers

  • Compared with traditional chemical agents, ozone and hydroxyl ions have a more efficient and rapid oxidation, with a small concentration but more capable of destroying viruses and bacteria, faster and reducing oxygen without leaving residue after sterilization


5 seconds new standard

  • Tested by the SGS Verification Center, the spray can eliminate 99.99% of the bacteria on the surface of the object in 5 seconds. The American ATS laboratory report confirms that 99.99% of the calicivirus that causes severe respiratory infections can be eliminated


Green enterprise

  • In order to reduce the burden on the earth, we have designed the world's most innovative disinfection product. OSB can recycle 150 ml disinfection spray 12,000 times. Each time the box is opened, 12,000 150 ml plastic containers are saved.


Lower operating costs

OSB manufactures 12,000 times of disinfection sprays with 150 ml each, and the purchase price is HKD 0.27 each time, which saves more than 90% of the cost compared with other natural disinfectants of the same volume

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