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Fuzhong Brand Spicy Duck Blood Exclusive Pot (one box of two packs)



  • 2 packs per box (500 grams per pack, solid weight 140 grams)
  • Spicy, rich aroma; duck blood, smooth and delicious
  • 100% pure duck blood production, no other mixed blood is added


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Detailed introduction
【Spicy duck blood exclusive pot】
Spicy, rich aroma; duck blood, smooth and delicious.
Made of 100% pure duck blood, no other mixed blood is added, which is different from the duck blood sold in the general market. The unique Mapo Spicy Sauce is slowly boiled together with Chinese herbal medicines. The duck blood is stewed in multiple ways to make it taste delicious. The process is sterilized by high temperature and high pressure.
The soup is spicy and fragrant, refreshing, sweet and salty; the duck blood tastes soft and tender, and the spicy aroma penetrates and has no fishy smell. You can taste it directly without dipping sauce. This bowl is not only spicy duck blood, but also a good bowl of soup, allowing you to easily enjoy the most authentic spicy flavor at home.

In order to maintain the fresh taste of spicy duck blood, it is wrapped in vacuum aluminum foil and killed at high temperature, which can be stored in vacuum without waiting for ice removal.

Method 1. Pour an appropriate amount of water into the pot. After the water is boiled, put the conditioning pack into the water and heat for 15 minutes, then you can eat it (you can add boiling water to dilute it according to your personal taste).
Method 2. Tear open the package directly, pour in the soup, and bring to a boil. You can add boiling water to dilute it according to your personal taste, or you can add other ingredients to cook together.

【Delicious recommendation】
1. You can add hot pot ingredients such as vegetables, bean curd, vermicelli, and sliced meat to transform into a rich and spicy duck blood hot pot.
2. You can add white noodles, prince noodles, or steamed noodles to turn into spicy duck blood noodle soup.

2 packs per box (500 grams per pack, solid weight 140 grams)

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