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HealthMate Premium Cistanche 60's Highly Concentrated

Origin:Hong Kong
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🎊輸入【SUPP150OFF】即減$150; 輸入【SUPP300OFF】即減$300🎊
Discount (2)


🎊輸入【SUPP150OFF】即減$150; 輸入【SUPP300OFF】即減$300🎊

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  • Soothing soreness of the waist and knees
  • Strengthen loin and body
  • Consolidating Basis and reinforcing the vital essence
  • Replenishing vital essence and qi to tonify kidney
  • Warming kidney and body
  • Help to prolong life


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1) 100% Natural

HealthMate – Premium Cistanche is purely natural. No chemical substance is added during the manufacturing process. The product is free of pharmaceutical substance and has no side effect. High quality Cistanche has been selected as the raw material. It is grown in unpolluted area without any chemical pesticides and fertilizers and it is certified as an organic product.


2) Innovative purifying and extraction technique
The active substances in Cistanche are extracted by the innovative purifying technique, while the other inactive substances in Cistanche are removed. The concentration of the two active substances, Phenylethanoid Glycosides and Echinacoside, are greatly increased.

3)30:1 extraction
1kg of HealthMate – Premium Cistanche is extracted from 30kg of Cistanche. The active substance Phenylethanoid Glycosides reaches 60% and Echinacoside reaches 25% and therefore producing significant effects on human bodies.

4)Supplemented with Cordyceps Mycelium Cs-4
Cordyceps Mycelium is capable of improving the body’s blood and oxygen functioning. It promotes an overall balance in the body to strengthens tendon and bone. It also actively relieves stress and calms nerves and improves sleeping patterns and quality of sleep to promote wakefulness.

5)Supplemented with Agaricus subrufescens for an enhanced effect
In comparison with the fungi, polysacchariderich Agaricus subrufescens is highly concentrated with protein, vitamin B2, vitamin D, magnesium, potassium, linoleic acid and phospholipids. Most importantly Agaricus subrufescens contains polysaccharide B-D glucan, which is capable of increasing energy levels and boosting immunity.

6)Manufactured by certified GMP factory in Hong Kong
HealthMate – Premium Cistanche is manufactured by a certified “HKGMP” factory. The factory is specialized in developing and producing high quality natural health supplements. This product was examined for traces of pesticide residue, microbial content and heavy metal content by an internationally recognized laboratory. Product safety is ensured.



2 capsules daily



Cistanche, Cordyceps Mycelium Cs-4, Gelatin, Agaricus subruafescens


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