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Meiriki Carbo-cut Diet 180 Capsules

Package:180 Capsules


  • Enhance the water excretion by 160%
  • Reduce weight by around 7g (around 11% of fats) in a month
  • Reduce Edema and to achieve slim body shape

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Shipments suspended from Feb 10th-14th due to Chinese New Year. Orders confirmed after Feb 9th will ship from Feb 15th. Apologies for any inconvenience.


Carbo-cut Diet is a natural slimming food product. PhaseolaminTM and Quercus Salicina (Urajirogashi Extract) are the patent ingredients in Japan, which can compensate 2250 kcal starch and enhance the water excretion by 160% respectively. This product is especially suitable for Asian whose diets are sugary and watery, to reduce weight and excrete water, Also can restrict the conversion of excessive sugars to fats and detoxify the body.



It can suppress the digestion of sugars, so that the absorption of about 79% of sugars in the food can be reduced.


Japan patent water excretion factor (Urajirogashi Extract)

Scientific research had approved that it can:

  • Enhance the water excretion by 160%
  • Reduce weight by around 7g (around 11% of fats) in a month
  • Reduce Edema and to achieve slim body shape



  • For people who crave sweet: Take 1 bag before breakfast, lunch and dinner time
  • For people like to consume high carbohydrate meal: Take 2 bags before breakfast, lunch and dinner time

** Suitable for male or female Vegetarian.
** You can adjust dosage of Carbo-Cut Diet according to the content of each meal




It neutralizes the digestive enzyme (α- amylase) and blocks approximately 2,250 calories from a high carbohydrate meal. Research studies indicate that PhaseolaminTM can help to lose an average of 6.45lbs. (Over 10.45% body fat mass).


Quercus Salicina (Urajirogashi Extract)

It promotes urination and the amount of excreted urine is increased by 160%. It also helps to remove toxic substances and reduces cellulite.


Gymnema Sylvestre

It reduces sugar absorption by half and prevents our body from storing excess calorie from sugar absorption as body fat.


Garcinia Cambodia

It reduces fatty acid production after meal. At the same time, the body decomposes excess fat for providing energy.



It is a super detoxifier, purifies and cleanses our internal organs. It can restore our metabolic system to normal function and reduce fat accumulation in our body. Chlorella provides our body essential vitamins and minerals. You can get slim in a healthy way.



  • It benefits stomach and intestine by providing nutrients for probiotics and inhibiting bad bacteria.
  • It binds to cholesterol, sugar and harmful substance which effectively balance blood glucose and cholesterol.
  • Fewer pimples by elimination of toxic substances.
  • Reduces amount of food consumption by increasing satiety

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