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mumo Beauty Collagen Supplement Set (Drink + Pill)



  • mumo Total Effect Collagen Drink 10 Bottles
  • mumo DNA DAY+NIGHT WHITE LOCK( Face + Body )180pills


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mumo Total Effect Collagen Drink 10 Bottles


  • The product is a solution to eight major skin problems: melanin accumulation, loose skin, dehydration, wrinkles (resulted from aging or dehydration), thick facial pores, dark spots and dull skin tones. Use continually for 4 weeks to restore the moisture and radiance of skin and enhance the firmness and elasticity of which. Finish a complete course of treatment that lasts 12 weeks to obtain healthier skin with enriched texture.
  • Especially designed for people with skin problems such as dryness and dehydration, loose skin, wrinkles (resulted from aging or dehydration), thick facial pores, dark spots and dull skin tones.



Water, Low-molecular(14000DRT) Collagen Derived from Globefish Skin, Fructooligosaccharide(FOS), Vitamin C, Hyaluronic Acid, Elastin, Coenzyme Q10, Bird’s Nests Extract(From Collocalia), Ceramide, Isomaltitol, Apple juice concentrate, Citric Acid, Pectin, Sucralose, Food flavor. Effects of Major Ingredients: Low-molecular(14000DRT) Collagen Derived from Globefish Skin 15000mg: Maintains the elasticity and firmness of skin; reduces wrinkles; balances grease secretion. Consume daily to replenish the collagen lost through age and decelerate aging of skin. Bird’s Nests Extract(From Collocalia) 2000mcg: Made using top-graded swiftlet nest processed with special enzymes — an ingredient rich in active sialic acid. Sialic acid is an essential component for the formation of proteins used in skin cell membrane. Hyaluronic Acid 100mg: Enhances capability of skin to retain and absorb moisture. Vitamin C 150mg: Assists the production of additional collagen and enhances dermal metabolism. Fructooligosaccharide (FOS) 800mg: Prevents acnes, melasma, freckles and senile warts; restores radiance of skin and decelerate aging. Coenzyme Q10 10mg: Provides energy for skin cells. Promotes metabolism and helps fight aging. Elastin 25mg: Strengthens the elastic structure of dermis and hence enhance elasticity. Ceramide 1.2mg: The product is effective in enhancing the cohesiveness of epidermic cells, which make skin silky smooth and elastic, and suppressing the production of enzymes that promotes the growth of melanin.

How to use

One bottle per day (preferably in the evening). Effects will begin to be noticeable after 3-4 weeks. Best skin improving result can be achieved if used continually for 3 months. Shake before use. Not suitable for individuals allergic to seafood because collagen content of the product is derived from fish. Use-by Date: Use within 36 months after production. Consume immediately after opening. Storage: Avoid direct sunlight and high temperature. Store in dry places. Taste best when chilled. Note: Seek medical or professional advice before use if pregnant. Suitable for expectant mothers in general.

mumo DNA DAY+NIGHT WHITE LOCK( Face + Body )180pills


The product comes with daytime and nighttime pills to provide best results. It is also added with various special complex ingredients such as SG extracted from pine bark (originated from France), sweet orange skin extract, black pepper extract, l-cysteine, astaxanthin, resveratrol, placenta extract, eggshell and vitamin C inductor etc. These anti-oxidation ingredients provide additional effects on suppressing
melanin and the formation of dark spots, allowing the product to deliver ongoing 24-hr whitening and spot fading results.

  • Comes with 2 pills — one especially designed for daytime, and the other nighttime. The design increases, extends and multiplies the whitening effect of the product, offering whiter and brighter skin.
  • Daytime Use: Promotes regeneration of cells; whitens and fades dark spots; removes acnes and beautifies skin; suppresses melanin; provides resistance to sunlight and oxidation; increases the repairing capability of skin
  • Nighttime Use: Provides resistance to free radicals, oxidation, acidification and saccharification; maintains moisture of skin; improves elasticity and sleeping quality



Major ingredients Daytime Pill: Nucleic acid DNA, l-cysteine, low-molecular collagen, sweet orange skin extract, black pepper extract, vitamin C inductor, green tea polyphenol, brewer's yeast, rosehip powder, pomegranate extract. Nighttime Pill: astaxanthin, resveratrol, placenta extract, eggshell, SG extracted from pine bark, vitamin E, red wine polyphenol, grapeseed oil, soluble pearl powder from Ise, Japan.

How to use

Method of use Take 3 daytime pills in the morning daily; in the evening, take 3 nighttime pills. Take with water. Suggested basic course: Use 3 boxes (90 days) consecutively to achieve exceptional effects.


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