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NutriGreen Nasal Care Formula 60's



NutriGreen“Nasal Care” Formula is the integrated result of Traditional Chinese Medical Pharmacology and Modern Medical Research, which contains the essence of precious herbs such as Cordyceps, Ganoderma, Radix Panacis, Radix Astragali, etc and are extracted and manufactured under modern bio-technological conditions. Scientific research has proves that this Formula helps maintain the penetration of nasal cell membrane and reduce secretion of “Histamine” which leads to contraction of nasal muscles, hence alleviating discomfort caused by nasal allergies. This Formula also helps enhance the “phagocytic activity” of “macrophages” which strengthens the body’s immunity.

Functions of NutriGreen“Nasal Care” Formula
1. Alleviates the symptoms of nasal allergy
2. Enhances lung and trachea functions
3. Strengthens nasal and respiratory systems


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Hong Kong

60 capsules of 450mg per capsule.

Not only alleviates the symptoms of nasal allergy, this Formula helps enhance the phagocytic activity of macrophages which strengthens the body's immunity, enhances lung and trachea functions, and strengthens nasal and respiratory systems

Nasal allergic problems in Hong Kong
Nasal allergy is a common disease in Hong Kong. Nearly half of HK people is suffering from allergic symptoms. Incidence of nasal allergic symptoms in HK is the second highest in the world. One out of five of Hong Kong children is suffering from nasal allergic symptoms. World Health Organization has listed it as one of causative risk factors for asthma. When there is seasonal change or sudden change in temperature, or by environmental pollution problems, the symptoms will be more severe, or even affect sleep quality, daily work and academic performance.

Nasty allergens
When people inhale airborne "allergens", such as dust mites, animal hair, air conditioners fungi, pollen, cold air, secondhand smoke, etc., the immune system will secrete antibodies and release "histamine" to resist foreign allergens invasion. "Histamine" will cause nasal blood vessels to dilate and leak fluid, as a result, there would be nasal mucosa swelling, inflammation, itching, runny nose and other nasal allergy symptoms.

According to TCM theory, quality of skin is depending on lung functions. When people live in air polluted environment, the pollutant would be easily invade the lungs and nose, thus cause nasal allergy. It will further weaken the lungs and trachea. We will easily get fatigue and other problems. So, Chinese medicine recommends that we must first promote the lungs' function to relieve the problem. According to "Compendium of Materia Medica" records, Cordyceps benefits lungs and kidney. Ganoderma lucidum benefits Qi. Astragalus relieves swelling. These superior medicines can relieve nasal symptoms, enhance the function of the lungs and respiratory tract.

Functions of "NutriGreen" Nasal Care Formula

Function 1 Relieves nasal allergic symptoms
"NutriGreen" Nasal Care Formula contains Cordyceps which is benefit to lungs and kidney and relieve cough. Ganoderma benefits qi and yin. They are combined with other ingredients, such as Astragalus which can effectively reduce swelling and maintain the permeability of cell membranes, therefore relieves sneezing, runny nose, itchy, stuffy nose and other nasal allergic symptoms.

Function 2 Strengthens nasal and respiratory tract
Confirmed by research of university, "NutriGreen" Nasal Care Formula can effectively improve the survival of immune cells, so as to enhance immune function, reduce Bimin symptoms and improve nasal and respiratory health. Unlike ordinary products, the formula also enhance human immunity and regeneration ability of tissue cells. General product in the market may only relieve the symptoms of nasal allergy, but cannot improve the overall respiratory health. So in long term, "NutriGreen" Nasal Care Formula can promote nasal and respiratory health.

Function 3 Enhances the functions of lung and trachea
"NutriGreen" Nasal Care Formula contains Cordyceps which benefits to the kidney and lungs. Western ginseng benefits Qi and yin. With Liyan bellflower and other Chinese herbal medicines, the formula can effectively discharge pollutants from the lungs and trachea, reduce the airflow resistance. Pine bark is an oxidating extract, which can help strengthen the lungs and trachea tissue function.

2 capsules each time, once a day.
Can be taken anytime. Suggested to be taken with warm water, for better product absorption and efficacy.

Storage Condition
Store in a cool and dry place. Keep out of reach of children.

1. The natural ingredients in this product have color variations but will not affect the quality of the product.
2. Pregnant women and children under 2 years of age should consult a physician before use.
3. Not suitable for G6PD-deficient individuals.


Hong Kong

60 capsules of 450mg per capsule.


Fermented Cordeceps Mycelium CS4, Ganoderma Extract, Radix Panacis Quinquefolii, Radix Platycodonis Extract, Radix Astragali Extract, Pinus Pinaster, Menthol

The Hong Kong Institute of Biotechnology Ltd.

Formulated by CUHK?

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101mm x 74mm x 145mm

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