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Philips ADD6915DG/90 Instant Hot Water Dispenser[Original Licensed]


Equipped with instant heating technology, this RO water dispenser provides a variety of different temperatures of drinking water in an instant. Innovative AquaShield all-in-one RO filtration removes 110 harmful substances that may be present in tap water

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Warranty period: 24 month(s)


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better than boiling


Not only has RO filtration, but also extremely convenient to use

  • No installation required
  • 5 in 1 RO Filtration
  • instant heating
  • touch wide screen


RO filtration removes 110 hazardous substances*

The innovative AquaShield All-in-One RO Filtration removes 110 harmful substances* that may be present in tap water, providing water quality similar to distillation.


UV-LED removes 99.9% bacteria**

UV-C LEDs trigger a photochemical reaction to damage the bacteria's DNA. It acts as a second line of defense, eliminating up to 99.9%** of bacteria in the filtered water tank, further ensuring water cleanliness.


Fresh hot water on demand within 3 seconds

Thanks to instant heating technology, fresh, scalding hot water is delivered in seconds, at the exact temperature you prefer, without waiting.


7 preset water temperatures to suit your different needs

Precisely control the water temperature to meet your different needs. No need to wait to cool down to a specific temperature. Whether it's coffee, tea or honey water, you can always make your favorite drink in seconds.


5 preset water output to suit your different needs

Available in 150ml, 200ml, 300ml, 500ml and 999ml, you can always adjust the volume to suit your favorite cup or kettle.


Touch wide screen for easy control

Premium design with LED display. Hot water and room temperature water can be easily enjoyed with one touch of the screen.


Swivel base, easy to use

Swivel base for easy access to water from both sides or to refill the tank.


Plug and play, no installation required

The water dispenser does not need to be installed. The compact design can be placed anywhere in the home.


Long-lasting filtration up to 12 months***

All-in-one RO filtration lasts up to 12 months***. You only need to replace the filter once a year, and you can enjoy clean water the rest of the time.


Save 4,000 single-use plastic bottles per year****

The best packaging is no packaging. No more burdensome, queuing up to buy bottled water. The water dispenser provides you with refreshing and pure drinking water at any time.


No need to reboil; lower energy consumption

Immediately heat up when the water comes out. No extra energy to keep warm or reboil. You can enjoy pure drinking water and the world can enjoy the energy saving benefits.

Technical Specifications

  • General Specifications

    • Water temperature: room temperature, 45, 55, 65, 75, 85, 95 °C

    • Water output: 150, 200, 300, 500, 999 ml

    • Raw water tank: 4 liters

    • Swivel base: yes

    • UV disinfection: yes

    • Filter Life Indicator: Yes

    • Inlet water temperature: 5-38 °C

    • Applicable water injection: Municipal tap water

    • Product size: 232*310*430 mm

  • filter effect

    • Filter model: ADD550

    • Filtration level: 5 filters

    • Precision filter element: RO: 0.0001 µm

    • RO Membrane Origin: Korea

    • Recommended filter life: 12 months***

    • Virus reduction: up to 99.999%

    • Reduce bacteria: up to 99.999%

    • Lead reduction: up to 99.9%

    • Reduced pesticides: up to 99.9%

    • Chlorine removal: up to 99.9%

    • PFOA reduction: up to 99.9%

    • PFOS reduction: up to 99.9%

    • Reduce water hardness: up to 99%

  • Heating efficiency

    • Heating power: 2200 watts

    • Heating method: Instant heating

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