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Philips Prestige SenseIQ Smart Thermal Protection Hair Dryer BHD827/03 (Free Philips Anion Hair Comb HP4585) [Licensed Import]



  • SenseIQ intelligent temperature control technology
  • Combine infrared digital temperature sensor and intelligent microprocessor
  • Careful realization of the three steps of temperature sensing, regulation and care

Free Philips Anion Hairbrush HP4585

Licensed Import

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Philips Prestige SenseIQ Smart Thermal Protection Generator Hair Dryer BHD827/03

SenseIQ intelligent temperature control technology, combined with infrared digital temperature sensor and intelligent micro processor, can meticulously realize the three steps of temperature sensing, control and care, creating a personal exclusive hair care experience.

  • Temperature Sensing: The built-in infrared digital temperature sensor of the hair dryer will continuously sense the real-time temperature of the application's hair, even small personal hair temperature changes, and more accurately regulate the wind temperature, automatically adjust the personalized hair care experience, and prevent hair Damaged by overheating.
  • Control: The built-in smart micro-processor accurately analyzes the data collected by the temperature sensor. At the same time, it can precisely control the blowing temperature up to 12,000 times* during the blowing process to prevent the hair from overheating and damage, and to protect the hair.
  • Hair care: SenseIQ intelligent temperature control technology can effectively lock the 95% natural moisture** of the hair core, making the hair healthier and exuding natural luster.

6 smart digital care/styling programs, automatically adjust the correct wind temperature and speed:

  • Fast-drying mode (Fast)-strong hot air, quickly drying hair
  • Gentle Drying Mode (Gentle)—Gentle hot air, dry hair gently and comfortably
  • Manual mode (Manual) — 6-segment heating/wind speed free and manual selection
  • Modeling mode (Style)-use with the style set nozzle
  • Scalp massage mode (Scalp)-use with scalp massage nozzle
  • Curl mode-use with diffuser


Intelligent nozzle recognition, automatically adjusts the corresponding care/styling mode according to the nozzle used. The 3 types of accompanying nozzles include:

  • Modeling set nozzle (7mm): Concentrated blowing out air flow, convenient to shape smooth and fit style, suitable for hair blowing or styling. You can choose quick-drying mode or soft-drying mode.
  • Scalp massage nozzle: Vibration massage helps stimulate nutrient delivery, promotes blood circulation and relaxes and tightens the scalp, helping to maintain healthy hair. Automatically use with scalp massage mode.
  • Diffusion nozzle: Evenly distribute the blown air flow, increase the volume and integrity of the hair, and reduce the hair strands that may be scattered when the hair is blown. Automatically use with curling mode.


Smart memory last manual setting selection

  • Release double negative ions, smooth the frizzy hair, and improve the fit and smoothness of the hair
  • The high-performance motor and fan blade design can create a strong blowing air flow, effectively shortening the average blowing time by 30%***
  • 1800 watts, compact body design, air volume equal to 2300 watts of electric hair dryer****
  • Modeling cold wind switch, you can enjoy continuous cold wind with one tap
  • Digital user interface, LED mode indicator light, clear usage mode

*Calculated based on the average dry hair time of 7 minutes
**Test result after 5 minutes of blowing in soft dry mode
***Speed compared to Philips BHD004 1800W electric hair dryer
****The air volume is compared to Philips HP8280 2300W electric hair dryer



Philips Anion Hair Comb HP4585

  • Negative ion hair care makes hair shiny and bright
  • Use battery, get started faster
  • Cute and compact design of beauty accessories
  • The comb cushion can be detached for easy cleaning
  • Ergonomic design, better user experience
  • The surface of the comb cushion has been improved, making it more comfortable to use
  • Reduce hair damage, seamless round hair combing gently cares for the hair and scalp

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